Blood of a Malfoy

Chapter One

The Discovery

"Nothing is ever as it seems."

A.N. Many of you have read my other story A Father's Shadow. I came up with this while I was having writers block with AFS. Hopefully this will break my block.

"Headmaster," began an anxiety-ridden Draco Malfoy. "I'm afraid we have a problem."

The Headmaster regarded his pupil through icy eyes. It was the first day back to school of Draco's sixth year. The young Malfoy was the last student Albus had ever expected to come to him for help. Then again, if you considered the events of the summer break....

The pale boy had been disowned following his refusal to take the Dark Mark. Draco had surprised the Light Side immensely with this act, and the Order had offered the boy sanctuary, which the boy had gratefully taken.

Even then, given a room and board at Grimuald Place, the boy had not opened up. He was the Golden Slytherin, divulging no idle information, and acting only in a way that would benefit himself. But now the boy sat before Dumbledore, a panicked look in his steel eyes, requesting help.

"What's the problem Draco?"

The boy seemed hesitant to speak. Albus carefully masked his face with a concerned expression. "Would you like me to call Severus up?"

Draco nodded in a relieved manner and Albus made the call. Severus had been a large asset in regards to Draco's mental health this summer. As Draco's Godfather and therefore, Guardian now that Draco was disowned, he had proved to his charge that people still loved him.

When Severus came through the fireplace he took one look at Draco's pale, anxious expression and paled himself.

"It's almost time isn't it?"

Draco nodded and Severus sucked in a sharp breath. Dumbledore just looked confused. Severus turned to him.

"Headmaster," he said, rather nervously. "Draco's sixteenth birthday is in a week. At that time Draco will reach his inheritance. Sir, Draco is a Veela."

"How much of a Veela?" queried Albus at once.

"A full blood."

The headmaster ran a tired hand over his face. Veelas required careful handling around puberty. Anything and everything could and would set them off, and the result would not be pretty. Not only that, but if Draco didn't mate with someone by three days afterwards he would lose his life. Veelas mated for life.

"Are there any other Veelas in the school?" asked Dumbledore, searching for the easisest solution. If there was another Veela reaching puberty it would be a simple thing to fix the two teens up.

"No sir, my father would have told me. He keeps tracks of such things."

"Perhaps Fleur Delacour..." Dumbledore began, but Draco cut him off.

"With all due respect sir, my mate will be someone I have known, or someone who's personality closely matches my own. Fleur Delacour is a simpering fool who I detest with all my might. Delacour does not meet either qualification."

"Are there any other magical creatures in the school Draco?"

"I do not know sir. Once my senses kick in I'll be able to tell. I will be able to find out who will be my mate as well. The only problem is that I will only have three days to find them and they may not even be at Hogwarts."

"Do you have any suspicions about who it may be Draco?" asked Dumbledore, spotting another easy solution.


Severus decided that now was a good time to step in.

"There is another option."

Two pairs of steel eyes turned to him. "A binding," he elucidated, "with someone of magical status, part of one of the families of magical creatures. This person could anchor him to life until Draco found his mate. Draco would even have time to finish his schooling, so long as the anchor stayed within a twenty mile radius or so."

Draco looked weary but the headmaster was already nodding. 'An excellent idea Severus. Do you have anyone in mind?"

Severus paused. To tell him who he had in mind would force him to reveal way too many secrets that he would rather keep under the covers. He sighed. He really had no choice.

"Harry Potter."

"Harry?" Dumbledore questioned. "Harry is not a magical creature."

"On the contrary sir. Lily Evans was a full blooded Vampyr."

Dumbledore sucked in a breath. "A Vampyr? How is this possible? Lily Evans was muggle born." Severus took a deep breath.

"When Lily started to see signs that her body was changing around her sixteenth birthday in ways that were far from normal, she came to me. We were close even then and she knew that I would be able to figure out what was happening to her. After performing some tests, including an experiment to tell us exactly who her biological parents were, we found some very...interesting results.

"Lily's biological parents came out to be a very interesting pair. Dawnielle Black was her mother-the sole survivor of the Vampyr extermination in Russia after the Dark Lord's fall, and a Black by marriage. Sirius was actually her half-brother, something he never found out before his death.

"Lily's father came out to be Saetan Lupine-head of the Lupine Dynasty in England. He, in fact, is the first Vampyr, the being that Muggles call Satan, or the Devil, believing him to be the living embodiment of hell."

Severus stopped to breath after this short history lesson. Albus and Draco were looking at him with something akin to shock. He decided to continue before he had all their questions thrown at him.

"Considering her parentage it was not hard to understand why Lily was set-up for adoption. But not only were Lily's parents Vampyr, but they also came from a long line of pureblooded wizards- a far cry from her being a supposed 'mudblood'.

"Not only is Potter half-Vampyr, but he is also a Potter. Like many pureblood families, Potters have intermarried with magical creatures throughout the centuries to increase magical potential. After taking some tests of Potter's blood when he was only a baby I found that besides his Vampyr blood, he is also a quarter Veela. The rest of his blood I could not determine at that age. If I could test it now I would be able to tell."

"Will he agree to this Severus?" asked Dumbledore. "I know Harry and Draco don't exactly share the ideal relationship."

Severus sneered. His feelings had not changed for the boy over the summer and truthfully, he had no idea. He had to act assured for Draco's sake though.

"As much as Potter loathes Draco, his life is built upon his complexion for saving people. He'll agree, its not in his heart to let Draco die if he knows that his blood is the only chance for Draco's survival."

Draco stood up, his face petulant.

"I will not be bound to Harry Potter." There was a crackle of raw energy in the air that Severus knew to be the newfound magic of a teenage Veela.

"He may well be your only chance."

Draco's face rippled with pain, a burst of magic surged over the room, knocking over several items. "I'm sorry," he gasped. "I couldn't control it."

"Quite alright," said Dumbledore gently. "Are you ok now Draco?"

"Yes sir." Draco composed himself.

"You will have to be more careful about controlling your emotions for a while," Severus scolded cautiously and Draco nodded.

"I know."

"You are excused Draco," said Dumbledore. "I will set up a meeting between you and Mr. Potter for tomorrow night. I suggest you at least attempt to be polite until then.

Draco sneered and stomped out, magic crackling angrily in the air behind him, sending shivers up his two professors sides.