Dimention Disrupt

a fic by Josie G. Evans

Chapter one: purple tornados and Lily flowers

"Today class, we will be learning all about imperturbable charms, can anyone tell me their purpose?" asked professor . "Yes, miss Evans?"

"Imperturbable charm, is used to create a magical barrier on an object, such as a door, to prevent eavesdropping."

"Very good, 15 points to Gryffindor. Now I'll pair you up in groups of four, we'll then go through this door, where I will give you further instructions." added professor , "Now Lee, you'll be with Johnson, Amalia and let's see, oh yes Peter Pettigrew....." this went on for a while until, "Lily, you'll be with Remus, uh? James? Yes, yes James, Sirius and Adrian. Alright if you'll all follow me though this door." she added ignoring the look of horror on her best students face.

They were in a large round room, the walls in the room, where replaced by doors. "Now, two out of the four of you, will go in one of these doors, once there say the incantation, which is 'imperturbatus' and start a conversation. The other two will wait outside and try everyway possible to listen to their conversation, you'll see it's quite impossible when done right."

With that, two out of each team went through the many doors. "I dibs Remy." yelled Sirius, "so I guess your with James." he added smiling his smile that suggested he was up to something, but then again isn't he always. "What! Now that's out of the question, I may be compelled to be in his group, but I'm not going to be constrained into staying in a room with him for the rest of the period where I have to engage in a conversation with that quaffle headed git."

"Uh Lily, those are pretty big words, but I think I got your meaning, and I just want to say I pity you." said Illene, the whole class had been watching.

"Urg, common Potter, get in there." said Lily pushing James towards the door. "Why Lily flower, I wasn't aware you were so impatient to start, I have to say I can't wait to start myself." he said raising his eyebrows in a seductive manner.

"Just get in there, and don't call me Lily flower!" she said getting in the closet. "And don't forget to use condoms!" yelled Sirius, as James went in and closed the door behind him, he could have sworn he heard Lily yell 'I'm gonna kill you Sirius Black.!"

"Hey Remus, wanna lock em in?" he asked Remus Lupin, once everyone was occupied with their tasks.

"Why not, it'll be a good experience." he said laughing. Everyone in the school knew about Lily Evans and James Potter, they despised each other, or till last year that is. Sirius had been sleeping over a James house during their summer brake, when James woke him up and started muttering non coherent things, and Lily's name had been repeated quite a few times. Once James had calmed down and had been able to form complete sentences without wheezing. He had explained to Sirius how he 'loved' Lily, and how stupid he was for not noticing so before. The school now knew of James affection for the beautiful red head. He had been sending her gifts and saying romantic things to her hopping to win her heart as he did with every other girl in the school. Bets where going around about how long Lily could withstand the Potters charms. The truth was that Lily hated him, she thought of him as nothing but a bully, a showoff and an egoistical big headed jerk who thought he could get any girl at the snap of his fingers.

Sirius muttered a spell under his breath to lock the door from the outside. A purple jet came out of his wand and into the keyhole

In the mean time, inside the closet

"Ok here are the rules 1) you can't make eye contact with me,

2) don't look at me

3) if you do anything to annoy me, by either saying something or existing, I'll have to hex you.

And last but certainly not least 4) you are not permitted to use your wand.

"Anything for you Lily dearest." he added with his popular, 'head over hills, girls swooning and thinking they've fell in love, even the teachers' smile.

'And 5) don't smile at me like that, you freaking me out, you look like some mad convict." she added smiling at how insulted he looked.

Just then a large purple tornado came in the room through the keyhole. The tornado didn't seem to suck in any furniture but just went passed it heading towards Lily. She quickly moved out of the way, but the tornado kept following her, "get out of my way Potter!" she screeched as it was closely following her, James tried to help the 'love of his life', "don't try to help me, I don't need your help!" she snapped when he gave her his hand to hold on to. Suddenly she got sucked in, her hand desperately trying to hold on to something, grabbed hold of James, "James help!" she said in a last desperate attempt, James was pulling and holding on to her as hard as he could, she started slipping. "HELP! GUYS! HELP!" he yelled, the door burst open as the class came in to see what the racket was.

Just then the tornado gave a violent tug, and Lily desperately went into it's depth. James tried jumping into the giant purple tornado that was slowly shrinking, when Sirius and Remus grabbed hold of him and wouldn't let go, "LET GO! I GOT TO GO SAVE HER!" he yelled at his friends as he tried desperately to get out of the werewolf's and quidditch trained beater's clutches. The tornado slowly dissolved and then was gone. "Count on you to get a simple locking charm wrong." whispered Remus into Sirius's ear, he just smiled sheepishly

In an other world....

Lily fell on what she thought was the floor with a loud 'thud', she had landed on something soft she got up only to realise she had landed on James. "Urgh, you again! Why didn't you help me? I could of died!" she yelled as James got up.

"Uh excuse me?" he asked politely, where had this girl come from? And why was she yelling at him? "Are you alight miss?"

"What the hell do you think? And what's up with this excuse me and miss? I'm not an idiot and if this is an other scheme of yours, so help me god, you'll be returning home in a match box!"

"I'm afraid I don't know what your imposing miss." whoever she was, he couldn't help but feel a certain attraction to this fiery red head, she was beautiful, and strong spoken he was already beginning to like her, even if she was screaming her head off in the middle of the hallway to him. What ever it was he had done, he wished he could do something to make it better.

"Ah, never mind, your so impossible you know that Potter!" she said giving up.

"Alright, have a nice day!" he added as she left, wait! How did she know his last name? He wasn't a popular face in the crowd, he had only one friend, but Severus wouldn't make a girl fall on him in the middle of the hallway and scream her head of at him like that, Sevie wasn't the prankster kinda person, comme to think of it nether was he.

The end of chapter One

"GASP" James not the pranking type, Severus Snape his best and only friend? Ya right, like that would ever happen, she would have to be in an other dimension for something like that to happen. I hate to leave with minor cliffies, but I was tiered of typing and was out of m&m's. Leave a review, or I might sent my tick infected dog after you muahahahah 'cough' 'cough', um?! Right! So Review!

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