Blood of a Malfoy

Chapter Twelve

Harry fixed Remus with a hard stare but said nothing. The werewolf spared Saetan a nervous glance before swallowing hard and clearing his throat.

"Right," Remus said. "I was seven when I was bitten. My attacker was a man I knew, someone my family had frequent squabbles with. My family knew he was a werewolf and they despised him for it. I knew it as well. So why I was outside that night, of all nights, away from the protection of my family's security ward, is a mystery to me still to this day.

"I was walking down a small, narrow path in a forest nearby my house, escaping punishment I believe, for avoiding my chores for the day, when I found my way blocked by a large, angry beast. Still a child, and not quite understanding the danger which lay before me, I reached a hand out to touch it, perhaps to see if it was real. Before my hand made contact the werewolf let loose an angry growl and bit me."

Remus ran a hand down his face and sighed at the memory, shaking his head sadly. " I don't truly know why I'm still alive as I was easy prey, but lost consciousness from the shock and didn't reawaken till morning."

At this point Harry looked lost between pitying Remus and confusion as to where this was going, and why Remus was telling him this particular story at the moment.

"I walked back to my home in a daze. My mother was frantic. I had been gone for an entire night. She enveloped me in a hug, my father standing slightly behind her. She pulled back and it was then she saw my hand. She screamed. My father's face tightened and reddened and he pulled my mother away from me and into the house. I stood there, stung by the rejection. Moments later, my father reappeared, a small pouch in hand. He pressed the pouch into my hand, whispered 'werewolf be gone from our midst' and I felt the tug of a portkey.

"The next I knew, I stood deep in the depths of a darkened forest. I was seven years old and did not yet realize the hopelessness of my situation. Bitten, a werewolf, not yet fully grown, weak and defenseless, prone to the dangers of a forest lying in an unknown location far from that which I was familiar with.

"I opened the pouch which had transported me here, hoping my father had left some clue as to how I could return home. To my dismay, the pouch contained twenty galleons, a loaf of bread and a water bottle."

Beside Harry, Draco gasped in recognition. Remus still looked pained by the memory. Harry regarded the two of them with confusion. Draco saw it and snorted.

"It's a purebloods way of disowning their children Potter. Leave the child twenty galleons from the family's private vault, enough to perhaps rent a room for a week or two, bread and water, from the family's private stores. The parent is saying in essence 'this is the last I give you, you are now on your own'. In that moment, the child goes to either a willing guardian to watch over them or they become an emancipated minor. The disownment is perfectly legal in the eyes of the Ministry and the child, if younger than the age of twelve loses their last name. If they are older than twelve, and are already in training to become a full-fledged Wizard, the disownment is seen as a separation of names and the child retains their last name, becoming the head of an entirely new and different family."

Remus nodded approvingly. "Yes, that is quite right Mr. Malfoy, of course you would know wouldn't you?" The werewolf shrugged. "There was little I could do, I recognized the meaning of the contents immediately. I sat on the forest floor, accepting, at seven years old, that I would soon die. I lay down, and I cried."

Remus stopped speaking and looked at Saetan pointedly. The Vampyr sneered slightly and picked up where the werewolf had left off.

"I was hunting that day. The full moon the night before had reawakened the blood lust in me as it always does. I had hoped to bring down a bear or a deer to abate it, but was sidetracked by the sight of a mortal child, crying on the forest floor. I swooped down to question him as to how he had come to be in my Coven's forest.

"When I was close enough, I smelt the fresh scent of werewolf, then noted the sweet odor of blood. I realized quickly the child was newly inflicted, and had likely been abandoned. I considered my options. I could return the boy to the humans, but I could not be assured that they would not cast him out once more. I could take him back with me, to the Coven. But Vampyr's are secretive by nature, and bringing a mortal into our midst, even an infected child, would be a breach of they security. I could leave him to his own devices, but there were dangers far more lethal to a human in that forest than a Vampyric lifestyle. I am not so heartless as to condemn a seven year old to death."

Harry snorted derisively at this, but Saetan ignored him and continued.

"I had little choice, I brought the boy to my Coven. There was a large protest to this action before, and some, perhaps, questioned my sanity. I ignored them. The boy, I learned was named Remus. He gave no last name, and when I saw the contents of his pouch, I did not question him on this. I recognized the magical people's method of disownment. Remus had not last name.

"In reality, Remus became my adopted son. I gifted him with a variation on my last name, Lupine, and he became Remus Lupin, a fitting name. When he was of age, I sent him to Hogwarts, with strict instructions not to tell the wizards where and with whom he had been raised. For all they knew, Remus was but a Muggleborn Wizard, somehow inflicted with lycanthropy."

Saetan stopped speaking, and sat still with a speculative look on his face. Remus watched Harry carefully, gaging his reaction. Draco sat expressionless beside him. Harry seemed to be attempting to understand exactly what was going on. His grandfather, who had attacked him, was the adopted father of Moony, one of his father's best friends, and a man who had always looked out for harry's best interests? It didn't seem possible. And that still left the question...

"Ok, what does this have to do with why you attacked me?"

"Ah, the impatience of youth," Saetan said. "We are coming to that Childe. When Remus was in his sixth year, he came upon the scent of a Vampyr at Hogwarts. Familiar with the scent of course, he recognized it and was able to follow it directly to its source, your mother, Lily Evans.

"He, of course, mailed me at once and then confronted Lily. Neither they, nor I, knew at that time she was my daughter. Remus contacted me because he was well aware of the isolation that the Vampyr's tend to have and was concerned about one being so out in the open. But he assured me that Lily was not breaking any of the Coven Laws, and keeping a low profile. He told her nothing of his upbringing or the Vampyrs he had met, and attributed his knowledge of her to his own werewolf condition. She believed him, and as she was doing nothing to jeopardize the Vampyrs, I did nothing in her regard.

"Later, Lily took a magical parentage test, revealing me as her father. She confided in her dear friend Remus. Remus was, of course, shocked by this news and owled me directly. That was one of the most surprising moments of my life. I had not known that Dawnielle had been with Childe at any point before her murder. It was then that I traveled to Hogwarts to take a look at Lily for the very first time. It was only the first of many that I would make."

Saetan's eyes glazed in memory, and for a moment, he seemed almost happy. "Lily was the spitting image of Dawnielle. A fiery redhead, hot tempered, but still extremely gentle. She possessed my family's eyes, as do you. She had, at that time, already learned to retract her wings, her claws, and her fangs, she appeared to me completely human, and that is how I always saw her, save for a one time occurrence, far away from any wandering eyes. You'll be pleased to know, Harry, that you resemble her Vampyric form very closely, save for the color of your wings, her's were as red as her hair, which is also something you did not inherent, save for those streaks you seem to have.

"Vampyr's make a habit of staying away from conflict, which is why, when the threat of Voldemort appeared, we made ourselves more scarce than usual. We retracted all contacts from the Wizarding World. We literally closed into ourselves. I even refused owls from Remus. However, I still had my contacts among our cousins, the Vampires, and they told me of the death of the Potter's. That Voldemort had come to kill them, and somehow he had perished as well. But Vampires are not the most sound of mind, and oft are confused. He did not tell me that their son survived.

"Untrusting, as we must be for survival, and I, sick with grief over the death of my Childe, and Grandchilde, who I had never gotten to know, the Vampyr's remained in isolation. And we have to this day, until you..."

Saetan trailed off, he had come to the point of this story. Harry growled and stood up angrily. "What about me? What have I done that is so wrong? So I broke this rule of secrecy you have. Its not as though anyone came out to tell me what I should do, or even what I was."

Saetan stood as well, his eyes flashing red for a second, in the first sign of anger he'd shown since his arrival. "Even so, I will not have you jeopardizing the lifestyle of my people. A lifestyle that has kept us safe since before your birth. I will be taking you with me, and you will not be returning. I can not have a rampant Vampyr in the Wizarding World. I will not allow it!"

"You don't have a choice!" Harry yelled. "You are not my Guardian. You have no say over what I do. I have a life here, and I'm not about to go off with you just because you say so. I will not be a pawn to anyone. Least of all a man I hardly know."

"You are risking dozens of lives..."

"Lives of COWARDS!" Harry shouted. "Ignoring the world around them just to make sure they themselves can not be harmed. Living in secrecy to avoid controversy! You could all be helping in this war, to make this world a safer place."

Saetan scowled, eyes fully red now, but with more control of his temper than Harry. "We do not involve ourselves in the affairs of Wizards. Wizards killed out people out of some prejudice during the war with Grindelwald. Did you know that Harry?"

"You are as bad as they," Harry shot back. "You stand by and let Wizards die because of your own prejudices. Out of ignorance..."

"You are a Vampyr, you allegiance lies with us."

"I am a Wizard as well," Harry was obstinate. "And a Veela, and an Elf. Do these races not also hold sway over me allegiance?"

Saetan ran a hand through his silky hair. "It matters not what you say. I am your Grandsire, and a Vampyric Lord, you are not even of age yet. I am in charge of you, and you will do as I say."

He stalked out of the room, presumably to meet with Dumbledore. Harry watched him leave, shaking his head in dismay. When Saetan had left he turned back to Remus and Draco.

"I'm not going," he said. "He can't make me. And the Dursley's will definitely not agree to anything a man that looks like that tells them to do."

"Of course you aren't," Draco said haughtily. "He's not even your Guardian. He can't make you do anything."

Remus shook his head sadly. "Oh boys, you know so little of all of this. No, don't look so insulted Draco. You are a magical creature Harry, which immediately revokes the Guardianship of muggles. This means that you would be a Ward of the Ministry as your Magical Guardian has died as well. That is, unless a magical relative appears. In that case, the relative would gain instant guardianship over you. Add to that, that Saetan is a Vampyric Lord, meaning he holds extremely high status in the Vampyric Coven, as well and is of Harry's race, Saetan will have complete control over Harry."

Harry looked aghast. "Tell me you're kidding me Remus."

"I'm afraid not Harry," his face was sad as he regarded Harry, and he tried to lift the boy's spirits. "But its not a completely bad thing. The Vampyric lifestyle is not a bad one. And it may be a good thing for you to be among your own people."

"And what of me?" Draco asked quietly. "What of the bond which we have forged? I will die if Harry leaves now."

Remus looked perplexed. "I don't know," he admitted.

No one said anything after that.

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