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Chapter 14

Robin's eyes fluttered open and he found himself in his room in the Titan Tower. His head hurt really badly and everything that had happened to him seemed like a long dream. For a few second the teen really did think that his whole adventure was just a dream, but when he moved and it hurt him he knew it wasn't.

Robin closed his eyes again and just tried to enjoy being home again. A faint smile spread across his lips as he could hear Cyborg and Beast Boy wrestle over the PS2. He could hear Starfire cheer them on. His mind was not on Kora but it suddenly remembered Enzo. The last thing he remembered was the poor alien fighting with Slade in the hideout. Robin wondered if he was okay.

His door slid open and someone came in very quietly. Robin heard the person sniff a little and he opened his eyes to find out who it was. He saw Raven at the end of his bed. She was looking down into her lap and she had some tea in her hands. Her hood was over her head, so he could not see her face.

"Rav?" He said weakly. He looked up to see Raven jump off his bed in surprise and drop her tea with a gasp. She was looking at him in total shock.

"Robin!" she breathed faintly as she rushed to his side. "I thought you would never get better! You've been out for a week."

Raven grabbed his hand and put her head up to his. Robin could see the tears in her eyes and he had some in his as well. "Can you get out of bed?" she asked.

"It hurts when I move," Robin said while holding his head and trying to sit up. He looked at Raven and he smiled. She helped him out of bed and he noticed that he was still in the Tower guard clothes. "Can I get into some clothes other than these?" he asked with a tiny laugh. He saw Raven smile and she gave him his clothes that he missed.

"Get dressed and come down stairs," Raven said while she stood at the door. "We have all missed you." She then started to rub her eyes.

"Don't cry, Raven," Robin said. "I'm back and I hope to never leave again. I'll never leave you again." He went up to Raven and put an arm about her shoulder even though it hurt him to do so. "Can I still get some breakfast?" he asked with a smile.

She looked up and nodded. He let her go and she moved toward the door of his room. But right before she left she flew over to Robin and kissed him on the cheek. She then quickly left the room. Robin just stood there holding his hand up to his face where she had kissed him.

Enzo was seated a table in the Tower's kitchen and was trying to enjoy his slushy and pizza, but he was too worried about Robin. It was really Enzo's first time free on the planet earth, but he just wanted to make sure that Robin was okay before exploring his new life.

Starfire flew into the room and stopped next to him. "Do you wish to cheer for the winner on the game station?" she asked Enzo in a cheery voice.

"I'm cheering for the person who wins," Enzo said with no emotion and with a wave on his hand.

Starfire thought about what he had said then finally got it. "You will win any way you put it then. You are a very smart alien." She then watched him pick up his huge piece of pizza with his tiny hands. He got it to his mouth, but never took a bite from it. He gave a sigh and put it back down on his plate.

Starfire knew he was worrying over Robin and she made it her duty to cheer him up. "Robin will be fine!" she said with a smile. "You need to eat."

"Oh," Enzo whined as he sipped from his slushy straw. "I'm not that hungry anyways."

"I will make you pudding of sadness!" Starfire said with joy. Enzo raised an eyebrow.

"What is that?" he asked. "And what is even pudding? I've never heard of it."

Starfire seemed very happy that someone wanted to know what it was. The last time she served it Cyborg had quit and Beast Boy hated it and Robin and Raven had refused to take it. She started to make it and Enzo finally took his mind off Robin and watched her cook.

Raven came down the stairs and sat down next to Enzo with a tiny smile. Enzo looked up at her and frowned. "You were the one who was moping around her for the last week," he said. "What has gotten into you?"

"Robin's going to be okay," she said to Starfire and Enzo. "He's awake."

"That is wonderful!" Starfire said as she jumped for joy. "But what do I do with this pudding?" she asked as she finished making her pudding of sadness. "I don't want to waste it."

"I'll have some anyways," Enzo said. She put the bowl in front of Enzo and Raven waved her hands to stop him, but the alien already had the stuff in his mouth. The poor alien went crazy. "EWWW!" he yelled and pored all of his slushy into his mouth to get the taste out. "Whoa!" he breathed as the taste slowly left. "Now I know why you call it that. I don't want pudding for the rest of my life."

Raven was about to say that pudding did not all the time taste like that, but she heard footsteps come down the stairs. They three turned to see Robin standing at the doorway of the kitchen. He was still a little weak so he had to lean against the doorpost, but he seemed to be in good shape.

"ROBIN!" Starfire and Enzo yelled as they raced to him. Starfire got to Robin first and she hugged really hard. She let go of him and a big smile was on his face. Enzo jumped onto Robin's shoulder and ruffled Robin's spiking hair.

"We missed you, buddy," Enzo said as he jumped off as Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Kora came into the room. They all had a good time welcoming him back and a smile was on each face in the room. Kora said that she was sorry that she had used him and Robin said he was sorry as well. They were real friends at that point.

Raven was up late that night for some reason. She was watching T.V. She was kind of surprised that she stopped switching channels when she got to Ed, Edd, and Eddy. She had a smile on her face as she kept watching the three stupid boys on the T.V. try to get a scam together.

"I caught you finally," someone behind her said. "The serous Raven is watching Cartoon Network."

Raven turned around from where she was on the couch. Enzo had dozed off beside her and he was keeping her warm. She did not want to wake him. Robin was standing behind her with his arms folded in front of him.

"Shhh," Raven said and pointed down to Enzo who snored quietly. "He's been awake ever since you got knocked out. He needs sleep." Robin smiled and sat down on the other side of Raven and they both watched the stupid show for a few minutes.

"So what are we going to do with the giant rat and Kora?" Robin said as the show ended. Raven laughed when he said 'giant rat'. "They both can't stay here."

"Enzo is going to work for the FBI and built gadgets for them," Raven said. "That is one thing he still wants to do. For a giant rat he is very smart. Kora is going to work for the same people, but she wants to be a spy. The FBI says they will let both of them in. I hope everything goes right for them."

"Yeah," Robin said while looking down at Enzo. "Enzo got me out of lots of messes. Without him I could be dead right now. He is pretty smart."

Suddenly they both realized that they were holding hands. They both drew back and Raven put her hood up so Robin could not see her blush. They both then leaned back and started to watch another show of the Ed boys. Robin put his arm around Raven and Enzo was in the middle.

He felt safe and at home. Raven was cool to be with when no one else was there to get on her nerves. Robin hoped Slade would not try anything like that for a long time. Then Robin thought of something.

"What would that potion do?" he asked Raven suddenly.

Raven looked at him and said, "It was for being immortal. It's a good thing you stopped him from having it. Now let's just enjoy the show."

Robin gave a sigh of relief and did enjoy the show. Halfway through it though the two fell asleep on the couch together. All three of them on the couch had sweet dreams and were not caring about anything but right then and right now.

Robin was just glad to finally get sleep. It had been a long two weeks working for sleep.

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