(A/N: I AM an amature. I AM a kid. And my spelling does suck. So there. I warned you. Uhhm, i guess this is the sequal to 'Sooner or later')

Sitting in a tree, the moonlight casting shadows through the branches, he watched. Like always, he just watched. She stood in the middle of the room, in pjs. Green and orange. Not something he would usually like, but on her, it made all the difference. She was just standing there, thumbing through a book, looking for something. Something that she'd lost. Something like the card he just stole, one which she used as a bookmark. One which he had left on her pillow one night. He thought he'd take it back to see how she reacted.

A smirks played on his face, looking menecing in the moonlight, his eyes glowing, as his body blended in with the tree. A siloette in the moonlight. She started to move, to walk away from the window in which he saw her. He followed along the branch, and saw her stop. He was waiting for this. Waiting to get his fix of emotion by her reaction when she found the rose on her bed.

'This is stalking.' He often thought, and that it was. But he loved it so. He loved the feeling that tugged at his heart when the smile appeard on her face, or that look of worry which he was getting from her allot lately. Since the last time thay met. But he didn't care. The worry excited him just as much, or even more than the smile.

Rogues face paled as her bare hads clasped the long green stem of the rose. She looked around, her eyes darting around the room in panic. Remy closed his eyes and fed off of the emotion in which she was sending out. He loved it. He needed more, he wanted more. His mouth creased into a grin as he slid down and landed on her balcony, silently in a crouch. He stood behind the curtain and peered in to the, now, darkend room. The bedroom door was open just a crack, letting a dim yellow glow, spill into the room.

He could smell her. Such a sweet smell as a draft swurlled inside and sweaped out again. He closed his eyes, clearly enjoying himself, as he listend to the steady breathing that came from the girl in the bed. Thief instinct takeing over. He silently moved in the shadowns and reached her bed. He sat down. carefull not to wake her, and ran a gloved finger over her soft, pale cheek which was dreanched in the blue-like, sheet of the moons giveing. His finger brushed, gently over the skin, running down her neck, and across her collar bone. Then down her arm to her uncoverd hands.

"Tonight, you shall dream of me, chere." He whispered, lifting her hand and kissing her soft fingertips, which were kept delicate by the costant glove wearing. A small zap, and it was like a drug. He wanted to feel more of that pain, but felt weakend already. He saw her sturr a little, and smirked at the sudden calmness of her. Then he had an idea, a cruel idea that made him want to laugh an evil laugh.

Takeing some paper, and a pencil, he sketched Rogues sleeping face and left a note. "Stalkers in the moonlight, move with ease. They take wat they wan't, and leve before dawn. But this ones ever watching. Be carfull what you do. My love, Ill be right hear watching you." Remy left the paper on her dresser, and placed the card and the rose ontop of it. He grinned at the cruelness of the joke, and left the room. Spearing one last glance at the sleeping beauty in her bed, before leaping from the balcony.

"Untill next time mon cherie." He whispered to her window as he left the mantion grounds. 'Im still keeping to my promise.'