Title: Sunscreen

Author: Natasha (Aimee5)

Category: Stargate SG-1, humour, vignette, slight Sam/Jack, team fic

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: I wish they were mine…

Summary: "I don't want to burn, Sir." 

Author's Notes: Thanks to Angel Leviathan for the title!  The hot weather here in the UK inspired this.   Mainly because I'm pale and so am constantly covering myself with sun cream!


Sunscreen (1/1)


"Geez, Carter, I can smell that stuff from here!"

Sam looked up from her sitting position, the bottle of sunscreen in her hands.  "I don't want to burn, Sir," she responded, matter-of-factly.

"It's not that hot!"

"It is.  But even if it weren't, the UV rays of the sun are still damaging to the skin.  You should put some on too, Sir."

"I don't need it."

"I'll take some," Daniel piped up, standing up and moving towards Sam.

"Daniel, I'm disappointed in you.  What happened to the macho thing?" Jack joked.

"Macho thing, Jack?" Daniel asked confused, as Sam placed a blob of sunscreen in his hand.

"Yeah, the whole 'men stick together' thing…"he waved his hands around.  "Ah, never mind," he quieted under Sam's glare.

She smiled to herself. 

Jack spoke again.  "You're not going to put any on, are you T?"

"I am not, O'Neill.  My symbiote protects me from, as you call them, UV rays.  Did it not, however, I would be most grateful to MajorCarter for the use of her cream."

Sam smirked at Jack.  "Sure you don't want some, Sir?  You wouldn't want to get skin cancer."

"Or sunburn on your nose, for example," Daniel chipped in.

Sam and Daniel grinned.  Jack scowled.