Title: Lullaby

Sam/Jack, future fic, pg

Summary: He never knew she could sing.


Jack awoke to the gentle sound of singing. He was about to see if Sam was awake and ask her if she heard it too, but the other side of the bed was empty, the cover pulled back. Curious, he got up, and followed the voice into the nursery.

Jack took in the sight before him, a warm feeling spreading throughout him. Sam, his Sam, was singing. He never knew she could sing. Silently, he moved towards her and wrapped his arms around her waist, careful not to disturb the bundle in her arms.

"Sorry," she whispered, "Did I wake you?"

"Yes. But I'm glad you did. I never knew you could sing." She simply smiled. "Where did you learn that?"

"My mum used to sing it to me," she whispered back, a reminiscent sound in her voice.

"It's beautiful."

"So is she," Sam motioned to the baby in her arms. "And it worked. She's asleep."

She moved out of his arms to return the baby to the cot, and then stepped back into the warmth of Jack's arms once more.

"We did that," she suddenly said, awe in her voice.

"I remember," he smirked. She tapped him lightly on the arm, smiling.

He smiled back from behind her, his arms tightening around her waist. "Yeah. We did."