Lisa aimed the gun skyward. "Descend, I summon you... DEUS!" Lisa shot the gun. Three beams of energy shot into the air.
A strange portal opened up and a giant humanoid creature came out. It was huge and clad in light-blue armor with a white
trim. Its head was covered in a helmet with a red jewel at the center.

Deus slammed his fist onto the ground. A trail of eruptions led up to the Reikon Kishi where the biggest explosion
sent them flying into the air. The energy meter on Yarika's spear went all the way down and Carbuncle was exorcised from
the spear.

"You have won this round," Galick said. "But one way or another, you WILL submit your souls to me." Galick waved his
hand and a shockwave threw everyone back, he then disappeared.

End Recap


Final Fantasy: Unlimited Souls

Fabula: Welcome to the night of Wonderland. Enter, dear guest. I am Fabula, the guide. Gaze into my crystal and see
what I have seen. Unlimited, a person of incredible power, one who has the strength of a god. Our travelers could
barely deal with one of them, let alone four. But through it all, they meet new friends. And Lisa, the master of the
Kigen Arts, receives a new power with the help from her long-forgotten friends. Now they set out on a new mission, but
first, they must encounter...



Once again, Lisa, Cid, and the Hayakawas recovered at the house of Amon and Mina, their new friends. While Ai and Yu
played with Chobi and Crux, the older folks discussed the situation.

"Oh my, it's hard to believe," Amon said. "Four Unlimited, almost on the same power level as the Earl, a terrible

"I wouldn't have believed it had I not seen it for myself," Lisa agreed.

"Well you can bet the Reikon Kishi aren't going to let us go so easily," Joe commented. "Especially since they now
know that Lisa can use summoning power too."

"That reminds me, Lisa," Cid said. "Where did you get a Magun? I thought Kaze had the only one."

"He did, but..." Lisa didn't know whether or not to tell them about her subconscious conversations with Kaze.

"Perhaps the soil that powered the Magun saved it by fusing it into Lisa," Joe hypothesized. "Lisa, you said that you
were the closest to Kaze when the final summon took place, correct?"

"Yeah... I was."

"It is possible that after the Final Summon took place, the Magun was without a host. And Lisa, being the closest
lifeform to it, was chosen." Lisa accepted Joe's theory even though she knew the truth. That Kaze, the Man of the
Black Wind, trusted it to her, trusted her with his heart, his soul, just as he trusted her enough to let her help him
fire the Magun against Chaos.

"I don't think it matters where Lisa got the Magun," Yu spoke up. "I'm just glad she was able to use it. It was able
to save all of us."

"Yeah, and now she can call upon monsters like Mister Kaze," Ai threw in.

Lisa recalled her plan to find the phoenix pinion. If she brought Kaze back to life, or the Magun would transfer over to
him, or at least that's what she believed. Lisa knew that if anyone could deal with these Unlimited, it was another
Unlimited like Kaze. But the Reikon Kishi also saw her wield and fire the Magun. Judging from their looks of shock,
they won't rest until they take the Magun, most likely from her dead body. And Lisa saw that they were willing to
resort to anything to get what they want, even harm children like Ai and Yu. Lisa didn't want them in any more dangerous
situations. At least the farther she was away from them, the further they will be from harm.

It was settled. Cid would take the Hayakawas home while she separated to look for the Phoenix Pinion.

"Lisa?" Lisa broke away from her pondering to look at Yu. The boy was staring at her quizically.

"I'm sorry, Yu, did you say something?"

"I was just wondering what you thought about all this."

Lisa thought about how to answer Yu. She didn't want to reveal her plan to them, they would definitely try to talk her
out of it or at least try to convince her to let them tag along to help. But she couldn't lie to him, not after all
they been through. "I... I think the Reikon Kishi will stop at nothing to get the Magun back working for their side."

"Well if that's true, then they'll probably mount another attack," Joe theorized.

Lisa stood up. "Amon, Mina, I'm sorry but we must leave. Thank you for everything, you've been too kind." She bowed
towards him.

"Ach, blow me down, don't leave just yet," Mina bid.

"She's absolutely right," Amon agreed. "Night is approaching, I'm afraid, and that's when all types of monsters come out.
Please, at the very least, leave in the morning."

"They're right, Lisa," Joe said. "You were lucky because you mostly had to fight monsters in the day. But in the night,
monsters more powerful than the ones you faced come out. Perhaps it's safe if we remain here, at least until the

Lisa nodded.


That night, Lisa crept away from her room and tip-toed across the living room where the Hayakawas were sleeping. Cid
was the only one awake, tinkering with his backpack. Lisa put a hand on his mouth, silencing him from yelling out
from being startled. She took him off to the side.

"Cid, I want you to take the Hayakawas through the dimensional tunnel to the outside world." Cid started to open his
mouth but Lisa silenced him again. "Cid, listen to me. I'm going to search for the Phoenix Pinion. The Reikon Kishi
will almost definitely attack me. I don't want to put Ai and Yu in any more danger. That's why I think it's better if
I leave at daybreak."

"But Lisa... the chances of you finding the Phoenix Pinion is one in a million! There's no guarantee that it even

"But I have to do this, Cid, for Kaze, and for myself. I have to, at the very least, try."

"And how will you start looking?" Cid asked.

"Amon seems to know it exists. Perhaps if I find more people like him, I can get a clue to how to receive it."

Cid sighed. "Well, I can see that it would be useless trying to talk you out of it. Good luck, Lisa, I hope you find

"So do I, Cid, so do I." As Lisa returned to her room and Cid returned fixing his backpack, they were both unaware that
Yu's eyes had been open during the whole conversation. "Lisa," he whispered, "don't you like us any more?"


The Exedore Fortress served as the command center for the Reikon Kishi. In their council chambers, Lord Galick spoke
with Yarika, Akufu, Soshimi, and Kenstar.

"This I was not expecting," Lord Galick said. "The woman must have incredible powers if she's able to wield Kaze's

"I can't believe that anyone not from Windaria is able to wield a Magun."

"If that person has enough mental discipline, Akufu, then they are able to do almost anything."

"I can't believe she was able to defeat my summon," Yarika grumbled.

"Yes, we must start taking these infidels more carefully. Soshimi," Galick called. "I want you to go up against them
this time. Use... Bomb."

"Bomb? But Lord Galick, don't you think that's a little overkill?"

"I want to stamp these insects while they're nothing more than a small nuisance."

"As you command, Lord Galick."


As soon as the twilight began to change into full-blown morning, Lisa gathered up the pack that Amonn and Mina made for
her yesterday and snuck out of the house. She didn't even look back, she couldn't, otherwise, she might convince
herself to go back or even worst, if one of the others were to come out and try to convince her to come back or let them
come along.

"Ku-ku-ri-yu." Crux flew down to Lisa.

"Crux... please, don't try to get me to come back. I'd rather not. I can't face..." Crux took Lisa's hand in her own.
"Wait... you... want to come with me, don't you?" Crux nodded. "Well... you're a Wonderland native, aren't you? So I
guess you would want to go home..."

"Squawk!" Chobi ran by Lisa then skidded to a halt and came back. The Chocobo was blocking Lisa's route of escape.

"Chobi? Why aren't you with Yu... oh no." Lisa turned and saw Cid along with the Hayakawa family come out. Lisa looked
to Cid who shook his head saying that it wasn't him who told them.

Yu could sense what was going on, because he said, "Lisa, don't blame Cid. I heard your conversation with Cid last night."

Lisa lowered her head. "I'm sorry. I know I shouldn't have tried to sneak out but... but you all have been through so
much, I couldn't put all of you in danger."

"Lisa, Wonderland is full of dangers, and not all of them came from Earl Tyrant," Joe said. "And these two..." He
gestured to Ai and Yu. "Want to find the Phoenix Pinion just as much as you do."

"Mister Kaze saved us more times than I can count," Yu said. "I want to repay him too."

"I'll say it before and I'll say it again," Ai said. "You're not getting rid of me that easily."

"Looks like it's settled, we all will search for the Phoenix Pinion," Cid said.

Suddenly a strong wind picked up. Soshimi flew down to the group from Earth. "Well, well, well, look at what we have
here. And here I thought I had to search all over this pitiful dimension for you."

"It's one of those Ramen Kiki or whatever they're called," Ai cried.

"It's Reikon Kishi," Soshimi corrected. "And I'm here to take all your souls as ordered by Master Galick."

He must mean that armored guy who knocked us out after I summoned Deus, Lisa thought.

"Leave us alone, Dragon-face!" Yu snapped.

"Aww, but not before I introduce you to some of my friends." Kenstar blew fire into the ground. "From the depths of
fire, I summon you... Bomb!" Two small fireballs with jackolantern faces popped out.

"Are those little fire crackers suppose to scare us?" Cid asked.

"No, they're suppose to kill you. Bomb, attack!" The Bombs rushed at the group. Lisa used her kigen arts to push them
back. For some reason, they started to grow.

"Hey, is it just me or did they just get bigger?" Ai asked.

"You're right, Ai," Cid said lowering his viser. "Their diameter has increased by a foot." Cid's backpack opened up and
two laser cannons popped out. "But I won't give them a chance to grow again!" The cannons opened fire. The Bombs
actually absorbed Cid's blast and grew larger.

"Two more chances," Kenstar said cryptically. Chobi tried to kick them but they dodged Chobi's lightning-quick feet.
"One more chance."

"Poshepocket, help us," Ai pleaded. Poshepocket spat out a fire extinguisher. "That'll work." Joe grabbed the fire
extinguisher and fired it. But the Bombs were unaffected.

"Now you've done it," Kenstar announced. "You activated the Bomb's special power. The power of self-destruction!"

"No!" Lisa shouted. She quickly set up a kigen arts field but the explosion that resulted was so intense that it broke
apart the field causing them all to go flying.

"And the best part about Bombs are... I can make more of them! From the depths of fire, I summon you... Bomb!" Three
more Bombs came up and started to charge towards them.

"Why you..." Cid grumbled as he got ready to summon his hammer.

"Wait, don't attack them or they'll just explode again!" Lisa warned.

"So we should just dodge them?" Cid asked.

"Yes," Lisa replied firmly. The Bombs came at them from all sides, but the group just dodged and ran. Chobi transformed
itno Ciel and grabbed Ai and Yu getting them out of the way. This enabeled the adults to move around more freely.

"It's no use," Soshimi said. "No matter how hard you dodge, they will still explode."

I'm not sure what to do, Lisa thought. I sure wish Kaze was here... Lisa felt a warm sensation on her left ear and for
a moment, it felt like Kaze was with her.

"Lisa, your ear ring is glowing!" Mary pointed out.

Of course, Kaze's Magun is mine for now. I must use it to protect them. Kaze, guide my hand. "Soil is my power!"
Soil encircled Lisa's shaking hand and took shape into the Magun. "It's... the Magun!"

"Oh no, this isn't good."

Now, what to use against Bomb, Lisa pondered trying to remember the various summons that Kaze use. "Oh wait, I know."

"Bombs, attack!" Soshimi commanded. "Stop her before she completes the triad!" He summoned more Bombs.

"The soil charge triad to use on you has been decided!" Lisa reached into her belt and took out a green bullet. "The
cry of a soul without light, Dark Green." She inserted the bullet and took out another one. "The one who forbids the
birth of life, Virgin White!" The last bullet was a light blue color. "And finally, to freeze all things, Ice Blue!"

"Hurry and self-destruct!" Soshimi commanded.

"It's too late!" Lisa shouted. "Shine, I summon you... Shiva!" The blue crystaline summon appeared and went straight
through the Bombs, turning them to ice. They fell to the ground.

"I have to get out of here!" Soshimi realized and quickly flew off.

"All right, Lisa!" Ai cheered as the Magun and Shiva faded.

"See, Lisa, as long as you have the Magun, there's nothing to worry about," Yu pointed out.

Lisa smiled and patted the boy on the head. "You're right, as usual, Yu."

"Huh?" Ai began looking around. "Do you guys hear that?"

"Hear what?" Mary asked.

"It sounds like a train whistle."

"A train whistle," Cid muttered. "I wonder..."

"But that can't be. The Ghost Train was destroyed, wasn't it?" Yu asked Lisa.

"That's right. It was destroyed by Omega," Lisa recalled.

"It's this way," Ai called. She lead the others to a hole in the ground. A Subway entrance. They all descended and
what they saw totally shocked them.

A train was waiting for them. It looked like an old steam engine with the exception that it had glowing eyes.
Attached to it was two cars.

"No way!" Yu said shocked. "It's another Ghost Train."

Cid was absolutely ecstatic. "I don't believe it! Angela, it's you, after all these years we're finally reunited!"
He ran up and hugged the engine.

"You know this train?" Ai asked giving him a suspicious look.

Cid cleared his throat and gestured to it. "Ladies and gentlemen and Chocobo and... whatever Crux is, permit me to
introduce Angela, the older sister of Elizabeth."

"Elizabeth was what Cid called the Ghost Train we rode in on, right?" Ai asked Yu.

"I think so."

"What do you mean an 'older sister'?" Joe asked.

"I used Angela's design to build Elizabeth. She's a much older version of the Ghost Train Ai, Yu, and Lisa took.
She's not as pretty as Elizabeth and she's a little slow due to the lack of antimatter but she can travel through

"This'll be perfect," Lisa said. "We can go search for the Phoenix Pinion." Everybody let out a whoop of joy as they
boarded the train. Cid manned the engine and Angela took off.


To Be Continued

A Prophecy:

Fabula: Here is my prophecy. The first stop for our travelers is Ikari Town. There, the secrets of summoning are revealed
to Lisa as well as the first clue to the Phoenix Pinion. But they better watch out. For close behind them is Kenstar
with a new threat for Lisa and the others.


Next time, more of my Unlimited knowledge will be shared.