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Blasting the Gauge chapter one: Wasted Time

A black hole. That is all you see. Nothing but plain darkness. In the vast nothingness a whirring sound could be heard. A tingle of fear crawls through your back as the whirring  gets stronger, louder. Then you hear footsteps. Giant footsteps. The ground was not shaking but you could feel it. You could feel the presence of it. Louder and louder it became 'till it was right before your face, And then…


"Ouch that hurt!" Kazu Shioda began rubbing his nose at where the bowling ball had hit him. He began whining as he walked back to the others. It had been the start of Summer vacation and the Tamers, as they called themselves had planned to go bowling this time instead of their usual meetings at Guilmon's hideout.

"Kazu that's the umpteenth time you got hit in the nose and still you haven't learned your lesson? You're pathetic…" Ruki Makino, practically Kazu's worst nightmare mocked him once again. This was no surprise to any of them. The two had been arguing for life.

Kazu just stuck out his tongue, grabbed the bowling ball and threw it at the pins. It bounced at the sidelines, which he still used, before catching some speed. Then it rolled straight at the pins and knocked them over. One particular pin began rolling on its end. After some time it stood back up. Minus one point for Kazu.

"HA I BEAT YOU!" Ruki once again mocked the black-nosed Kazu. "And you had sidelines!"

The boy pouted and went over to the others, Ruki still mocking him. He sat down right next to his best bud and personal sidekick, Kenta Kitagawa. Both were huge fans of the Legendary Tamer a.k.a. Digimon King Ryo Akiyama who happened to also be in their group. They then watched as Ryo went over to the bowling place and, while doing his oh-so-famous technique, threw the ball towards the pins.

As usual, Ryo Akiyama strikes again, to the delight of his two biggest fans. He walked back to the group, a smirk pasted on his face. Kazu and Kenta were crowding over him congratulating him and cheering him on. He pushed them aside and slid down next to Ruki, smirk still on his face.

"Hmm…4 strikes in a row…whaddya think eh?" He teased.

"Whatever" Ruki replied, rolling her eyes. Ryo's smirk just changed into a smile as he heard this comment. After all, he was used to it anyway.

Their relationship went that way ever since they met though it started as annoyance from Ruki. But through their adventure with the others, she changed and grew to trust the older boy. Now it was just constant teasing and sarcastic comments.

"C'mon guys let's EAT! E-a-t spells eat and that's what we gotta do!" Kazu shoved the two of their seats to the table where the group stayed to eat.

Once settled the Tamers stared, dumbfounded at their empty plates. Kazu had herded them all from their fun to eat and here is what welcomed them. Empty plates.

"Kazu…there…is…no…food" Lee Jenrya, or Jen as they call him, looked at Kazu like he was a weirdo.

"Duh we have to order first"

Silence enveloped them for awhile as they thought about Kazu's smart comment, quite a rare thing for him.

After they thought about it, Ruki's sarcastic comment arrived once again. "For once you suggested something smart visor-head. Congratulations"

Kazu stood up and bowed a very deep bow as the waiter came and took their orders. Once finished they waited reluctantly at their seats, breathing deeply. Juri began swaying her legs back and forth as she waited, accidentally kicking Kazu in the shin. Takato gulped down the glass of water that had been prepared for them. All was quiet as they waited.

Juri's legs began swaying rapidly now and Kazu was whining with pain. Ryo rolled up his sleeve partway to look his watch. Ruki bent over to see the time and frowned. Jen looked at the wall clock and a frown similar to Ruki's appeared on his face. Takato began twirling his finger at the sides of the glass, making a harmonic sound. Kenta began to check on MarineAngemon, who had come with him and was settled at his pocket. Kazu had had them waiting for 30 boring minutes.

To everyone's delight the waiter came and presented their food. As each cover was lifted a beautiful smell enveloped them all, causing the desire to eat greater in each of them and the thought of eating the food brought smiles to each of their faces.

At once each got out knives and forks to begin getting the food. The chowed it down, completely silent and hidden in each thoughts. The food was diminished in no time. They stared once again at their empty plates, disappointed visible in their faces.

"We should've ordered more…I'm still hungry" Takato said. Everyone agreed to his comment and sighed. The waiter went over to their table and tapped his pencil on the wooden material.

"Excuse me but your bowling time is up. Better return those shoes now" They stared blankly at him. Time is up? That seemed fast. Obediently they followed and made their way out the door. They were to part at Shinjuku where they had left their Digimon, exception of Renamon and MarineAngemon.

On their way Ruki complained. "This is all Kazu's fault. If he hadn't called us earlier then we would have had more time.

"Why did you call us so early Kazu?" Takato, who was usually the soft kind, asked his friend.

"I was hungry. It's not my fault"

"Well while waiting maybe we should've gone bowling don't ya think?" Kenta suggested to them, sighing.

All gaped at him until Ruki again broke the silence that had been coming a lot with their staring lately…

"Why didn't you tell us in the first place?!"

"Well since you guys are more logical than I am I thought perhaps you would suggest it. I was keeping quiet since I thought that was the logical thing to do"

Ruki raised an eyebrow.

"You bozos have been studying…"

They grinned, faced their friends and, together, brought out a book and recited a…speech?

"This book will help bozos like you and me!"

"Be more logical as can be!"

"Are you being constantly teased?"

"Has your life been diseased?"

"Are they making fun of you?"

"Since your logic is nothing but poo?"

"Then this book is perfect for you!"

"Now you tell those people 'coo coo'"

They raised the book which had big, bold letters written plainly over the cover "The logic book. Learn your common sense"

"Okay that last line made absolutely no sense…" Ryo stared at them.

"You said it. Well at least these amateurs learned something…"

"Well we better get going. It's getting late and I'm sure Kurumon's worried sick" Juri, who was taking care of Kurumon, exclaimed to them. They nodded and walked the rest of the way to Guilmon's hideout.

-=Guilmon's hideout=-

"I sure hope Juri comes home late kuru! I want to play some more kuru! Kuru kuru!"

"I hope Takato comes home early…I'm hungry…ohh…" Guilmon held his bulging stomach and collapsed to the ground. Lopmon was chasing Terriermon around the hideout, shouting screams of glee. Monodramon just sat at the corner. He wasn't very close to any Digimon and preferred to mess with cars or to tag along with Ryo on his adventures. Besides, he was feeling a tummy ache.

-=Back with the Tamers=-

Ryo clutched his chest and stopped for a while. Ruki, who was at the back, felt something following her and turned abruptly. Nothing. "Ruki, Ryo, what's wrong?" Takato too sensed something and turned to his friends. Ryo just smiled.

I think I may have a stomach ache. Man I ate that food a little too fast…" Ruki said nothing and just nodded her head. Takato shrugged and they continued heading towards Shinjuku park.

"TAKATO! You're back!" He jumped on his tamer and both fell backwards. "Where's the bread Takato?"

"JURI! Let's go home kuru!" Kurumon rested on the head of his caretaker causing her to smile.

Terriermon and Lopmon reunited with Jen and rested on each of his shoulders. "Man you two are heavy…I'm only human you know…" he laughed.

Monodramon walked over to Ryo and banged his head on his partner's side, making him flinch a bit. "Monodramon what's wrong?"

"Ohh…I have a stomach ache…Let's go home…ohh…" Ryo scratched the back of his head. "Monodramon I can't carry you ya know…"

"Ohhh…" The purple Digimon began grabbing his stomach and fell to the ground. Ryo frowned. "Seriously, I'm not spoiling you am I? I can't rally carry you…"

"Well we gotta go! See ya guys!" Kazu waved at them and left, Guardramon following loyally at his side.

"Us too!" Kenta went his way, MarineAngemon waving from his pocket. "Pee Poo Paa!"

"I'll come back tonight to bring you you're bread K Guilmon? I gotta get Juri and Kurumon home first…"

"Arf!" Juri, Kurumon and Takato left towards Juri's house.

"Better get to Hypnos…Later!" Jen ran towards the two familiar buildings, Terriermon and Lopmon's ears flying behind.

That left Ryo and Ruki. Both usually went home together as their houses were near. Ryo originally lived in Kyushu but he and his dad decided to stay in Shinjuku as his dad found it nice and pleasing here. Besides, Ryo seemed to love it here a lot, considering the damage D-Reaper made as an aftermath of the final battle. Ruki was at first shocked to hear this but soon got used to it. It was all normal now though she was still pissed off at his never ending taunts.

Monodramon finally stood up and lazily followed his tamer home, swaying from side to side. Ruki had already gone ahead and Ryo hurried to keep up. At last they were walking at the same pace. Dusk was already sweeping through the sky making it a beautiful orange color. The setting sun was drowning in this ocean of colors and slowly being replaced by darkness. Its arms were stretched out against the horizon making it a breath-taking sight. This all reminded Ruki of something vaguely familiar.

Ryo looked over at Ruki and smiled, making her feel all warm inside. He always made her feel that way. She sighed inwardly. Silence swept over the two. The only thing bothering them was Monodramon's constant whining. Ryo shattered this silence with one of his oh-so-useless phrases.

"Hey Ruki"

"What?" Her short and simple reply would've frightened anyone and prevent them from continuing their question. But not Ryo, he was different. He could stand against her death glare, her cold replies, her taunts and mocks. He could stand her. Secretly in his heart he had a place for her…

"Oh nothing…"

Ruki stared at him like he was Kazu and her eye twitched.

"Ryo that was useless…you're acting like Kazu…"

He just smiled. And they continued to walk. The sun was almost fully set now and the pair were walking quite slow. Once again silence reigned. After a few minutes Ryo brought up the same phrase.

"Hey Ruki"

She turned abruptly to face him. Their eyes were locked in a gaze. In her eyes, Ryo saw the image of the sunset. Beautiful, he thought. But then as he looked closer he saw something different. He saw another Ruki in her eyes. One who does not expose herself to others. Beneath that he saw pain…

His thoughts were interrupted by Ruki's same answer. "What now Akiyama?"

"Err…you're home" She looked up and saw her house. She just nodded. This always happened when she walked home with Ryo. She never noticed she was home. At once the gate opened and revealed her mother with a worried look on her face. She spotted the two.

"Ruki, Ryo, you're needed at Hypnos. Jen just called and said that all of you should meet at Hypnos. It's something important. The others were called too"

Monodramon groaned. It had taken approximately 15 minutes to walk here and he was tired. Rumiko glanced at the Digimon and offered to let him stay here for the moment. Monodramon grinned and went inside.

"Renamon" At Ruki's command, the fox Digimon materialized before them, alert and ready for anything. Ruki shook her head and told her partner to stay for the meantime. She bowed and disappeared just as swiftly as she had come.

"Let's go" Ryo nodded and the two ran off towards the two buildings of Hypnos. 'Great. We walked all the way here and now we have to run back al the way there again' Both Ruki and Ryo thought. They were frustrated at all the energy they wasted. But if it was something important, you can count on them to go.

Reaching Hypnos, the two were heaving deeply. Jen welcomed them with a tensed expression visible in his face. Alice, Janyu and Yamaki were behind him, urgently beckoning to them. Takato and Juri were already there, breathing deeply as they were. Kazu and Kenta were yet to come.

"So, what's up?" Ruki managed to say in between breaths.

"The Digital World is in great suffering. An unknown beast is searching everywhere, destroying everything in its path. If not stopped in time, it may reach the real world and destroy us all…"

"So what exactly is it searching and what exactly is it?" Ryo asked.

"We're not so sure. We don't know anything but according to our research bits and pieces of the Digital World are being destroyed"

Takato breathed deeply. "Are you sure you don't know what it is?"

"We're sure"

"We have to stop this before it's too late!" Jen cried.

"Then we'll have to stop it before the Digital World and the Real World are gone forever!" Takato's voice had a sense of leadership in it as the others nodded in agreement.


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