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Summary: Kimberley has a dream job, but there is only one downfall. The man she happens to be secretly in love with is also the man she is in charge of protecting. What is a young tough girl supposed to do?

Main Characters: Matt Hardy, Kimberly Wilson

Supporting Characters: Amy Dumas, Jeff Hardy, Gil Hardy and an assortment of Wrestlers and some OC's.

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"Back away Miss, we're already late and Matt has signed everything he is going to today." Kimberley yelled across the screamed crowd of fans waiting outside the bookstore where Matt Hardy of the WWE just had his last book signing. Noticeable by his absence was his younger brother Jeff.

"Oh come on Kimmy, just one more!" Matt said, winking at the girl and then casting a look in the direction of his now pissed off body guard.

Sighing, Kimberley pushed her way past Matt and just threw her arms up in the air. She was beginning to wonder why the hell she ever let her uncle Jim get her into this business. She could barely stand it when Matt told her to make sure no one grabbed him, and then when someone did and she told them off, then he changed his tune and sided with the fan. It was beginning to be too much for even the strongest girl.

Kim had always been tough. She had been known in her high school days to beat up the guys and when she entered her high school football team, and everyone had said she was going to fail, she had proven them all wrong and gotten them all the way to the finals. She was one of the toughest girls around, which is why when her uncle Jim came to her and asked her to do this favour for the summer, well she jumped at the chance. Little did she know she was going to be stuck with the one guy in the whole WWE that she just couldn't get to listen to her.

"Kimberley wait! Hey thanks for the almost save back there. I know you were just trying to do the right thing."

"The right thing? Oh Matt you know what? You can just forget it. I was doing what you told me to do for you before we walked out the building, and this is the way you repay me for listening?"

She turned back around and started heading toward the car. Maybe once she got behind the wheel she could finally relax and just sleep. But until then she had to deal with the fact that it looked like the elder Hardy wasn't going to give up on her.

"I know, I know! I told you to do that and then I totally changed my mind. I'm sorry Kimmy, I didn't think you would get this mad this time. I always do that to you."

"Yeah well haven't you heard the saying how much is enough? I've had it Matthew Hardy and when I get back to uncle Jim I am going to make sure he can find you another lap dog. I'm done."

Before she could get a chance to open the car door, Matt spun her around and stared directly in her eyes. She had never seen this kind of look from him before and she had to admit that it had the desired effect. She was stopped in her tracks. A first for Kimberley Wilson.

"Now you listen here Kimberley. I don't want you quit and I am damn sure that your uncle is going to try and talk you out of it too. I know I am not the easiest person in the world to work with and I will try to get better if you only stay on. Please Kimmy? If I go home and tell Jeff that I made you quit looking after us then he is just going to kick my ass and you know you don't want that do you?"

Noticing his look change, Kimberley couldn't help but smile with him. She had learned early on when working with the two Carolina brothers, that Jeff didn't take as much shit as everyone thought. It was true that for every way that Matt and her didn't get along, Jeff and her most definitely did. If he found out that Matt made her leave the WWE and her post as 24 hour security, then he would make sure Matt didn't live another day.

"Alright, fine I will stay. But this is a warning now Matt! I can't take much more from you. If you don't start acting like the man you are supposed to be I am going to be forced to find someone to take over for me. That means that you will have to deal with Jeff when the time comes."

"Don't worry Doll. The time won't come. Now lets get the hell out of here and back to the hotel. I need a shower and I need to bandage my hand. I signed double what I should have today and Jeff is going to hear about it when I get home."

"Jeff should be the least of your worries. You have Kane coming up next week don't you?"

"Glen is a pussycat and you know it."

"We'll just see about that won't we? But you're right, lets get the hell out of here before I feel the need to kick someone's ass."

"You're kidding me right?" Jim yelled into the phone at his young niece. There was just no way that Kimberley could leave them now. Not when all the planning that Jim had done was finally starting to pay off.

"No Uncle Jim I'm not. I almost left him standing there alone at the bookstore. I just couldn't take it anymore. I mean I have worked for some pretty screwed up people but this guy just has no idea how stupid he really is."

"Is there anything else going on between the two of you that I need to know Kim?"

"What do you mean?"

"You know what I mean young lady. Is there something more then work happening between the two of you. Because excuse me for being blunt but the two of you kids are fighting like you're married."

Kimberley put the phone down in her lap and laughed. She couldn't believe her uncle could think this way about the way she and Matt interacted.

"Trust me Jim, there is absolutely nothing going on between me and the Carolina boy. He's too stupid for me anyway."

"What about the younger brother?"

"You mean Jeff? What the hell are you getting at Uncle Jim? I don't think I like the way this is going at all."

"Kimberley, I don't mean any disrespect, Lord knows you are the best niece an uncle like me could have. I just want to make sure that everything isn't becoming more serious for you is all. Now be honest with me would you? Is there anything that I need to know about where you and the Hardy brothers are concerned?"

Taking a minute to take a breath before she answered, she stared at the phone. Collecting herself she answered her uncle.

"No Jim, everything is fine, I just lost my cool that's all."

Leaving it at that, Jim said his goodbyes and Kimberley placed the phone back on the receiver and laid down on the bed, staring at the ceiling. It couldn't be true could it? Could she really be in love with him?