Title: Bleed Just to Know You're Alive

Author: Sharron Ibbitson

Rating: PG-13 I'd say or a 15 in Britain

Disclaimer: None of the recognised characters belong to me and no infringement is intended, but if you feel like lending me Tom for a while I won't complain ;-)

Bleed Just to Know You're Alive

Tom Hanson shifted uncomfortably, he had been hunched down behind the dumpster for what felt like an eternity, yet still no backup arrived. He had to admit he was getting more than slightly nervous. He was badly outnumbered, and he only had one clip left for his only weapon, he would have sighed in frustration, but he didn't want to make even that amount of noise. He didn't know whether he was angrier at the youths that surrounded him or himself for blowing his carefully carved cover. It had all started a month ago, he had managed to hold his cover for that long and then at the last hurdle some stupid kid blew it for him.


Tom walked through the halls of the high school, swaggering in his devil may care way that he had perfected of late, sometimes it was hard for even him to remember that he wasn't actually a student anymore, still he guessed that that was a good thing, if he couldn't tell how could anybody else? He had been undercover in this particular establishment for the last three and a half weeks, flying solo which in itself was quite new to him as he was used to forming half of a duo with his partner Doug. Still he had a feeling that this job would be wrapped up and drawing to a close pretty soon. He had been drafted in because the principal was getting increasingly concerned about a seemingly enlarged amount of drugs being pushed through the school, and it seemed that one particular group will responsible, keen to avoid becoming a school with a reputation for drugs the principal had immediately informed the police, and hey presto suddenly Tom appeared. He sighed he was very tired already, it would be okay if he only had to work school hours and that was it, but lately it had been much more. He would do his time at school during the day, then there was the socialising with the other students, trying to infiltrate the group, then he had to report back to the Chapel to let Fuller know of his progress, and as if that  wasn't enough half the time he then got pulled into someone else's case with various stakeouts. He yawned at the thought, he really was exhausted.

End Flashback

Tom closed his eyes, he should have known better than to let his exhaustion make him sloppy, and that was exactly what had happened. He rubbed his hands over his face and blinked a number of times to clear his increasingly blurred vision. The air was filled with silence, but Tom knew better than to be fooled by it, silence was generally more deadly than if he could hear the loud rapport of gunfire. He carefully eased around to observe the windows behind him, he could see shadows lurking, yet no one was making a move. He knew that it would not stay that way for much longer; sooner or later they would get fed up of just lying in wait for him and go hunting instead. There were at least twenty of them, he had no idea ho he had even managed to escape this far at all, he just hoped his luck would hold a little while longer. Even as the silent prayer entered his mind, it went unanswered as a shadow formed across his face, and finally his entire form was shrouded in darkness as he was surrounded from all angles, leaving hi backed up against a wall with no where to run.

End Part One

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