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The Dance

Chapter 1...

'Ohayou.....YO Sakura!! Wait for me!!!' Naruto yelled at Sakura's retreating back, Naruto ran up to catch up with her.

Inner Sakura[Why can't he just leave me alone!] "WHAT?!" Sakura snapped at him. "Hi! Whatsup team mate?"

Naruto said happily ignoring Sakuras snappy tone.

"NOTHING!! Now leave me alone!!!!" Sakura hissed at him. (They had finished training today, and Sakura couldn't be bothered trying to be nice to the annoying brat.)

"Will you go to the dance with me?" Naruto asked hopefully ignoring the evil stares that she gave him.

(The stupid dance that the genins were all invited to.... To celebrate the end of the year of training... )

Normally Sakura would be thrilled to have a dance... especially since Sasuke was in her team... Too bad that he wasn't even going to go to the dance...

"SAKURA WILL YOU GO TO THE DANCE WITH ME?!!!!" Naruto was getting over excited now.

"NOOO WAY!!!" Sakura said and walked away.

"The pain of sheer rejection." Naruto said sadly. "How could she reject me? Especially since I am so handsome and an extremely expert ninja... I know I'll ask her again tomorrow!" Naruto walked off towards his fav. place; the ramen bar, alrady forgetting abour it.

"Finally he goes away" Sakura muttered to herself, he can be SO annoying sometimes.... I wonder if this is how Sasuke feels when I keep on asking him out... Or when I asked him to the dance and he rejected me...

"Ohayou Sasuke-Kun!" Sakura Yelled at Sasuke as they started walking back towards there separate ways after training. Sasuke ignored her and kept on walking. Sakura stared at his retreating back. "Hey Sasuke!!! Wait! I have something to ask you! "WHAT?" he muttered annoyed her. "Will you go to the dance with me?" asked Sakura hopefully already predicting what he was going to say. It was better to try than to not to try though... "No way, I'm not even going to that stupid dance". Sasuke answered, then he started running. (What?) Sakura looked behind her, he was running away not just from her, but a whole horde of girls, leading them was Ino (her old best-friend). "Wait SASUKE!!!" Ino shouted. Sakura sighed, if she didn't have a chance, then nobody probably did.

Sakura walked slowly home, just as she was turning around the last corner, a horde of boys including Lee-san and Naruto and some other weirdos, came running after her screaming out invitations to the dance to her.

[Eww! I wish they would just get lost...]

She focused all her Chakra on her feet to make her run faster towards her home.


She just made it through her door as they almost caught up with her. [Hell yeah, I rock!] "SAKURA how many times have I told you NOT to run in the house with your DIRTY shoes still on your feet!" Shouted Sakura's mum.

"YES MUM!" She quickly took off her shoes and walked slowly to her room to try escape from her mum.

"SAKURA! When you finished moping around, trying to make it seem your not there, could you please go to the store to get some groceries?" It was more like an order than a question. Hmmm... This might take her mind off the dance for a while anyway...