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Chapter7 - Epilogue

"Pup?" Joey groaned and flipped onto his side away from Seto, yawning.

"5 more minutes." Seto chuckled and grabbed him around the waist, making the blond squeak.

"You said that 20 minutes ago. Time to get up."

"But Seto..." Joey pouted and turned, looking up at him with that deadly puppy dog face. Seto scowled and rolled his eyes. Joey's bottom lip trembled and Seto caved. He gripped the puppy to him and gave him a passionate kiss that left Jou breathless. He pouted again. "Not fair." Seto smiled and kissed his nose, making him wrinkle up his nose and making Seto laugh.

"Come on, pup. Breakfast." Joey's stomach growled after that and he blushed. "You're adorable." Joey made a face at being called that.


"Hi Joey! Hi Big brother!"

"Good morning, Mokuba." Seto smiled and ruffled his little brother's hair. Mokuba giggled and swatted at Seto's hand.

"Hey, kid." Joey yelped as he was pulled into Seto's lap abruptly. "Seto!" He whined softly.

"Time to go to school, Mokuba."

"Okay! Bye!" Mokuba gave them both a quick hug and ran out the door. Joey blinked and Seto slipped his arms around his puppy's waist, earning a startled squeak from the other.

"Aren't we going to be late?" Seto raised an eyebrow.

"So?" Joey grinned and Seto smirked, pulling the blond in for a deep kiss. He let out a soft moan as he felt Seto's hands snake under his shirt and press against his back.

After school (Don't think you guys would prefer to be bored outta ya minds wit' school. :P)

"Joey, wait!" Seto yelled, running after Joey.

"No! Leave me alone!" Joey cried and slapped Seto, taking off and disappearing. Seto fell to his knees and covered his face, holding back tears as he gritted his teeth.

"Kaiba!" Yugi and the others ran over to where Seto was at. "What happened?"

"I made him angry at him." Seto said quietly, sounding close to tears. Ryou knelt down and put a hand on his shoulder.

"It'll be okay. We can fix this." Seto gratefully nodded and Ryou let him cry on his shoulder, patting his back reassuringly.


Joey sat at the bench in the park after crying for so long with his knees drawn up to his chest.

"Joey?" Joey lifted his head, seeing Mokuba. He sniffled and wiped at his cheek as Mokuba plopped down next to him. "What's wrong?"

"Nothin' is da matter, kid."

"Seto told me you had a fight. He wants to apologize." Joey looked at Mokuba as he put a hand on the blond's arm. "I don't like it when you two fight like this." Joey sighed.

"Alright." Mokuba beamed and took Joey's hand, pulling him along to the limo.

Seto looked up as the sleek black limo pulled up along the sidewalk and his puppy stepped out of the limo. Joey glared at him and Seto looked really hurt. Mokuba trailed behind Joey, tugging on his sleeve.

"Joey, look at him. Don't be so mean."


"What?" Seto quickly put his arms around the blond and buried his face against his neck.

"I'm sorry." He whispered. Joey's glare disappeared and his eyes softened as he put his arms around the brunet and felt like crying again.

"Seto.." Seto pulled away enough to look at Joey.

"Forgive me, puppy." Seto murmured as he kissed him on the lips. Joey melted in Seto's arms as he kissed back. Suddenly, Joey heard people shout "SURPRISE" and he jumped, breaking the kiss and looking over Seto's shoulder with wide eyes, seeing all of his friends. Seto smiled and squeezed Joey around the waist as Joey grinned.

"What's all this for?"

"For you! Congratulations, Joey!" Yugi said, smiling. Joey blinked, utterly clueless.

"For what?" Joey blinked again as Seto grabbed his hand and pulled him into the room. "Seto, what...?" Joey's eyed went wide again when he knelt down, holding Joey's hand. Joey felt like he was going to faint.

"Pup, I..Would you marry me, Joey?" A few seconds passed and then the blond tackled him to the ground, grinning like an idiot.

"Yes! YES!" Seto chuckled and kissed his fiancee and then slipped the ring onto Joey's finger. Joey felt tears come to his eyes and roll down his cheeks.

"Joey, don't cry." Seto said, kissing his tears away.

"I'm so happy!" Seto smiled and was glomped by the blond. No one noticed Tristan hiding by the kitchen with a scowl on his face.


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