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Chapter 1

A pit formed in Robin's stomach as he tried to move, but he was numb. Slade slowly walked up to him, but Robin was not even paying any attention to what his enemy was saying to him. Robin most likely got knocked out in his sleep by some kind of gas and Slade had numbed him from his neck to his toes. Nothing of his body could move.

"ROBIN!" Slade shouted and Robin was slammed back into reality. He looked up and saw Slade bend down to they were nose to nose. Robin's heart was beating too fast, but he was not showing it.

Slade suddenly pulled out a gadget Robin did know. It looked like a giant razor, but different in some ways. Slade held the gadget up to Robin's forehead and said, "This might hurt a little."

ZAP! It felt like a lightning bolt hit Robin's forehead and would not leave. He snapped his eyes shut and winced in the demanding pain. It felt like his brain was going to explode. Then the huge pain stopped and it was dead silent.

"Now was that too hard?" Slade asked. Robin's eyes fluttered open and he could swear he saw stars spin around his head.

Robin got his head on right and yelled, "What the heck did you just do? Were you aiming to kill me?!"

Slade stood up and looked down at poor Robin's body with a smile. He clicked the painful gadget back into his belt and said, "You did not know what that thing was, didn't you Robin?"

"DUH!" Robin spat out at Slade in pure anger. He could now feel his hands and feet, but moving was still not an option right then.

Slade tutted and shook his head in disappointment. "I thought you would have known," he said. "Guess I'll have to tell you so you can get the whole picture."

Robin quickly found movement in his legs and he tried to push away from Slade. He did not want to work for him again. There was no way he could do it again.

"That gadget was made by some aliens I was trading with," Slade began. "It takes sleep away from anyone and you were a victim of it. With this little device," Slade pulled it out once more to show Robin, "I can give and take sleep away. Right now you can not go to sleep and with this button," he pointed to a red button, "I can control how much sleep you get. And if you run away I can just push this button and your out cold, so don't try anything like that."

"But I need sleep in order to do stuff," Robin said stronger than he really felt.

"What I have planed for you, Robin," Slade said while putting the gadget away again, "You do a mission for me I give you so many hours of sleep. The better you do the mission the more sleep. Sooner or later you will either be almost living for that sleep. In your sleep I'll give you dreams that you like. Understand?"

"You're crazy!" Robin yelled up at him with panic. Robin then could feel his whole body. He had to strike now or never.

"Don't say that, Robin," Slade said while putting his hands behind his back and glaring down at Robin. "You'll be in my place and might do this same thing to someone, so you might be calling yourself crazy."

"I'll never end up like you," Robin seethed through clenched teeth. Then he struck. He jumped into the air with great speed and did a roundhouse kick in midair aiming for Slade's head.

Slade was quick and calm as he grabbed Robin's shoe and swung the teen under his legs and let go. Robin was thrown so hard he skidded to a stop five feet away from Slade and rolled a few feet till he hit a huge metal pipe. He lay there for a few seconds and slowly got up to his unsteady feet.

Slade was now standing in front of him. "Please don't try that again."

Robin was now growing with anger. His hand struck out with him not even thinking and only by anger and instantly Slade caught it and twisted it to his advantage. Robin cried out in pain and Slade held it there till he thought Robin's shoulder would pop if he held it more, then he let it go.

Robin jumped backwards away from Slade and rubbed his shoulder that was in so much pain that with him even rubbing it the pain was too great. Slade then said, "You're first mission is tonight. Put these on and leave your other clothes over there," he said while pointing over in a corner and holding up Robin's outfit that he wore the last time he worked for him.

Robin first did not do anything but stare up at Slade and searched for a way out. His brain went into a lock and nothing could be found. He then looked to the hard metal floor and grabbed the outfit out of Slade's arms.

"Good boy," Slade said and Robin winced half because of what was going to happen to him and the pain shooting through his shoulder. Slade silently came over to Robin and touched his shoulder to fix it, but Robin jumped away. There was absolute no trust in his eyes. Slade had to calm Robin down before putting his shoulder back into place so there would be less pain.

Robin quickly got dressed and ready to go even though he was dreading the whole thing. He straitened up and Slade circled him and sized Robin up with a few nods. He was ready to go.

"What I need fist from you is something that will be heavily guarded, but you will not have to worry about your stupid friends. It's on the other side of the world and I think only two people in the world can get through."

Robin raised an eyebrow and asked, "Who?"

"You or me," Slade said.

"Then how come I have to do it?" Robin asked.

"Because this is more like a test than the real thing," Slade said then went on. "I'll guide you almost the whole way through. Listen to orders and do exactly what I tell you. One false move can destroy the whole mission. Put this in your ear like you did last time." He handed Robin an earpiece and Robin only hesitated for a few seconds. He was weary about the mission.

"And what happens if I fail?" Robin asked with a little smirk.

"Whip it off your face, Robin," Slade ordered as he saw the smile. "If you fail you're still with me and you get no sleep for three weeks. Got it?"

Robin's smile quickly turned into a frown. Suddenly the game got serous and Robin did not like it one bit. Slade had total control over him. There was nothing else to do, but go on the mission and get it done Slade's way.

"Ready?" Slade asked.

Robin looked down at the floor thinking deeply and picking options. He picked the best one for himself and nodded after a huge sigh.

"You're working for me now on, Robin," Slade said and he led him out of the room.

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