Rated: G
Category: Drama
Spoilers: Pre-Smallville. Spoilers for Lineage and Crush, kind of.
Description: April 1994. It's that time of year again.
Notes: N/A
Disclaimer: Not mine. Not mine.
Feedback: I fiend for it.
"And to end my day," Lionel said to himself.

He picked up the manila folder on top of his desk, and looked over his annual income tax summary. He always requested one from his accountant before the final paperwork was submitted. He basically spot-checked for glaring omissions, compromising inclusions, and fact errors.

"Name, social, profession," he muttered to himself, scanning all the obvious blanks. "Family status," he continued, running his finger along the dotted line.

What was 28B?

He looked in the box at the bottom of the page, and matched the numbers.

Single parent.

He hurriedly turned the page.