Love between Navis

By: Sailorjj07

1. I wanna be stronger!!

A/n: Lookie!! Another Megaman fic by me!! Before you ask, this is a Megaman/Roll with Maylu/Lan hints. Since my other Megaman fic was such a big hit, I decided to write this one. No offense but.....I AM SO TIRED OF THESE GAY FICS!! LAN DOES NOT NEED TO GO OUT WITH CHAUD!! AND THE SAME GOES FOR MEGA AND PROTOMAN!! THAT'S JUST SICK!! AND WRONG!! Once again, I hope I didn't offend anyone by saying that, but that's what I believe. Anywho, on with the fic!!

Disclaimer: I do not own. But I wish I did.





It was right after school. 3 o'clock pm to be exact. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, everyone was smiling and happy. People were chatting while they were walking down the street and at the arcade; kids were cheering and screaming at the top of their lungs.

"Roll! Watch it!"

"I'm trying! Geez..."

Maylu sighed and watched as Roll dodged four out of five of the mini bombs thrown at her. Maylu had taken up battling in the arcade recently and that's all she had been doing for the past week. Maylu growled in frustration as Roll got hit again. The navi she was fighting, Rini, was seriously trying to win. Rini was a pink and white navi with black hair to her waist that was covered with a white and pink helmet. She had bright red eyes and looked alot like her net op.


"Maylu, I can't concentrate with you yelling at me every ten seconds!"  BAM! Roll got hit with another mini bomb.

"Fine! Blaster battle chip in! Download!" Maylu threw a battle chip into the slot in her PET and watched as it went to Roll. The two weren't on agreeing terms at the moment and Maylu really wanted to win. She had won five matches in a row so far and she had only been in the arcade for an hour.

"Blaster!" Roll used the battle chip as soon as she got it. And then the buzzer sounded.

"Rini logging out." Rini's net op logged her out then went over to shake Maylu's hand.

"Good fight." The girl said, shaking her hand. She also had long black hair to her waist and bright pink eyes. She was a little short than Maylu and had on a white skirt with pink and white belt and a pink sleeveless shirt. Her boots were pink and had high heels with a white stripe running down the side.

"Thanks. Same to you. What's your name by the way?"

"I'm Serenity Emiko Stratton. But you can call me Serena for short. I just moved here about three weeks ago."

"I'm Maylu. And of course you know my navi Roll."

"Yup. So I guess I don't have to introduce Rini to you either."

And somehow after that Maylu knew she had a new friend.

At 5:00 p.m.

"Maylu it's time for us to go home. I just got an e-mail from Lan and the others. They want to have a chat tonight. On Yai's page." Roll said, looking up from her conversation with Rini as data flowed through her antennas.

"Whoa! What's your head doing?" Rini said, and reached a hand out to touch it.

"Don't! You'll mess up the data flow. Hold on a sec." Roll cried, her eyes spacing out.

"Roll, you ok...." Rini waved a hand in front of her.

"I'm fine now. I was reading an e-mail from a navi friend of mine." Roll replied with a blush.

"You're blushing! It's a guy, isn't it? I knew it! What's his name? Tell me!!"


"THE Megaman?! You go out with THE Megaman?!"

"I don't go out with him...."



"That's what I thought! So does he know you like him or what?"

"It's not that simple, Rini!"

"So what? I bet I can help."

"That's ok."

"You sure?"

"Yep. Maylu, do you think we could invite Serena and Rini to the chat?" Roll said looking at the window.

"That's a wonderful idea! When do you have to be home?" Maylu said, turning to face Serena.

"Whenever I get there. My parents will be alright."

"Do you want to come to my house for dinner then? I'll let my mom know now and then you can come over, have dinner, and then go to the chat with me. What'd you say?"

"I say lead the way!" Serena grinned and Maylu started walking out of the arcade.

At 5:15 p.m.

"Mom, I'm home! And I brought a friend with me! You got my e-mail right?" Maylu called as she pushed the door open.

"Yes, honey. I got it." Maylu's mom came around the corner.

"Hi, Mrs.Maylu's mom." Serena said childishly with a grin on her face.

"Hi! I already like you! What's your name?"

"Serena, ma'am."

"And such manners!! Yup, Maylu she's definitely good friend material."

Maylu smiled, "Thanks mom. We're gonna go in my room now. Is that ok? Or do you need help?"

"No help needed. Have fun girls!" And Maylu's mother walked off into the kitchen.

"Come on!" Maylu grabbed Serena hand and ran to her room.

At 7:00 p.m.

"Mom, thanks for dinner!!" Maylu called down the stairs, with Serena following behind her.

"Welcome honey!"

"Your mom's so nice." Serena said, as she and Maylu sat in front of her computer.

"Thanks. Roll, jack in! Execute!"

"Your welcome. Rini, jack in! Execute!"

The two girls watched as their navis appeared on the computer.

"Well let's go shake up this chat." Roll said, with a grin. Rini nodded and followed her.

"So where are we exactly?" Rini asked, looking around her. The entire place was orange and little duckies were on some of the floor.

"Yai's homepage. One of Maylu's friends."


The two walked until they saw a group of four navis,"Sorry we're late. We met some new friends and so we kinda talked our mouths off."

The group of navis looked at one another and sighed, "Girls."

"Hey don't forget I'm one too!!" Yai said, a screen popping up behind Glyde.

"Of course not, Miss Yai."

"Roll, who's the navi with you, guts?" Gutsman said, looking at the girl.

"Yeah, who is she?" Asked Iceman, smiling.

"Everyone, this is Rini and her net op Serena." A screen popped up behind Rini, and everyone saw Serena's face next to Maylu's.

"Hi! I'm Megaman." Megaman said, smiling at Rini.

Rini gave a delighted giggled and smiled back, "I think, next to Roll, I'm one of your biggest fans. You and Lan really have to help me get better! I lost to Roll this afternoon and was not happy about it one bit! Have you been teaching her stuff?"

"Next to Roll?" Megaman said, his green eyes meeting Roll's green ones. She blushed and turned the other way.

"Yeah! Of course Roll has to be your number 1 fan, with you two being best friends and all!"

"You think so?"

"I know so!!"

"Roll? Is she right? What do you think?" Megaman said, turning to her with a smile.

"I might be...I dunno." Roll replied, blushing.

"I think you are, and as my number 1 fan, I believe you get a free lesson. What'd you say, Lan?"

"I say, I think that's a good idea. Maylu, do you mind coming over tomorrow so we can show you and Roll some new things?" Lan said, his face popping up on a screen behind Megaman.

"No. I think Roll and I are perfectly capable of learning things on our own. Now if you want to fight us, then I say we battle tomorrow." Maylu said, with a smirk.

"Maylu, are you sure?"

"Positive. Roll tomorrow, we will be battling Megaman and Lan. Can you do it?"

"Of course I can!" Roll said, with a smile on her face while Megaman and Lan looked dismayed.

"But Lan, I don't want to fight Roll." Megaman said, turning to the screen.

"I know, but since Maylu wants to let her have what she wants."

"Mega, I heard that! Why don't you want to fight me? Fighting will make me stronger! I want to become stronger! I always have to wait for you to come save me when I'm in trouble! I'm tired of it!" Roll sat on the ground with an angry huff.

"Roll..." Megaman sat down next to her with a concerned look on his face, "Just because I've saved you on certain occasions doesn't mean I think your weak or anything. It just means I want to help you when you need help."


"Of course. So let's have our match tomorrow and may the best navi win, 'kay?"


"Roll, we have to go. Say good bye and jack out." Maylu said, nodding towards Serena.

"Ok. Bye Gutsman. Bye Iceman. Bye Glyde. Bye...Mega." Roll finished her sentence with hugging Megaman, and waving before she logged out.

"What's with the special treatment towards you? I didn't get a hug." Iceman said, with a sly grin in Megaman's direction.

Megaman just blushed and logged out himself.

End Chapter 1