An Episode based on the 1980's televised series
Knight Rider

by Trepverter

Chapter One

The sun shone brightly in the cloudless sky as Michael Knight sailed down the interstate highway in his jet-black, sporty Trans Am doing a steady 75 miles per hour. Glancing at his watch, he sighed aloud.

"At least another two hours until we get there," he grumbled.

He silently wondered if he shouldn't just hit the 'Pursuit' button and take advantage of Kitt's high speed ability. Unfortunately, the use of any of Kitt's specialized, advanced functions would have to be documented and explained. His boss, Devon Miles at the Foundation for Law and Government, was a bear when it came to Michael's 'frivolous' use of the Knight Industries high tech Trans Am, affectionately known as Kitt.

Michael recalled Devon's reaction to his last report, detailing a 'turbo boost' over a herd of cattle in the road. "Yes, Devon, I understand that turbo-boosting over cows is considered unnecessary and frivolous use of Kitt's technology," Michael had explained. "But shouldn't Kitt's specialized functions be field-tested occasionally to be sure they are functioning correctly? After all, Devon, you wouldn't want me turbo- boosting into a wall because the turbo-booster malfunctioned!" Michael had managed to out-talk Devon on that one, although Devon had emphatically assured Michael that April's regular evaluations were sufficient to insure Michael and Kitt's safety.

April held advanced computer tech degrees on automotive mechanics, so Michael wasn't really concerned about any of Kitt's systems failing, but it made for a great excuse to take advantage of some of this technology for plain practical purposes. I bet even Superman warmed up a can of soup with his heat vision now and again, thought Michael.

The Foundation for Law and Government is a free-lance agency set up by Wilton Knight as a law enforcement agency privately funded solely by Wilton Knight. His benevolent hopes are aptly expressed in his personal motto "One man can make a difference." That one man was Michael Knight formerly known as Michael Long, a highly skilled police officer severely injured in the line of duty. Inspired by Wilton Knight, Michael emerged from surgery with a new face, name and job. Hired to fight crime and help the innocent, Michael's resources are provided by the Foundation itself. Working by his wits with the aid of Kitt, the computerized car, and from information provided by Devon Miles and the Foundation, Michael does make a difference.

Michael reluctantly decided not to use Kitt's "Pursuit" function and gently depressed the "auto-cruise" button on Kitt's dashboard. A high pitched tone sounded, confirming that Kitt was now fully operating without Michael.

"I'm gonna catch some 'shut-eye' for a bit, old buddy. Wake me when we get there," announced Michael as he leaned back and adjusted the driver seat into a more comfortable reclining position. He neatly folded his hands behind his head and sighed peacefully as he closed his eyes.

"Michael," responded Kitt nervously. "I am not fully programmed for this latest assignment. I cannot wake you up 'when we get there', nor can I get us there without the necessary information."

Michael smiled without opening his eyes and calmly answered, "Kitt, pal of mine, we are not on a new assignment. We are embarking on an adventure. We are going on vacation. Just keep driving on this highway for about 2 more hours."

"Michael, what do you mean we are not going on a new assignment? Does Devon know this? What adventure? Michael, I don't like the sound of this! Where will we be in 2 hours?" asked Kitt, growing more uncomfortable with Michael's mysterious answers.

"Kitt, just relax," Michael gently explained. "We're due for a vacation. We've been working very hard and need some 'R and R'. Besides, Devon and the Foundation have not given us a new assignment yet, so you know what that means old buddy!" Michael smiled.

Still in the reclining position with his eyes closed, Michael hoped that that would be the end of Kitt's questions.

"Yes Michael, I am afraid I do know what that means," responded Kitt sadly. "It means while you go off rock-climbing, swimming, horseback riding and the like, I sit alone in some garage or parking lot collecting dust and shooing flies. At best, I can cruise the streets in hopes of identifying and classifying the local variety of birds. Some vacation!" complained Kitt.

"Just two more hours on this road and then the adventure begins!" answered Michael. "Trust me, Kitt, you will have the vacation of your lifetime!" answered Michael. He was beginning to feel drowsy and shifted into a comfortable napping position.

Kitt did not feel at all comforted by Michael's evasive answers. No programming and no assignment. This was not good, thought Kitt. Michael was apparently not eager to share any further details. This was not the usual way things worked. Kitt was informed and prepared down to the smallest detail. They worked together, in sync almost as one in thought and action. What in the world was Michael thinking? Kitt wondered.

Scanning the surrounding area and what lay ahead revealed nothing. Nothing but road, road, and more road, observed Kitt. He silently continued on down the road systematically searching his data banks for information about possible 'local vacation spots' for this area. He was determined to find answers on his own if Michael was not willing to furnish them.