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"I love you Kagome! Please..." His eyes filled with love for the miko as he wrapped his arms

around her thin waist. "Please don't leave me..."

"...Ai...Ai shiteru, Koga..." she whispered into his furred shoulder, returning the embrace.

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Chapter One

"Master Sesshomaru!!!!" Jaken whined, clinging to his master's pant leg, trying to hide from the

ningen menace. "This unworthy Jaken pleads for you to rid yourself of her!!" He pointed a green

finger at the little girl, who was skipping around the forest, picking up any and all flowers she

found. She already had a large bouquet in her one arm, but she kept adding, now, blue and pale

pink blossoms to the pile.

"Rin...come..." Sesshomaru called, kicking his leg hard enough to send his retainer flying into a

nearby tree, head first. He forced himself not to smile slightly when he heard the satisfying crack

as Jaken's head connected with the hard wood.

"Hai...Rin's coming, Sesshomaru-sama!" Rin replied, laughing as she ran back to the youkai lord,

immediately handing him the large pile of fragrant flowers. Sesshomaru stared at them,

wondering what he would do with this collection of weeds. "For Sesshomaru-sama!" Rin grinned

a toothy smile as she began skipping towards the unconscious Jaken, immediately poking the

frog-like demon when she found him among the tall grass. Jaken, after a few moments of poking,

was fully awake, and crying for Sesshomaru to give him permission to hit Rin, raced towards the

tall youkai.

He growled inwardly, wondering when his life had begun to change. At one point, he was

alone...and he missed the silence...the ability to sit and think for hours on end without

interruptions. But deep down, Sesshomaru enjoyed the company of the little ningen girl, no

matter how annoying she and Jaken became.

"Sesshomaru-sama...when Rin gets older...will Sesshomaru-sama still take care of Rin?" the girl

asked, looking up at him. He glanced down at Rin, and curtly shook his head, against his better

judgement. "And Jaken will take care of Rin's children!" Jaken, at this statement, fainted and

remained motionless on the dirt pathway until Sesshomaru reached him and punted his retainer

into the distance.

'Children...' Sesshomaru repeated inwardly, watching as the small girl began frolicking after

Jaken, following his voice, which was asking how Sesshomaru could be so cruel and why his

master liked Rin more than him.

'Kagome and Koga...feh...' Inuyasha thought to himself, placing his hands into his sleeves as he

walked through the forest, trying to think of something to do. He no longer had the task of

completing the Shikon no Tama, since the miko now had the whole jewel in her possession.

Kagome had told him of her and Koga's 'relationship,' and now he was wandering around

aimlessly, unsure what to do now that his mission was over. The houshi and Sango had left as

well, in search of a quiet village where they could settle down and start a family of their own.

Shippou had gone with them, since he was too uncomfortable around the wolf tribe.

'Naraku...Kagura...Kanna...Kikyo...they're all dead...I have nothing else to do...' Inuyasha said

inwardly. The feelings he once had for Kikyo, and the same emotions he had for Kagome, were

now only a dull throb and with each day he spent away from Kagome, the less he thought about

her...the less he missed the miko's company.

Inuyasha stared at the ground, not noticing that there was someone else in the forest until he

walked right into the woman. She fell to the ground, obviously caught off guard, and her eyes

shot up in Inuyasha's direction to glare at him. "Hey, watch out where you're going!" the young

woman exclaimed, standing back up quickly.

" shouldn't be standing in the middle of a path..." Inuyasha retorted, glaring back at her.

From her curled brunette hair, Inuyasha almost mistook her for a ningen, until he saw her pointed

ears and black tail wrapped around her waist. Her large eyes, a deep brown, stared at him with

hate for a moment, suppressing a growl in the back of her throat. She was short (...sorry,

Ang...I had ta...), over a head shorter than he, making her look almost childish.

"Damn idiot..." She huffed, her tail twitching as she turned to leave. Inuyasha stared at her for a

moment, examining her armored chest plate and the short black skirt wrapped around her waist.

"Mutts shouldn't be so quick to talk when all they will accomplish will be to prove how much of a

fool they are..."

"NANI!!!!" Inuyasha cracked his knuckles, inwardly trying to think of how he would make her

take back her words.

"Oh, forgive me...a mutt like you could never actually comprehend a sentence over four words.

I'll make it simple for you, doggy-bo-" Before she finished her sentence, Inuyasha flew at her, his

right hand grabbing for his Tetsuiga. "Stupid mutt..."

Inuyasha flailed the transformed blade at the offensive youkai, clearly surprising her with his

speed, or so Inuyasha thought. Within a moment of her first movements, he could see how

outclassed he was. Her every move, so quick and graceful, made it obvious she wasn't in any

danger of being harmed by the Tensuiga, and that she knew it. Inuyasha realized that she was

mocking him, which only fed to his anger.

"Don't get mad, inu. How could a mongrel like you ever compete with me?" She asked, laughing

as Inuyasha swung his blade, not even coming close to the wolf. She stepped back, and

calculated Inuyasha's fighting style, predicting his next move. Inuyasha didn't notice what she

was doing until her foot, in a perfect roundoff, connected with his neck. As the hanyou flew

backwards, he dropped the Tetsuiga. The blade fell harmlessly to the ground while Inuyasha

slammed into a tree trunk, sliding to the forest floor as he gasped for breath.

She smirked as she lowered her thin, yet powerful, leg back to the ground and walked over to him

with a jaunty step. Bending down to look at him, she grinned ferally. 'Damn wolves...they're so

annoying...' Inuyasha thought to himself as he massaged his neck, taking deep breaths.

"What's your name, doggy-boy?" she asked, staring into his golden eyes.

"I–Inuyasha," he replied, his breath slowly returning to a normal pace.

"Inuyasha...interesting name...I am Tenshi...pleased to meet you," she simply stated, smiling. The

murderous stare that was there a moment before was gone, replaced by an intrigued expression.

"You are the first hanyou I've ever're more powerful than I gave you credit for...and

your's quite...different..."

"What the hell do you want?" Inuyasha asked, feeling uneasy at the change of the young woman's


"Nothing...I was just wandering hit into me...and you are an interesting character..."

Tenshi answered. "For some reason, I have the strangest feeling I've smelled you before..." She

smiled at this, sniffing the air slightly with her nose. "Hai...but I don't understand why you smell

of wolf..."

"I was...visiting a nearby wolf tribe...some of my...friends live there..." Inuyasha replied, unable to

tear his gaze from her eyes.

" say it as if...they are no longer so...why?" Tenshi asked curiously, sitting down next

to Inuyasha, leaning her back against the tree. Inuyasha, inwardly glad that she had moved,

fixated his eyes on a nearby blade of grass.

"My...friend...she married of ours...he's a wolf youkai..." Inuyasha didn't know why, but

he felt as if he couldn't lie to the woman, that she would easily catch his falsehoods.

"An old love...marries a demon you obviously don't care for...I see..." She said, surprising

Inuyasha with her accuracy. "And you are...regretting not telling this friend of yours your feelings

for her...before she fell in love with the youkai..."


"Why else would you be walking around this forest alone with no true destination?" Tenshi

questioned, looking up at Inuyasha.

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