Freaky Friday-InuYasha style

Chapter 1: The nightly switch

What comes to mind when you think of the day Friday, end of the school week, parties, movies and friends. When you ask the InuYasha gang I bet they wouldn't answer (well maybe Miroku but anyway) they never answer, for Friday is the day they all switched bodies, and well this haunted their very thoughts (not Miroku though cough ). This all started Thursday, when Kagome and InuYasha had one of their typical fights. "Sit me again and I'll break your hip" "oh is that a threat?!" "WOULD IF IT IS!" Sango and Shippo rolled their eyes sitting down holding up their heads with their hands. Miroku the monk got to his feet to break this up. "Now now now just stop this fighting you two" "SHUT UP MIROKU!" Kagome and InuYasha shot at him, Miroku glared.

He dropped his staff and pulled up one sleeve. "That's it" "Just cut it out!" Sango yelled "really Miroku I know your weak spot and I won't be afraid to kick you there." Miroku's eyes widened and he cussed away from InuYasha the monk wasn't that thick. It was quiet, until. "Keh this was all Kagome's fault in the first place" "EXCUSE ME!" Sango huffed, "I give up with you guys" Miroku and Shippo agreed "how irritating" "WELL I'M NOT THE ONE BEING A BITCH!" InuYasha's eyes widened and he threw a hand over his mouth. Tell me I didn't just call her a bitch. "Is that what I am InuYasha...Well fine, you know I have better things to do at my era, so screw you!" She fought the up coming tears and raced for the well, stumbling under her packs weight. Hearing InuYasha calling her name as she threw herself in the well's shadows. (Kagome's era) The tears didn't come till she closed her bedroom door, ignoring her mother's hello. "He is such a jerk," she said to herself.

(InuYasha's era) "nice work InuYasha, we could have found more shards, but noooo you have to go and insult her!" Sango furrowed her eyebrows in annoyance. "She took the candy with her too I'M GONNA DIE!" cried Shippo holding his tail close. "IT'S ALL INUYASHA'S FAULT!" "HEY SHUT UP FOX OR YOU'LL BE TONIGHTS SUPPER!" Miroku pulled at InuYasha's sleeve. "Correction, there will be no supper till you bring lady Kagome back," "correction monk why don't you go" Miroku shook his head for InuYasha's lame come back and said. "We'll all go, but you have to apologize, for we won't do that for you...And if you don't apologize, she probably won't let you in the house" "SO!" "no ramen" "damn it!" "So are you clear on that, or is your slow brain of yours not working today" Miroku poked at his head, while InuYasha smacked it away. "Oh how funny is that, coming from the true source" Miroku chuckled, pulling him along to the well Sango and Shippo following. "Whatever InuYasha."

(Kagome's era....Again) "Kagome come eat supper I made your favourite, and grandpa bought some fortune cookies, it will be fun!" Kagome stopped crying earlier, and thought she could use some fun, so she obeyed walking down the stairs. "Oh and your friends are here!" "which ones" "InuYasha and uh um the other people" Kagome grumbled, "tell InuYasha to go home and the rest can stay" "OH THAT'S NICE TO SAY BEHIND MY BACK!" InuYasha hollered up the stairs. Miroku elbowed him in the ribs. "What he meant to say was oh Juliet oh Juliet where art thou Juliet" Shippo laughed and Sango giggled, whereas InuYasha's face was a little rosy. He whispered "shut up" to him, and Kagome finished walking down the stairs. "Well are you going to introduce your friends Kagome, or do I have to find a history book to find their names?" Kagome gasped, "oh ya, um this is Sango the demon exterminator, this is Shippo the fox demon lover of candy, and this is Miroku he's uh um" Miroku puffed out his chest "weird" "Say what?" "Nothing Miroku" Ms. Higurashi smiled, "will you all stay for supper?" they all said yes and Kagome scoffed. "If they're staying InuYasha's eating outside" Miroku whispered to his ear, "now's a good time to say sorry" InuYasha wrinkled his nose, and seized Kagome's arm and pulled her off to another room.

When they left, Ms. Higurashi asked them to have a seat. InuYasha let go of her arm once inside, and said "ok I'm sorry happy" "You didn't mean that did you" "Well you think that was easy to say?" "Ya I do, for I aways have to say it!" "Ya right, its not easy you wouldn't know you're not me!" "wanna know something my life is harder than saying sorry so stop wasting it" she made to leave, the room, "can I still eat supper" she sighed and left, InuYasha shortly after following. Sota and Shippo were talking about the goodness of candy while Sango told Grandpa good facts on demons. Miroku was talking to Ms. Higurashi about some of their battles, and InuYasha sat quietly eating away his plate full of food. They all finally finished eating Sota invited Shippo and InuYasha to sleep over, and it was decided they would all stay that night. They thought dinner was over until Ms. Higurashi handed them all a fortune cookie. They didn't know what it was so Kagome explained, once they knew what to with it they each cracked one open.

They all read (except Grandpa, Sota and Ms.Higurashi) 'see life from a different pair of eyes' Shippo puzzled, and tore it up making little paper bombs. Miroku's eyebrows raised, Sango thought the person who wrote it was on drugs, and Kagome and InuYasha thought it was a stupid fortune and threw them on their plates. After they all finished at the dinner table they settled on watching a rented movie...of course after Kagome explained the t.v wasn't cursed. Kagome slid off the cover. "This movie is called Austin Powers goldmember, and after this movie if any of you are scared of little girls popping out of wells to kill people go to bed." They nodded, Sota, Shippo, Sango and Kagome sat on the floor while the rest took the couch. Surprisingly InuYasha laughed at some parts and Miroku wished he were Austin. When it ended Kagome took up 'The Ring' movie, Ms. Higurashi and Grandpa were already gone to bed. "So does anyone wanna watch it with me" she still liked InuYasha so she hoped he'd stay, even if she was a bitch to him. Sota and Shippo left followed by Sango, who was followed by Miroku. "Miroku your scared of a little girl murdering people with a video tape?" "No, I go everywhere Sango goes" Kagome rolled her eyes.

"Even the washroom" grinned InuYasha. "Damn right" he received a slap and they headed to separate rooms, Sango in Kagome's room, Miroku in the spare (but he did try to get in Kagome's room but to no avail.) "InuYasha your staying" "Duh, I ain't tired and we'll see if this is even scary" (A/N: I don't think its scary but I like that movie.) Kagome smiled, and sat beside him "thank you" the movie started, and when it got scary to her she squeezed his arm, which really annoyed his pride. Think that annoyed him; just think how he felt when he heard the high pitch scream from the movie. "What are you so scared about, this is nothing" "I just don't like seeing their messed up faces" InuYasha cocked an eyebrow, but placed an arm on her shoulders. Kagome shook a little, and her cheeks, like his were clearly red. The movie was finally over and they headed to bed, InuYasha took the couch and Kagome her own room. The house was silent with its dark figures and sleeping presences. When 1:00 am rolled in, something happened, each of their souls transferred to another.

And let me tell you in the morning they were awakened by the perverted monk Miroku. "GLORY! LOOK AT MY SEXY BODY!" Sango was heading over to his room to smack him, but hesitated when she saw herself jumping all around the room. Also she herself wasn't her usual height either. "HEY SHIPPO ISN'T THIS A LOVELY MORNING!" He still had his usual voice. "No it isn't Miroku, you better not do a thing to my body!" "HEY I CAN GROPE MYSELF NOW!" Sango smacked her forehead. Back in Kagome's room, InuYasha woke up he grumbled as he headed for the washroom, yes he knows what it is, walked in and felt for the rim of his pants, then "AHHHHHHHHHHH!" Miroku laughed "I wonder if InuYasha likes his transformation!" "AHHHHHHHHH I'M WEARING A SKIRT! MIROKU THIS IS SOOOO NOT FUNNY!" Hey then again why did I wake up in Kagome's room, I slept on the couch, unless. "AHHHHHHHHH!" He shot in front of the bathroom mirror, screaming once again.

After a short while there was a knock on the door. "InuYasha are you almost done I need the washroom badly" "so do I!" "Then go!" "I CAN'T!" "Why not!" "Cause I'm you!" "WHAT!" He opened the door and found his self looking at his hands and kimono. "I'm you!" "NO SHIT! Oh you are so not using the washroom now!" "What do I do then I really have to go!" "Hold it in" "I CAN'T" "This is wrong sooo wrong, come in close your eyes" after that was over with InuYasha was blushing a beet red shade, whereas Kagome was crimson. They walked out to find a very naked Sango running down the hall, followed by Shippo. "MIROKU YOU ARE SOO GOING TO HELL FOR THIS, DAMN IT GET BACK HERE!" "I'm blind!" "SHUT UP INUYASHA!" She yelled chasing Miroku (her self) around the house. "AHHHH!" "What InuYasha" "I can't jump anymore, I'm to weak" "want your ass kicked" "Cool you swore do it again."

"Never mind that you have to go to school today! I'M DEAD!" "Oh no force on earth is making me go" "too bad, you better not make me look like an idiot!" "what ever....wait what about my voice" "speak high pitched or pack helium balloons" InuYasha squeaked his voice up a pitch, "why did this happen!" he coughed at the ending, but it was ignored. "I don't know, maybe its our fortune cookies that did it!" InuYasha rolled his eyes. "You know how lame that sounds, 'The fortune cookies did it!'" "Well it did read see life from a different pair of eyes" "true..." He said Miroku running before them again. "I'VE NEVER FELT SO ALIVE!" he stopped "the hell with this I'm gonna look innocently in the mirror" he ran to the washroom Sango panting into the hall where InuYasha and Kagome were talking. "He went in the bathroom right?" They nodded. "OOH THAT ASSHOLE!" She threw herself at the door it didn't budge. "What is all the rack it?" Shippo asked rubbing away tiredness. He was in Miroku's body. "Well I think those stupid cookies did this to us, and Miroku is having a field day." Sango answered, "your" Shippo started "you" Sango answered.

"AHHHHHH!" "welcome to my world Shippo" InuYasha replied. "WAH! I'M SO UGLY NOW!" "HEY!" Miroku called. "KAGOME YOUR LATE FOR SCHOOL!" Ms.Higurashi called up the stairs, the supposedly Kagome squeaked, "InuYasha get going! Get dressed no looking at yourself and I'll run you over there...for once." "For one wench I wouldn't look if my life depended-" "GET GOING!" InuYasha tried to hide the fact that, that scared him and ran to her room finding her uniform, and pulling it on. He came out, "this skirt feels to breezy" they then heard Miroku asking "is InuYasha wearing a skirt?" "yes" Sango answered the door swinging open. "I gotta see this!" He glanced at InuYasha even though he was Kagome for then, he still laughed at the expression on his face. Miroku was wearing something again and fell on the floor laughing his head off.

"If I were me right now Miroku I would kill you...but now I'm to weak!" "InuYasha sit!" InuYasha pulled his eyes closed. Nothing. He opened them again. "It didn't work?" She breathed. "I get why too now, Kagome SIT!" And you can guess what happened now, Kagome was on the ground, head rising after a few moments. "Wh-what?" "I get it since your in InuYasha's body your now wearing the rosary" Miroku snapped his fingers. "Oh sweet revenge!" InuYasha smirked, "KAGOME GO TO SCHOOL!" "Well maybe later InuYasha lets go or I'll sit you till your in Canada when I'm back in myself" she pulled him on her back and tore for school. Calling, "BE GOOD MIROKU!"