Warning: This fic contains the following:
Author-Created characters
Plot Devices
Stereotype villains
Severe lack of humor.
Subtle references to other games.
Children in adult situations (like having a big freaking gun pointed at them).

If you are offended by any of this or just don't like semi-original fantasy series sequel series, please hit the back
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Oh yeah, I accredit this to the people of the FF:U Project, ADV and SquareEnix for creating all this. The villains of
this however, as well as at least one of the heroes belong to me.

With that said, enjoy!


Final Fantasy: Unlimited Souls

Fabula: Welcome back, my friends. Welcome back to the Night of Wonderland. I am Fabula, and I will once again be your
guide. A family has been reunited, and allies have fallen. But the adventure is far from over. For now...



The airship Sylvia cruised through the skies of Wonderland, maximizing its elenium engines. Cid, genius inventor of the
Comodeen carried a tray of food to some passengers that they were escorting.

"Ah, Cid," called Knave, leader of the Comodin. "Practicing your bedside manner, I see."

The youth smiled at the man. "A good inventor needs lots of talents. Although..." He looked down at the floor. "I wish
I had the power to raise the dead."

Knave lit a cigar. "We lost a lot of good people to the Earl. But at least now, no more can suffer."

"Yeah, you're right." These emotions were common among everyone. They were glad the Earl was gone, but so many had to
give up their lives, and especially people whom Cid had known personally.

Cid's gentle smile returned. "Well, better make my rounds before the food gets cold."


Cid's first stop was Lisa Pacifist's room. Upon entering, he discovered the 22 year old woman staring at a silver and red
earring in her hand, like it was the most precious thing in the world to her.

"Hey, Lisa, hungry?"

Lisa rubbed her eyes and looked up at Cid. "Thank you, Cid... just place it on the table. I'll eat it later."

Cid placed her food on the bedside table. "Hey, I have good news. I've been doing a little tinkering to Tiffany and it
looks like she'll be ready for interdimensional travel."

"Cid, any chance that you can program the Subway to take the Hayakawas home?"

"Sorry," Cid apologized. "But without knowing the exact coordinates of your own world, there's no way I can program an
exact destination. Like I said when we first met, Wonderland is constantly changing. The coordinates I put in could
either take you home or drop you in the middle of a boiling volcano."

"I understand. Thank you, Cid."

Cid then noticed the earring. "What's that?"

"It's... it was Kaze's."

"Oh," Cid said morbidly. He lowered his visor and stared at it. "Wow! Crystalized elerium!"

"What's that?"

"Only one of the most precious metals in all of Wonderland."

"Precious..." Lisa repeated. It was precious to her, but not because of what it's made of, but because of who it once
belonged to.

Kaze, also called the Black Wind.


Cid came into the special room the Hayakawas were given. Mary laid on the bed, each of her arms around one of her sleeping
children. Joe was studying the fallen body of Crux. Chobi the Chocobo rested in between the two king-size beds.

"Soup's on," he called.

"Thank you, Cid," Joe said.

"How are they?" Cid asked referring to Ai and Yu.

"Tired," Mary replied. "The poor dears, they been through a lot."

"You know," Joe said as he picked up Crux's body. "Lord Oscha was right about one thing. These two are a lot stronger
than they look."

"What's that you got?" Cid asked.

"I think she was once a Gaudium servant," Joe said. "It's just too bad she didn't survive the final battle."

Cid lowered his viser again and scanned Crux. "You know... I think I might be able to help." He whipped out one of his
strange devices. "This is a good chance to test Genevieve 2!" Cid activated Genevieve 2 and surrounded Crux in a field of
electricity. Immediately, Crux returned to her animated state.

"Ku-ku-ri-yu?" Crux said in a questioning manner, most likely asking herself how she came back to life.

"That's incredible, Cid," Joe said.

"Yup, that's Genevieve 2 for you. She can fix whatever's broken, even objects that aren't alive."

"She looks alive to me," came Ai's voice. Everybody turned to see Ai rubbing her eyes which her heavy with sleep.

"Sorry," Cid said smiling. "Did I wake you up."

"Yeah, but that doesn't matter." Ai got down to Crux's eye level and stared at her. "Hello, my name's Ai, what's your
name." She held out her hand. Crux stared at it like it was a foreign object. When she touched it, a small but
noticeable electric shock sent them both careening to opposite ends of the room.

"Sorry about that," Cid apologized. "I guess I still need to work some stuff out."

"Ai, are you all right?" Mary asked her daughter.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Ai scowled at Crux. "What's the big idea shocking me like that?" Crux suddenly put on a genuinely
scared face and backed up against the far wall. Ai quickly realized that Crux wasn't hateful of her, she was scared.
Ai smiled. "It's all right, I'm not going to hurt you."

"Kuiyu," Crux said.

"See, everything's going to be all right."

"Ai, you can understand her?" Mary asked.

"Yes, I can," Ai told her mother. "It's strange, it's like I can hear her thoughts in my head, just like Yu can with
Chobi." She turned to Crux. "So what's your name?" She asked again.


"Crux. Nice to meet you, Crux." Ai offered her hand again and again Crux took it. This time, there was no shock.

It was then that Yu woke up. He looked around disoriented. He probably expected to find himself back on the Subway,
Jane, or at least in some sort of outside surrounding. But then he saw his mother.

And his heart almost stopped upon seeing his mother.

"M... Mom?"

Mary turned around and smiled at her son. "Good morning, Yu. I know how much you like to sleep but I think it's time
to get up."

"Mom!" Yu leaped into his mother's arms. "Mom, I thought what happened was just a dream."

"It's not a dream, son," Mary said stroking her son's head. "I assure you, it's not a dream."

Yu chuckled happily, then gasped. "Then... that means that Mister Kaze..."

"I'm sorry, son," Joe said. "The Comodin picked up every body at the scene. There was no sign of the Black Wind."

Yu lowered his head. Soon the movement was mimiced by Ai, Mary, Joe, Cid, and Crux.


Meanwhile, Knave came onto the bridge. "Miles, anything to report?"

"Nope, not a thing, Knave," Miles reported.

"Then what's that?" Fungo asked. A strange black portal was appearing in front of them.

"Helm, hard to port," Nav ordered. "Miles, get Cid up here right now!" Miles temporarily left the bridge and returned
with not only Cid, but the Hayakawas, Lisa, Chobi and Crux. "What do you think, Cid?"

"Remarkable!" Cid gasped loweirng his visor. "It's a real life warp hole. I've never seen one up close before, nor one
so focused. This thing isn't a natural occurence, someone or something is causing it."

Suddenly multiple beams of light began shooting out of the black portal. Some of the beams penetrated Sylvia. Everyone
watched in horror as a beam struck Fungo and he disappeared.

"Somehow, that thing's able to bypass both our shields and our hull," Cid gasped. Knave quickly went to the loudspeaker.
"Everyone evacuate immediately! Get to the escape..." A beam of black light hit him and he disappeared.

"Knave!" Miles cried. Cid grabbed Miles' hand and along with the others, ran from the bridge. Comodeen began
disappearing left and right.

They arrived at Tiffany, Cid's escape shuttle. The problem was that it only allowed three people including the pilot.

"There's only room for three people!" Lisa cried.

Chobi squawked and began running around. "Chobi says he can take Ai and me. Everyone else can get into the pod," Yu

"You all go," Lisa instructed. "I'll stay behind."

"But Lisa..." Yu protested.

"No buts. You were just reunited with your parents and I'm not about to let you guys be separated again." What Lisa
didn't say was that it's what Kaze would do. Perhaps, by throwing herself into the darkness, she'll be reunited with
him. And Lu, Moogle, and even Makenshi, all those who had given their lives to stop Chaos.

And soon, she'll be joining them.

Lisa summoned her kigen arts and set up a barrier. Some of the beams were reflected but Lisa could already feel her
strength waning. Soon, the barrier would fail altogether, but hopefully by then, the Hayakawas and Cid would be able to

Lisa felt a hand chop her neck as she fell, Miles caught her.

"Sorry, Lisa," Miles said. "But you're too important to the children to waste your life so wrecklessly.

Miles passed Lisa off to Cid. "Take good care of her, Cid,"

"Miles..." Miles smiled at him and opened fire with a machine gun. Before a blast took her away.

Chobi transformed into Ciel Chocobo. Mary and her children climbed onto Ciel's back. Cid and Joe helped the dazed Lisa
into Tiffany. Tiffany and Ciel ejected from Silvia as the ship, now void of all life, fell out of the sky.

"Rest in peace, Sylvia," Cid said.

"If we're not careful," Joe said. "We'll be resting in peace."

Ciel and Tiffany landed and its passenger disembarked.

"What's happening to the warp portal?" Ai asked. The portal started swirling in the opposite direction. The black beams began disappearing back into the portal.

"I think the warp portal's reversing polarity," Cid said. "Before it was regurgitating something, now it's sucking it back

"Don't warp portals only go one way?" Joe asked.

"Normally yes," Cid explained. "But someone apparently has enough power to control the dimensional flow."

"Look, the portal's changing," Yu announced. Rays of light were emitted again, but this time they were various colors.

Everybody watched as the rays of light formed into seven figures all holding various weapons, most were laughing
maniacally. Four stepped forward while the other three held back, most likely in reserve.

"What are they?" Ai asked ducking behind her mother.

"We are the Reikon Kishi, the Soul Knights," one said carrying a double-bladed staff. "We have come to take the souls
of this pitiful dimension."

"Sorry, but I'm kind of attached to my soul," Cid commented.

"You're acting like we're giving you a choice," another, a woman, said holding a spear.

Lisa gasped. "Their energy... I don't believe it!"

The others looked at her. "Huh?"

"What's wrong, Lisa?" Ai asked.

"I've felt this energy before."

"Where?" Joe asked.

"I've only felt this energy from two other people... Kaze and Makenshi!"

"Yes, there's no doubt now," Lisa confirmed. "Those... well... they possess the same type of power as Kaze and Makenshi."

"They're Unlimited," Joe categorized.

"Unlimited? What's that?" A Reikon Kishi asked.

"Who cares?" Another replied. "Let's take their souls."

Cid and Lisa stood between the Hayakawas and the Reikon Kishi. "The only way you're getting to them is by going straight
through us!" Lisa cried.

"Oooh, she's a feisty one, isn't she," a female voice said. "This one's mine, fellas. Do what you want with the others."

The spear wielding one stepped from the shadows that concealed her. She had pale blue hair in a bowl-shape. Her eyes
crackled with red energy. She was dressed in a light blue leotard. Her spear had what looked like an energy meter on its

"I am Yarika, spear mistress of the Reikon Kishi. Prepare to lose everything, even your soul!"

Lisa summoned her kigen arts and aimed it at the ground. A fissure opened up underneath Yarika. Yarika dug her spear
into the fissure wall then swung back up onto normal ground. With a gesture from her hand, the spear automatically returned
to her.

"So, metal one," another Reikon Kishi said to Cid. "You think you can face down Akufu, master of the axe?" Akufu had
dark skin, was bald, and dressed in a green chestplate and leg guards.

"You'll pay for destroying my precious Sylvia!" Cid shouted as he gripped his control sticks. His backpack opened up and
two giant hammers with positive and negative markings on them. "Ultimate Hammer!" Cid slammed the hammers together with
Akufu in between them. Akufu jumped out of the way. Cid moved in close and fired an energy beam at Akufu. Akufu blocked
it with his axe blade.

Two other Reikon Kishi, one who looked like a samurai with blades on his arms and the other an armored individual with
dragon wings, surrounded the Hayakawas.

"Nobody is immune to the Reikon Kishi," the bladed one said. "Not even children."

"Leave them alone!" Mary commanded.

"Like you're one to order Kenstar and Soshimi," the bladed one said. Chobi leaped into the air and came down on Kenstar,
the bladed one. He landed a series of sharp kicks to Kenstar before forced to abandon his attack because of Soshimi's
fire breath.

"I feel like chicken tonight," Soshimi joked before firing another fire blast at Chobi. Just as he was about to launch
another attack, a piano fell on his head. Ai stared at Poshepocket, the perpetrator of the unusual attack. The living
purse chuckled.

"Well, what do you know," Yu said. "It does work like on TV."

"You'll pay for that, kid," Soshimi said. He launched a fire blast but because he was still dazed from having the piano
drop on his head so the blast ended up causing the ground underneath Ai to give away. Chobi quickly transformed into Ciel
Chocobo and flew by grabbing Ai by her pig tails in the process.

Yarika made several cuts on Lisa's outfit. One of those cuts was on her stomach upon which a small stream of blood began
to trickle down. Lisa swung a punch at her but only hit air. She felt Yarika's presence next to her.

"Tag, pretty bird, you're it," Yarika snided. She stabbed Lisa in the hip. Lisa screamed in pain. But she had to force
it down. She tapped into the spirits of nature and used it to raise her endurance. But even with her kigen arts, she was
fading fast.

Yarika leaped back and began twirling her spear around in the air. At the same time, she began moving her feet in
a movement not unlike a dance.

"What's going on?" Lisa asked holding her bloody hip.

"By my dance, I summon you!" Yarika recited. "Carbuncle!" Yarika stuck the shaft of her spear into the ground. Energy
danced around it and gathered into the tip. It then shot an energy beam into the air. A larger shaft of energy
descended in between them and a strange creature took shape. It general outline was that of a cat but it was about the
size of a Greyhound. It had blue fur and red eyes. It screach sounded like a cross between an elephant and a train
wreck. Chobi couldn't stand the screach and fell unconscious.

"Spear Lady can summon monsters just like Mister Kaze," Ai exclaimed. Yarika's mind skipped for a moment. She recognized
that name.

"Carbuncle, let us show these interlopers our wraith!" Carbuncle screached again and leaped at Cid, knocking him down and
knocking the wind out of him. It then took Yu and Ai out at the same time. And did the same thing for their parents.

"Lisa, help us!" Yu cried struggling to sit up. "Use your kigen arts!"

"I... I must..." Lisa's vision was becoming blurry, she could barely stand let alone summon her kigen arts.

Crux saw the others failing. "Ku-ku-ri-yu," it said and flew off.

"Carbuncle, Barrier Of Destruction!" A blue energy wall appeared and began moving towards them. Since Lisa was the
closest, she was hit with it full force. Lisa's final sight was the energy wall hitting the others and them going down.

As she fell, Lisa muttered three words: "I'm sorry, Kaze."


To Be Continued.

A Prophecy:

Fabula: Here is my prophecy, a fight is lost horribly. But in turn, they gain a new ally. And a new mission is begun as
they set out to accomplish the impossible. But Lisa discovers that she possesses something she never though she possessed.


I'll be back next time with more unlimited wisdom.