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Chapter 10: Normal at last!
The InuYasha group were still inside Kaede's hut, Hojo tied up in the corner with a spell scroll covering his mouth, muffling here and there. "Kahgohmay" they could sometimes make out. InuYasha kept his eyes forward with irritation written all over Kagome's stolen face. Before they had tied him up they collected the shard from his pocket, enabling his time travels.

Miroku leaned over to whisper in Kagome's ear. "Were pretty much done here perhaps you should take him back to your time, before it's disturbed." He moved his eyes to Hojo in the corner Kagome following them, there was Hojo singing even with the scroll plastered on his mouth, but also wiggling around like he was dancing...his parents should consider a nuthouse. Kagome nodded. "We'll take him right anyway" she raised to her feet, turning to InuYasha. "InuYasha lets go"
"go where wench"
"my time bitch"
He growled getting to his feet, and walking forward to leave the hut. Kagome took hold on the rope tied around Hojo's shoulders. "Bye everyone, hope you guys are back to normal tomorrow, you'll know if I'm not you'll hear my screaming from inside the well." They all chuckled, bidding their goodbyes to Kagome afterwards. Kagome flashed a kind smile, and began draggin Hojo away.

InuYasha had waited near the tree line which she was grateful for, she liked to talk to him. InuYasha seemed to like it too, why else would he have stayed. As they walked on the grass, all that was heard was 'swish' 'thump' 'mumble mumble' and 'thish ish fnun'. Hojo just better pray he never actually crosses my path. "So?" InuYasha began trying to begin a conversation of some sort. Kagome smiled, "soooo? what?" "Are you gonna tell me your last confession you were starting before Koga interrupted?"
Kagome stiffened. "What last confession I don't remember that" she tried to pretend. "Oh should I reminded you?" He said bringing his hands up together and grasping them, he brought his voice high.

"InuYasha? There was a pause here and then I-" he brings his voice low again. "KAGOME! KOGA'S HERE AND I'VE COME TO BID MY VERY LAST GOODBYE BECAUSE I KNOW INUYASHA HATES ME AND WANTS ME DEAD AND I RESPECT THAT!" Kagome made that 'so sure' type of face. "InuYasha that wasn't even close to what he said" InuYasha frowned. "I can dream can't I" Kagome sighed, just coming up to the ancient bone eaters well.

"I'll throw him down first" "but he doesn't have the jewel shard anymore Kagome" "I know thats the point"
She pulled him over it, his eyes wide and he screaming, "WHAT!" as he was released, "MAHHHHHHHHHH!'" They bent over listening for a thump. "WAHHHHAAHAHA!" CRASH!
"I actually enjoyed that" InuYasha grinned, Kagome giggled. "I did too!" They linked hands and leapt into the port between worlds, landing on Hojo so he'd pass over with them.

"So are you sure you've announced every confession?" Kaede said emphasising the sure part. Sango blushed and Miroku looked down. "Yes" Kaede nodded to their answers. "Alright then, but midnight isn't very far away it is aready night-time." Miroku drew a breath and Sango rubbed her forehead. "Yes we know."

Kaede nodded. "Well I'm sure we have a big day tomorrow lets get some rest" Sango and Miroku stood up pulling three futons from the corner, and placing them where they would sleep. Kilala mewed contently, following over to Sango and pulling the cord that holds it in a spiral. Sango smiled, "arigato Kilala" and began to flatten it out. Shippo helped out Miroku because strangely he can't untie knots, and he was already finished.

Kaede moved into a corner, where her awaiting bed laid.

Once they were all settled in, Miroku nor Sango could sleep. Would if they were trapt in these bodies forever all because of one more unfair confession. Miroku waited till he knew Shippo and Kaede were asleep, then crawled out of the covers and across to Sango's bed.

She looked up to look at his face. "What is it houshi-sama?" "Sango can you come with me for a minute." After a second she agreed, shifting out of her futon. She rose to her feet, Miroku already on foot, and then retreating into the nights surroundings. They walked through the forest and finally into a beautiful clearing, where a small calm river flowed, a windfall a few miles away glistening and plently of exotic flowers bloomed around everywhere.

Miroku sat down, Sango taking a hint and following his actions. It was very quiet Miroku sighing after a while.

"Sango I did have one more confession, I needed to say and apparently you did too, for you were awake like me" she nodded, and blushed all in one. Sango leaned a little closer to hear.

Miroku continued, choosing carefully his words. "Sango I've never liked you for a woman" Sango's eyes widened and tears began to build up, she looked to her lap anywhere but Miroku. Miroku knew that, that hurt her, but clearly he wasn't finished. "Sango" She stiffened at her name, a tear dropping in a silent sob, still listening. "I never liked you because I loved and adored you and all for you and only you, I can only hope you feel the same and want to stay with me" Sango jerked her head up to see his face.

She saw lust and truth, she cried and lunged at him in a hug. "Miroku I love you too! Of course I'll live with you!" And exactly once she said this, Sango felt herself becoming taller and Miroku becoming his usual height too. She pulled back and saw only Miroku. The reason was Shippo had said his confessions already, and now that, that was completed the day was finally over.

Kaede and Shippo hiding behind a tree smiled.

It night time in the city of Tokyo, and through out all the shrine, not a creature was stirring not even a mouse. "AHHHHHHHHHHH!" Hojo screamed, as he was thrown out of the well and landing on his face. Heh so much for the serene silence.

Kagome and InuYasha coming out after. Now what would they do with Hojo, Kagome got a brillant a idea. "Ok Hojo you go down the shrine steps and I'll catch up." Hojo muffling back "all tied up?" "It would impress Kagome very much" "ok!" They walked and well dragged over to the entrance stairs, placing Hojo before it. He placed his feet slowly on the stair below, bum silding down behind him, and started his linch worm walk down three stairs the time ticking away. "Thats it!" InuYasha and Kagome growled, pushing him from the back, Hojo flying up and falling above the steep stairs, and now coming down to the road, when a damn cat litter truck passes and he lands ten feet inside, head first. Kagome and even InuYasha shreiked into laughter.

The truck helped them in some way they didn't have to take him home, the truck was doing it for them, as it headed to his home. "Well anyway lets stay here for the night shall we?" Kagome inquired, InuYasha shaking his head yes. "Might as well" once said both him and Kagome headed over to the house, Kagome taking a key from under the mat and unlocking the door and walking in. "Who's there!" Sota screamed grabbing a fire place rod. He watched the silhouettes come closer. "Don't come any closer or I'll swing" Sota warned, readying the rod, like how they ready a bat in baseball. The shadows stopped one flicking the light switch, Kagome looked back to him "its us moron." "oh InuYasha, Kagome your back!" Sota placed the rod down, and patting up to idolize his hero. "Are you sleeping over again!?" Sota exclaimed with a smile. "Sure am" Kagome mocked, InuYasha just standing there.

"Are you sleeping in my room!?" "No I'm gonna sleep in Kagome's room tonight, but I promise to make up for it I'll give you a piggy-back ride tomorrow" Sota's disappoint creased. "Ariato nii-chan! oh oyasuminasai as well" Sota hugged Kagome and ran to resume his rest. InuYasha and Kagome exchanged glances Kagome just noticing the time 11:36 so they began to head to her room.

They decided the usual sleeping arrangement, Kagome has her bed and InuYasha takes the floor. It was quiet, once more in the city of Tokyo not a creature was stirring not even a- "so you said all your confessions right?" Kagome asked. GOD DAMMIT! InuYasha didn't move. "Did you?" "o-oh yes I did really" "o-oh ya me too" silence InuYasha after a little growling and sitting. "Kagome I didn't say all of them" Kagome sat up then too, and looked to him. "Neither did I" "I knew it! my immitation wasn't all retarded afterall!" Kagome chuckled "guess not...so?" "so? what?"
"whats the confession?"
"you first" "no you first!" "no you!"
"You brought it up!" "but-I" InuYasha let out a sigh, his cheeks burning. "Fine, my last confession was was was I-I um have nightmares about man eating dwarfs!" He lied Kagome looked away. "Oh" she choked out, she felt like crying and she could feel tears start to well. Silence fell, then Kagome sobs sounded, InuYasha feeling bad.

He got up and walked over to her bed and sat down before her. He pulled her in a hug. "I'm sorry Kagome please don't cry" Kagome looked up. "InuYasha how could you do this to me" his eyebrows drooped. "What do you mean?"

Kagome bought up more tears. "My confession was that I love you" she cried. InuYasha gasped quietly. "Really? Why would you want a jealous buffy look at me man" Kagome answers. "Because I do" "naku na Kagome I have something to tell you too" she sniffed. "I'm listening" InuYasha drew in air. "My real confession was that aishiteru too Kagome." 12:00 right on the dot. She knew he wasn't lying by the way he had said it and a smile beamed, she then noticed a change, she was now sitting where InuYasha had, and he where she was.

They pulled back to look at their hands. "We changed back!" Kagome gasped her tears stopping a little bit. "You mean to tell me that was the only confession we had to damn well say! I'm gonna kill the author!" Kagome shut him up with a chaste kiss, that seemed to last forever.

The next morning they had returned to the feudal era, to find everyone back to normal. Miroku annoucing "look at what I can do" as he groped Sango's ass.......SMACK! "I still don't like that you pervert!" Shippo jumping onto InuYasha's shoulder. "You seem happy today" "I am and its none of your business why" he stated Shippo smiled. "I'm glad your back to normal." "And I'm glad that the freaky friday is finally over" InuYasha grunted everyone all agreed.

And it was, it really was.

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