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Category: Drama
Spoilers: Fragile (and those other delectable Mionel eppys)
Note: Yeah, I thought I was gone too. But I watched four SV eppys in one day, and Mionel sucked me back in.
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Waiting to Exhale

After Jonathan died, Martha was left swirling in confusion. Her entire life lost focus, and her loyal routine felt perfunctory and purposeless. Then, like a beacon, came the offer as senator. She'd never aspired to office, but it was useful, important, gave her direction...

And totally overwhelmed her.

Until Lionel came along. And even though everything in her wanted to say no, there he was, time again, anticipating her need, taking her hand, showing her the way.

Under him, she flowered.

And Clark detested, loathed, hated it. So Martha swallowed the ache that might be love for one more day.