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Chapter 32!

The end of the story, and the start of a new one.

Sakura looked in her handbag for her house key. (Yes! She had a handbag) She found it, and took a long time to stick in the keyhole. She wanted this night to last forever. What she had found out about Sasuke, was more than she ever knew since she had met him... Wow it was all a dream right? Sakura closed her eyes.

[ I A M D R E A M I N G!!!! AHHHH inner Sakura faints Sakura turned around then saw that Sasuke was still standing there uncomfortably staring at the ground. She looked closer; she pinched herself then poked Sasuke.

"Ow..." He muttered rubbing his shoulder. "What was that for?" He asked. "Um. Nothing...." She muttered, finally getting her door open.

[O M G he is REAL! not a figure of my imagination!!! Inner Sakrua faints again (She woke up since last time by the way...)]

Sakura's dad comes down the stairs. He was an handsome man in a suit. When he walked he didn't make much sound. "Hi Sakura, how was your night?" He asked pleasantly.

WOW! Sasuke thought he is the total opposite of Sakura's mum. He's like quite, not loud, he isn't extremely nosy, he probably doesn't know that Sakura had an dance today... Phew... I'm glad, 2 nosy parents would have been really bad.

"Oh hi dad, it was fun..." She said stepping into the house and started to close the door behind her.

"Sakura... did you forget someone?" Her dad reminder her, nodding his head towards Sasuke, who still stood their blushing. Should he go now? Well she told him to stay...

"OH YEAH!!" [How in the world could I have forgotten HIM?] "This is Sasuke! Umm... you know one of my team mates..." She blushed, she didn't know what else to describe him as yet.

"So you must be the famous cute guy Sakura babbles on about all the time right?" He said jokingly.

"Huh?" he muttered. So her dad wasn't as ignorant as he looked. "DAD!!! Could you please like ... disappear? Like maybe forever?" She said blushing. AHHHH why was her parents so embarrassing? I mean why did they have to embarrass HER so much, especially in front of SASUKE?

"Sure darling, not forever though, unfortunately I live HERE!!" He said and walked off. "TEENAGERS!!" He called out. "Have fun, life is short." Then he went inside the kitchen and it seemed like he was eating something, because Sakura heard a bit of burping and other stuff...

"Ignore him, he's juts as bad as my mum..." She told Sasuke. "Well, have to go now, so see ya tomorrow maybe?" She asked him.

"Yeah, whatever..." He said. "Well Bye then..." She said not moving. "OK..." SAY SOMETHING SASUKE!!!!!!!

"Uh.... Tonight was fun?" He said.

"Yep!" She replied happily.

"JUST TELL HER YOU LIKE HER SASUKE!!! IN WORDS!" Someone yelled out. HUH? Was that his inner self? What da? Sakura saw that her dad was just pretending to eat, and he was eavesdropping the whole time.

"DAD!" She yelled. "Just find the courage!" He cheered Sasuke.

"GET LOST!!!" she roared. "Fine, fine!" he muttered walking slowly up the stairs. (He was also a matchmaker person! I mean the whole world is these days aren't they?)

"Yeah well um, I like you more than a friend Sakura." Sasuke said quietly.

"What? Sorry I wasn't listening can you say that louder?" She asked. [OH NO! what is he said something really important? I a m such a b a k a!!!]

"I LIKE YOU MORE THAN A FRIEND!" he yelled out loudly, he did not want to repeat that again thankyou very much. as he looked up. "I like you..." She started. "HEE HEE FINALLY!" Sakura's dad yelled.

"DAAADDDD!!!!" She yelled. He quickly went up the stairs; sometimes you really had to disappear... "I like you too..." She said. She kissed him on the cheek and went inside closing the door behind her. Phew, I got that over and done with. He said still standing there.

"Are you LYING Naruto?" TenTen asked him. AS IF NEJI WOULD SAY THAT!!!

Naruto (match maker in training) goes,

"Yeah that's EXACTLY WHAT HE SAID!" "Yeah right!" She muttered getting her coat.

"FINE! Maybe he said something different! But I think I forgot... So I just repeated along the lines of what he said!" He said truthfully, he was SURE Neji said something like that.

"Hmmm" Ten Ten muttered. Maybe Naruto was telling the truth now... He did usually forget things...

"Ask him tomorrow then!" Naruto told her. "I mean it's so obvious that He likes YOU!" He told her.

"Right..." He she said heading towards the door.

"I will ask then!" She walked out. "My work is done..." He said saluted to no one in particular and walked out as well. Most of the people dancing had gone now it was getting late, only the teachers were left, and Naruto didn't want to be seen with them. So he said goodbye to Kakashi who was still talking to Kurenai about nothing and left. He passed his fav. place and decide to stop for a quick visit, he was HUNGRY again...

"Aww man this is SOO boring, Kakashi yawned, they had already discussed his excellent students, how well Sasuke was doing, how Sakura was changing and becoming stronger and how Naruto was getting more skilled and close to be coming maybe the future Hokage, blah blah and now they were talking about the other Sensei's students and he was SO SO bored. "Shut up!" Kurenai warned him. "They're discussing MY students now!" "Sure!" He said shutting up. Her students were SECOND best to his...


Sakura's mum drove the car into the driveway; she took out many empty and half- full plates and carried them out of the car. When she got to the door, she saw that Sasuke was still standing there touching his cheek... (OHH Sakura's boyfriend!!! She thought to herself) "Here Sasuke!" She handed him a plate of leftovers. "You can return the plate tomorrow when you come for dinner!" She told him. "Dddinnner?" He asked. "Yep! After all now your Sakura's boyfriend we must meet you properly!" She told him opening the door and going inside. "You must get home now!" She told him closing the door. "Yeah..." he agreeed.



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