Waving one last time to her family, Lily Evans prepared herself for the journey ahead. She was about to enter a world only briefly experienced two weeks before as she had passed through that wall and entered Diagon Alley. Now, as she turned and started to walk through the invisible barrier of Platform 9 3/4, she wondered what lay in store for her during the next 7 years.
As she passed through the barrier she was amazed to see so many children saying goodbye to their families, their parents dressed in robes similar to those in her trunk; only these were different colours and of so many different styles. A single tear shed from her eye already she missed her parents. Quickly she ran back through, hoping they were still there. She noticed them 20 metres away, heading towards the exit. She ran towards them, "Mum! Dad!" she called after them.
Her parents continued to walk, ignoring her cries. Her sister Petunia turned around and flashed her a dirty glance mixed with one of puzzlement. Once more Lily ran after them but just 5 metres away she was stopped. Something was preventing her from getting towards them. "Mum!" she called once more. But when she looked her parents were gone, her sister too. Then, slowly, the people around her vanished. The clock overhead struck 11, the barrier to the train closed. Lily was left alone in the train station, her footsteps echoing softly.

Lily Evans awoke in her bed, panting heavily, her red hair clinging to the back of her neck. Outside tinges of pink were starting to creep across the dark night sky. 'What time is it?' she wondered as she looked blurry-eyed at the glowing numbers of her alarm clock. The display read 5:57, though it was the date that had her attention - September 1st. The first day at her new school, of her new life.

Memories of her dream seeped into her thoughts, refusing to let her sleep. Frustrated she made her way towards the bathroom across the hall from her room. Less than an hour later she was downstairs; showered, dressed and ready to leave. She sat on the step of her back door, a mug of hot chocolate in her hand, watching the sun rise. So lost in her thoughts, Lily failed to hear her mother come down. It took a hand on the shoulder to jolt her thoughts.
"Excited?" her mother asked.
"What?" asked Lily, slightly startled.
Her mother smiled, her green eyes twinkling. "I said 'are you excited?'"
"Oh, yes, I suppose," She answered rather flatly.
"You suppose, what you're not sure?" Her mother's voice was laced with laughter but her eyes showed a deep concern.
"Well it's not that. I just...I guess I'm a little afraid." She sighed, knowing she was being stupid but having doubts anyway.
"Her mothers' eyes showed more concern. "Afraid? Of what?"
Lily shrugged, not wanting to worry her mother. "The usual new school stuff I guess; not knowing anyone, not being able to make friends. What if no-one likes me? And then there was my dream..." she stopped, not meaning to let it slip.

"Dream? What dream?" Her mother asked. Obediently Lily retold the images she'd seen the night before. She told of she was left alone; her own family didn't even recognise her.
She then explained how she was unsure of whether or not they would recognize her after a year - and even if they did would she recognize them. She'd change, everything would change. "I just don't want to forget - to be left alone."
"Sweetie," her mother began. Her arms wrapped around her in a comforting embrace. "None of us are going to forget you. And you're not going to forget us. You can come back in the holidays and chances are you'll make so many friends and be having so much fun that you won't want to know us anyway."
Lily laughed, feeling much better. "I'll be back," she assured her mother.
"Good," she smiled before standing and heading towards the kitchen. "So what do you want for breakfast?"