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Chapter ten Long time No See.

"Kyo!" Yuki shot upright like a bullet, and jumped to his feet, and made a run for the upstairs room. "Kyo!" He yelled as he pounded his fist on the door to the boy's room as heard as he could, until at last he swung open from his strength. He ran onto the room, looking for his friend, only to find him, laying naked, covered in blood, and semen on his bed, tears streaming down his face weakly.

"Kyo…" Yuki was half hopping that he had been dreaming, he almost had to have been, but know…oh god…if he'd only he had been thinking clearly. He wet over to the boy, the clod stinging his every mussel, how had he slept through this?

"Kyo!" He yelled again, this time garbing him, and holding him protectively holding the blanket around his shacking forum.


"Stupid Cat"

"I'm… sorry Yuki… I was too weak…"

"Just shows how stupid you really are, say it was your fault…that's bull shit and we both know it."


"Kyo… I love you…damn it"

"Don't sound so upset about the whole thing…"

"I'm not, not about loving you anyway, about letting Eacto get away with…"

"You were drugged… it's not your fault"

"I was?"

He had you chained up, in the corner, and drugged, and gagged…"

"He… just wanted me to watch…"

"Real sick hu?" Yuki smiled to himself, as he saw that Kyo's speech was getting better which probably met he was starting to feel better, he hoped.


"Hey, Yuki did he…rape you?"

"I don't remember that, I feel fine, so no. Wouldn't you know?"

"Not really, when he was done he went over and knocked you out, and unchained you, and took you away; I tried to move but…"

"It's okay."

"Can we go down stairs, and rest"

"Yes, that sounds good." He smiled kindly, and with ease picked him up.


"Calim down, you're not likely to be able to walk for a wile, so just swallow your pride, and lets go."

"Hu…downstairs is the other way…"

"Yes, but blood and semen, don't suet you, so I'm going to take you to get cleaned up, in a nice hot bath."

"Sounds even better." Kyo nuzzled him head into Yuki's shoulder and neck, allowing himself the sweet feeling of being held so lovingly. A feeling he had never had the joy of feeling, no girl had ever held him, due to the curse, and the other girl's, and boys in his family hated him for being the cat. (Kagura is not some one he wishes to think about.)

"Thank you"

"For what?"

"Holding me" He said calmly, true Kyo felt like a silly school girl for saying such a thing, but he was grateful.

"You know what?"


"The water is really hot, for the power being as low, and weak as it is."

"All the lights are on too."

"Maybe this thing is almost over"

"I hope so."

"Look, it's done, shall we."

"Can I use a towel?" Yuki smiled to himself and handed him one before discarding the blanket. Yuki on the other had simply striped down before putting the towel on. He was not one who got bashful when seen naked. The only reason he bother wearing a towel was too make Kyo more comfortable so he would have to be around another naked man so soon after the issue.

"Aaaaawwwwwww" Kyo said as he sat down in the hot water, stinging his fresh bruises and aches, but that's what he needed, he needed to be clean, rid of the sicko's filth.

"Don't worry, I'll help you get clean"

"Hey, who ever said I needed help?"

"Well… I just thought that…"

"I can do it, and stop trying to act so dominant, that's my job."

"Says who?"

"Says the one who's not pretty"

"Hey… that's low…"

"Well I'm not the one who wonderd around the rice ball sale in a dress"


"It's true!"

"I'm the one who's cared you in hear!"

"So, I carried you home!"

"I was dying!"

"That made it hared!"

"You're the one who got it in the ass!"


"Kyo… I'm sorry, I'm just used to being mean to you"

"It's fine"

"No, It's not, I'm sorry" Yuki leaned over into Kyo and nuzzled into him, trying as best he could to comfort him without being over him. Kyo simply ran his fingers throughout the silver hair that rested on the beautiful and guilty boy's head.


"Ssshhhhh" Kyo was hurt by the commit, but he didn't want to make the boy feel guiltier then he already was. He just sit their, feeling much better by the idea of being 'tops' in at the moment, and he knew if he tried heard enough he could be dominate. He was the cat after all, then again, that may work agonist him, when most people think of cat, and person, they get this image of a cute guy with cat ears and a caller with a bright red face.

"damn…" He said out loud mistakenly.

"Hm?" Yuki said looking up from his spot on Kyo's chest.


"What?" He squeaked.


"I what?"

"You changed in to a rat!"

"Why?" He said asking more like a 'what!' but, the word why seemed to come out like a shot as he look down dumbfounded.

"You don't handle heat well do you Yuki?"

"Not really…"

"That explains it."

"Good thinking too"

"Oh well." Kyo said as he set his hand over Yuki's small body holding him in place so he wouldn't slid down and die in the (in Yuki's eyes) lake sized bathtub.

"You okay?" Yuki asked, kind of moving into the embrace.

"Yeah, why?"

"What I said…"

"It's fine, you were just trying to defend yourself"

"That doesn't make it right!"




"Hu?" Yuki was dragged out of his current state of mind when Kyo said his name suddenly.

"Hurry up and change back, I want to kiss you"

"Don't be stupid!"

"How is that stuiped"

"You just got raped and your talking about kissing me!"



"Because, I need to be clean"

"…" Yuki got quite and crawled higher up on Kyo's chest, so he was completely out of the water. It wasn't long before their was a large 'Poof' and Yuki was human forum again, he had a lot of weaknesses, but more then enough good qualities to cover up for it. He smiled, as now Yuki was naked unlike before when he had worn a towel, Kyo was a bit unsure as to why he bothered, he simply wore on because he had no idea what kind of scars and bruises cover his lower abdomen and 'area'. Yuki stretch and lay back down were he was, enjoying the pure feeling of being so close to Kyo, so connected that he could almost feel his heart beating to same rhythm of Kyo's.


"Kyo how can you act so normal, after what just happened!"

"I don't know, it's like being around you, I feel healed."

"Healed, by me, the disgusting rat, yeah ri-" SLAP a sneering pain landed Yuki in the cheek as Kyo's hand made contact with his face.

"NEVER SAY THAT AGAIN!" Yuki blinked a few tears coming to the eye that got slapped by the stinging pain running through that whole side of his face.



"NO DAMIT YOUR NOT! I NEVER THOUGHT THAT! YOU THINK JUST BECAUSE ACITO LIKES ME THAT MEANS I'm GRATE AND WONDERFUL! I'M NOT ID RATHER LIVE AWAY FROM THE FAMILY, NEVER BEING FORSED TO GO TO ALL THE PARTIES TO GO TO ACITO LIKE I'M HIS LITTLE DOG!" Kyo smiled softly, feeling bad for Yuki, but never wanting him to feel disgusting he loved him so much he could stand to see the boy acting so grossed out by his own self.

"Yuki, you do know that if Sagurea herd that he'd flip right" Yuki chuckled, taking that as a far deeper way of saying I don't think you are.

"Well, it's basically true isn't it?" They both laughed at the irony of the commit and shook their heads. Kyo stood up and stretched.

"Hey…" he said after about 5 minutes of silence of him drying off.

"Hm?" Yuki replayed lazily.

"how about one day, again when every one is gone, we just run away, leave for ever and never come back."

"Sound good, just the two of us?" A/N: Starts singing the old timey song 'Just the two of us

"Naw, We'll have to take the cool people"

"Like who?"

"Well, Tohru, And hu…that's it…O-o"

"How about Momiji, Haru,"

"Amayme, Those freaky friends of Tohru's…"

"Sounds about right, not Amayme not him…"

"What abut the goat?"

"No he's a jerk!"

"Yeah, any how his mom loves him like none of ours did…"


"Tohru will cry if we don't take him, wont she?"


"I think she'll cry if we levee anyone other then Acito behind"

"Fits her…"

"Will take who we want, and kid nap Tohru! OO"

"Yeah!" By this time Kyo had gotten so close to Yuki, that their lips were almost touching, he had pinned the boy against the wall gently, more holding him the pinning really.

"What was that about kid napping Tohru!" A dull voice came rushing to them, sotping Kyo on his path way.

"HARU! What are you doing hear!"

"The snow subsided, and we could all get back, every one else is hear too…"

"What wrong"

"Momiji, Sugura, come hear!"


Haru stopped for a moment before looking at Yuki before turning around to wait for them to get appreciate. Once they were, they all filled into the living room, causing Kyo to be more then angry, he was glade they were back and all, he just wanted another day or so alone with Yuki..

"Kyo!" Thoru ran over to the two as they enterd the room looking worried. "Are you guys alright, you ate wile I was out right, do you need me to make you any thing, or-"

"We are fine!"

"Hotorie is hear, he has some. News…"she said vividly.

"Well if you ask me it's the best news I've ever heard!" Haru said a lot solder then he probably intended.

"Haru! That's Horrible!"

"I'm sorry if it's mean Thoru, but I'm happy too, in an odd way, but It's still happy!" Mimiji said as he too walked in, he looked a little sadder then normal, but none the less dove on her.

"Shut up every one and sit down, NOW!" Sugara had just walked in a barked, literally, at every one.

"Whats up?" Yuki asked politely.

"Sit, you'll find out soon enough." He did as he was told, and soon they were all sitting in the living room waiting for Hotorie to explain the news.

"Well, as your all more then aware of, their has been some horrid weather as of lately, there was an incident at the main house.

"Hu?" Yuki was more then curious now, what could have happened to give every one except Haru such mixed emotions… an accident, more then likely.

"Someone broke into the main house during the storm, and he…."

"He?" Yuki asked

"Yes, he"

"How do you know it was a he?" Asked Kyo, acting more calim then normal to those who surrounded him.

"He left a note, let me Finnish"


"He broke in, and … Yuki, Kyo, he killed Acito" He said softly.

No one in the room seemed to have the will to speech, not even Kyo, who looked more then happy, but to stunned to talk, it was almost too good to be true, this was amazing, this was perfect!

"The killer left a note, Yuki, this may be of some meaning to you."

"Why me?"

"Read it." Hotori handed the note to Yuki to read, it was stained in dirt, blood, and water droplets. The note read-

Dear My beloved Yuki, I do hope this gift it to your liking, We will meet again,

Until then please live in the bliss of my gift.