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Blasting the Gauge chapter seven: New Allies, New Foes

Finally, Nagamon let out a roar and disappeared into the air, leaving a message echoing in the atmosphere.

"We will meet again…"

The white Digimon gritted its teeth and tightened its fists. He murmured something under his breath.

"Perhaps, Nagamon, but you won't get away so easily then…"

He closed his eyes, body still shaking from anger.

The tamers were staring blankly at the Digimon, awestruck. Not one knew what to say though they each had millions of questions buzzing in their heads, waiting eagerly to be asked.

As if finally realizing his audience, the digimon turned. He faced Ryo first and caught his eye. He kept his paw at his sword hilt, which had engraved in its silver a wonderful bird, a phoenix, probably, and another creature, both seemingly about to mix. Their faces were serious and their eyes straight-forward, holding in them a secret never to be unfolded. They were facing down so when the sword was held up, they would point to the direction of the sky.

Ryo and the digimon's eyes narrowed, trying to understand the other, fists clenched. Ruki looked up and noticed the sweat that was now slowly starting to form on Ryo's forehead, dripping down the side of his face. He seemed to be receiving some sort of energy, or perhaps energy was being taken out of him. She did not know for sure.

Finally the digimon looked away, noticing Ryo's companions. His eyes showed no emotions and remained the same. He looked at them one by one. He scanned the Tamers, starting with Takato, Kenta, Jen, Shouchion, Juri, Kazu then finally, Ruki. His gaze fell upon her for a moment, eyes still narrowed. He seemed to be thinking about something. Seconds, which seemed like hour, passed by until he glanced at Renamon on her lap. He concluded his thoughts and shook his head.

He turned back to face Ryo and finally spoke.

"You are Akiyama Ryo, Holder of the crest of Destiny, partner of Cyberdramon, Legendary Tamer. Am I correct?"

Ryo nodded. "And you are…?"

"My name is Shiromon"

Kazu took out his digivice and tried to get the data of Shiromon. It came out blank.

Shiromon eyed him. "You will not get any data out of me. I am the combination of several digimon. My data contains data of Guilmon, Terriermon" He nodded towards the two "Patamon, Gatomon, Salamon and, perhaps you do not know him, Dhinshumon. Most of my data comes from him"

They nodded. Somehow, though, this explanation bothered Takato.

"But how? I mean, how can you be created out of these digimon? That's just…impossible…I mean, I created Guilmon. He's unique. You cannot scan his data also. Even ask Ruki"

All eyes turned to Ruki who nodded.

Shiromon just shook his head. "I do not know how I was created. Knowledge I was created with tells me that I am from these Digimon. I think that the data was combined and sealed into a digiegg. It hatched and I came out, in my baby form. I evolved rapidly. I was born just a few weeks ago but know I have a purpose…As for your question, I am sorry. I do not know the answer."

Takato looked down, confused. A million more questions rising in his head, doubling up the brain power he was using.

"What form are you in?" Jen asks.

"I am in my Rookie form"

"Have you ever evolved into champion or ultimate or maybe even mega?"

"I have experienced being in my champion and ultimate state to enable me to strengthen my skills in both forms. Though my knowledge tells me I cannot evolve into mega by myself, since my data isn't my own. I do not know why. I have been told that I need to stay in my rookie form most of the time to be able to fulfill my mission. Evolving is only to be done in emergency purposes"

"What is your purpose? You mentioned it a lot" Ruki asks.

"My purpose is not to be spoken. At least not now. All I can say is that it is somewhat linked to why you tamers are here"

"You mean…destiny?" Juri ends the conversation.

Silence comes in for a moment before Shiromon speaks once more. He disregards Juri's question.

"Come, you tamers are tired, we must rest. Do you have shelter?"

They shook their heads.

"Follow me"

One by one, the tamers stood up. Ruki placed one of Renamon's arms around her neck and helped her up. Takato went over to Juri and Kazu to help Centarumon.

"Hey Centarumon" He says "We never really got to know you…"

"You don't need to. Now that I know of your purpose, I am very ashamed"

"You don't need to be ashamed, Centarumon. Come with us" Juri told him. She had grown to like the Digimon even only if they had just met. She had secret hopes.

Centarumon brightened a bit. He kept his serious state and his happiness did not show. "May I?" He looked at Takato. He thought the goggles were familiar.

"Of course you may. I'm sure everyone would be okay with it. We could always need an extra hand" He smiled "Now lets go"

He held out his hand and pulled the digimon up. Shiromon suddenly turned abruptly and looked at Centarumon.

"Is he any of your partners?"

All shook their heads.

"But he's coming with us" Juri says hurriedly and lays her hand on Centarumon's broad back. She smiles rather nervously. Ever since Shiromon had arrived all the tamers had sensed fear, not fear like they had felt with D-Reaper, but different. They had sensed that he was to be followed.

Shiromon narrows his eyes at Centarumon for a moment, studying him.

"You are not one?"

Centarumon bowed down, forehead touching the dirt.


"Very well then. Come"

The Centaur lifted his head and began to walk with the others.


"So, Centarumon, what happened anyway?" Juri was now riding Centarumon, her hands clutching the sides of his chest. His hooves made a thumping sound as they hit the ground. Thump, thump, thump, thump. Like horses hooves hitting soil, though much more gracefully.

Centarumon bowed his head a little, feeling ashamed.

"I had teamed up with Nagamon…"

Juri was surprised. "How? Tell me everything"

Centarumon shifted a little, causing Juri to almost fall. He hesitated before beginning his story.

"Like many others, I was running away from it. I wasn't with my herd, for I hated them…

((Flashback, Centarumon's POV))

"Ani (Older Brother), come play with me!" My younger sister pulled on my arm, a smile on her face. Fury seeped through me. I don't know why, but it did. Perhaps it was because Okasan and Otosan (Mother and Father) always favoured her. I shoved her away. She fell to the ground. She looked up at me, terrified.

"Musuko!(Son!), you do not treat your younger sister that way! You are older and must learn to be more responsible. You are a bad example" Okasan was once again throwing her anger unto me. That was the problem. Whenever I achieved something, they would merely congratulate me, tell me to keep it up and pat me on the head. Whenever she did something well, it was like a celebration.

Why? Have I grown less important now because of her

That day, though, Otosan, usually quiet, angered over me as well.

"Musuko, you should know better by now. Please, improve your behaviour"

I bowed my head, my forehead touched the bare soil. I was angry, no, furious. I was always the one ordered and I was always the one punished.

Then something strange happened. It suddenly became dark. It was far too early for night. Everyone was looking about, feeling worried. My heart thumped against my chest, threatening to break out. We had heard rumors about sudden darkness. After the darkness had always come…

"AHHHHHHHH!" I heard a scream. I looked up and saw that that the darkness was now destroying many. Everybody had started running. My family started running as well. Many were screaming. Suddenly, my sister got lost in the stampede. Otosan and Okasan started, calling out to her, worry present in their voices. "Musume!" (Daughter) "Musume!""MUSUME!"

I ignored them. I did not look for my sister. Why should I care? I ran along, near the back of the stampede. As I ran, I tripped on something. My heart was now beating so fast, it was now on my throat. I was annoyed with the thing that had caused my accident. Angrily I held it in one part and threw it away. It was surprisingly heavy. It screamed.

My heart stopped beating. I looked at what I had thrown. It was my sister. She was bruised all over and was now nearing the vast darkness. She could not stand up. She held out her hand.


I tried to reach out for her but it was too late. I was just able to move my arm when she was sucked in. I saw a figure of a centaur in the darkness, very much like my sister. It disappeared in an instant and I wasn't sure if it was real or a dream. Okasan was now crying, throwing out her arms as she witnessed my sister's disappearance.


She would have been sucked in as well if Otosan hadn't grabbed her and made his way towards me, grabbing my arm and galloping to shelter.

That night Okasan was furious. She was screaming at me at the top of her lungs, tears streaming down her cheeks. She had whipped me and I was now lying on the floor, feet under me, head bowed. Otosan had his head in his arms, shaking.

When they were at bed I stood up and walked away, hatred overflowing my heart

((End Flashback))

"Oh, Centarumon, that is such a sad story…I'm so sorry" Juri placed her hand on his shoulder.

"No, don't be…please…" Centarumon shook his head.

"After I ran away I encountered Nagamon. He surrounded me and let me feel the darkness. He told me about your mission and about a group of humans in the digiworld, who he said were enemies. He told me to help him catch them. I agreed to be bait…I didn't know those humans were the ones who had saved this world from clutches of D-Reaper…If I had known…I wouldn't have…"

Centarumon bowed his head.

"No…Centarumon…" Juri tried to comfort him. Takato looked up at them. He was walking at pace with Centarumon. Somehow he had doubts on him after Shiromon asked if he was 'one'. He couldn't trust him just yet with Juri.

Up front Shiromon was waking by Ryo, Cyberdramon closely behind. Renamon was now able to walk and was walking behind Ruki, who wasn't far from where Ryo was. She kept on eyeing him and Shiromon, now and then looking at his sword hilt. She was trying to make a connection. She regretted having gotten mad at him the night before. Things were obviously serious. Looking back at it, she sounded stupid, really stupid. She sighed.

Ryo had felt guilty about the night before but was more into Shiromon now than that matter. Besides, it was stupid.

Jen had overheard Juri's talk with Centarumon. He clutched Shouchion's hand tighter, afraid of what could happen. Terriermon was on his shoulder, not talking. He, too, had heard the conversation. He kept glancing down at Shouchion. Shouchion had not heard and was bothered by Jen's tight hold.

"Onii-chan, please don't hold me too tight" She tugged.

"Shouchion, if something happens to you…Just stay still and listen to me"

Shouchion groaned. She shouted to Shiromon. "Shiromon, when will we get to the shelter?"

"There is no shelter" Shiromon said rather calmly. Everyone stopped and looked at him.


"But you said…" Ryo started to say.

"I said nothing. I asked if you have shelter and you shook your heads. You must follow me, though, I know where to take you" He continued walking.

Ryo remained planted to the ground.

"How can we trust you?"

Shiromon shot a look at him that said they must follow. "Just follow me. You must trust me if you want your mission to be explained, Legendary Tamer" He was talking to Ryo, no one else. Ryo shifted uncomfortably. He started walking again, more slowly this time.

Ruki caught up with him and whispered hoarsely. She did not want Shiromon to hear.

"What was that all about?"

"What was what?" Ryo replied. He was worried.

"That. Your suddenly so worried. Besides, why did he direct the mission at you? We're in this together. All of us"

"I know, I know" Ryo sounded hasty now. "It's just that…I'm sorry, I can't tell you"

Ruki huffed a little and shifted.

"Very well then" She slowed her pace and listened to the argument of Kazu and Kenta.

"You were scared, Kazu, admit it" Kenta was acting cool.

"No I wasn't. Besides, you were too" Kazu was angry.

"See?! You said too. That means you were scared!"

"Was not. I was nervous, that's all" Kazu was turning red now. He slowed down as so he was on the other side of Centarumon. He was furious and blushing with embarrassment. Takato looked at him and sighed.

Kenta was chuckling with pleasure. Kurumon, who had been in Juri's arms, was quite terrified with Centarumon's story. He was shaking and making little scared noises. He was looking around him for any signs of darkness.

Suddenly he froze and dived down into Juri's arms, ears wrapped around him. "I hear something kuru! Shelter kuru kuru!"

"Huh?" Ruki, Ryo, Kenta and Jen looked back as Takato, Juri and Kazu looked at the little cowering digimon. Suddenly Ruki pointed out to the distance.

"Transportation beam! Everyone run!" They all took off at once. Shiromon took to flight and flew at the same speed as Ryo ran. They were all running one direction.

The beam was getting closer now. Closer and closer it grew, their hearts now at the point of bursting. They didn't want to get separated, no. Please, no.

Takato sensed something and put his hand out so Centarumon stopped. He reared up as Juri clutched his shoulders.

"Takato what are you doing? We must not be separated!" he cried. Kazu had stopped as well.

"Minna-san! Everyone! Move back to where we are!" He screamed to the others. They were still running as they looked back. Jen knew what Takato was trying to do. He looked at the transportation beam getting closer by the second and realized that they could be too late. There was only one way to spare Shouchion from the dangers that the beam could bring.

He let go of her hand, surprising her, and pushed her with all his might, sending her flying out of the way. She landed with a 'thump' on Lopmon and looked back at her brother. The beam was getting closer now and their feet were getting tired. Takato tried to go after them but Guilmon held him back. Renamon picked up Ruki and started to head back to Takato and the others. It was too late.

The beam, in a fraction of a second swept up Ryo, Cyberdramon, Renamon with Ruki, Jen, Terriermon and Kenta and MarineAngemon. Their screams echoed around the ones who were left for but a second. "Legendary Tamer!" Shiromon cried and jumped into the beam, making it just in the nick of time. The group was now split up.

"Oniiiiiiiii-chaaaaaaaan!" Shouchion screamed and threw up her arms.


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