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Summary: Gideon goes after the Halliwells. The Elders have decided that the Charmed One's progeny is too powerful to let live. Unfortunately, he meets an unforeseen complication in the form of adult Wyatt, come back from the future to collect his wayward brother, Chris.

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P.S - Chris goes back to the past in chapter 8!

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"You live with your thoughts so be careful what they are."

Eva Arrington

"Chris," Wyatt began quietly, "I want you at my side as my brother, and my equal. When you adjust to your new life, all these restrictions will go away. Mom would have wanted us to stick together, and I intend on achieving my vision with you at my side. I know you don't understand now, but you will. I'll make sure of it."

And as Wyatt draped a brotherly arm around his shoulders and started showing him round, Chris found himself increasingly disturbed by the part of him that wanted to agree with Wyatt.

"Now to get down to business," Wyatt said companionably, "I know that you're new to the evil overlord business, but I'll fill you in on the basics."

Chris had to smirk a little at the job description but even as his big brother spoke, he was aware of the bond snaking between them and the events surrounding it.

As Wyatt laid down the law of what he would and would not expect from Chris, he was unaware that the sharp mind of his brother was already calculating a way out of Wyatt's grasp.

Wyatt might not know, or even appreciate it now, but though Chris loved him dearly, he could not support the regime that he was creating. He could not stand by while innocents and fellow witches were murdered for no good reason other than the pursuit of power.

And because he knew that he could never beat his powerful brother, even in a straight fight, he understood that he could never let him know what he was planning. But even as he nodded and agreed with Wyatt on the outside, for all appearances the wary and somewhat curious little brother that Wyatt knew, Chris was working up the will to do what had to be done.

And save Wyatt from himself.

And though it pained him to admit it, he knew that if that failed, he would have to do whatever he could to stop him before he ruined everything.

But he swore that he would first do everything in his power to save Wyatt first, and thereby saving the innocents.

And maybe, just maybe, he could save himself as well…


And so he did what Wyatt asked of him.

Knowing he was a telepath, Wyatt planned to make good use of his little brother's talents. Chris was forced to be present for nearly all of Wyatt's meetings, surreptitiously scanning them for loyalty to Wyatt. Nearly every day, he was forced to do it, no matter how he felt personally. Wyatt was safely shielded but he insisted on using Chris to verify intelligence from his spies and to interrogate dissenters.

He hated doing it. He hated having to turn in any witches. But he stomached the task and did what was demanded of him, inwardly reminding himself that this was all to save lives.

And so Chris began to change.

He became harder, colder, learned to wear a mask for a face, even while he hurt within. And even when Wyatt stopped his granddad from visiting, he did not react and if he blew up a few extra demons that day, what of it? Wyatt was just glad that his brother was starting to see sense…. To see how strong they could be together….

What he did not know was that it was slowly killing Chris inside….


Eventually the strain became too much. He loved Wyatt, he did. But there was only so much one could do before they broke. Moreover, with every day that passed without Chris having any ideas on how to save his older brother, he began to have doubts over whether it could even be done.

Locking the door to his rooms, Chris carefully lit the candles in the circle. Wyatt was out, talking with some demons he wanted on his side or some other business. But it gave Chris the opening he needed.

"Hear these words. Hear my cry, spirit from the other side. Come to me, I summon thee. Cross now the great divide!"

The air shimmered with golden lights and Chris held his breath, hoping against hope to see his mother but when he looked at the fully formed spirit, he felt disappointment at the sight of his aunt Phoebe.

"Chris!" the witch cried at the sight of her nephew and immediately stepped out of the circle, resuming corporal form temporarily. He struggled to hold back tears as the woman put her arms around him, pulling him into a hug.

After a long moment, she pulled back. "Can mom come?" he asked.

Sorrowfully, she shook her head, "Not yet sweetie," Phoebe said, "It's still too soon and she's so caught up with what has happened to you both… and speaking of that, how are you holding up?"

Chris shrugged, "I'm surviving." he said dully.

His aunt wasn't fooled, "I know how hard this must be…" she said softly, "But there's always hope to change it. After all, my sisters saved me from being Queen of the Underworld."

Chris didn't smile at the familiar bedtime story, "Not this time, aunt Phoebe," he said, "I can't vanquish him, I just can't."

Phoebe's brow furrowed as her empathy picked up on the waves of pain coming off her youngest nephew, "Oh Chris, it wasn't any of your fault," she said, placing a hand on his arm, "It was a demon, honey. It happened so fast… there was nothing you could have done…"

"I could have healed her!" Chris exclaimed, jerking away from her. "I could have done something!"

"Chris…. There wasn't anything you could have done…" Phoebe touched him and immediately trailed off as the vision coursed through her.

The bodies of fallen Elders strewn everywhere….. Up There in ruins….. In P3, Chris… surrounded by demons….. Arcs of electricity racing from his hands as he stared at them in shock…. The sight of Leo orbing in, golden robes stained and burnt……. staring at Chris…..

"Oh my god…" she breathed as Chris looked at her in concern.

"Aunt Phoebe?" he asked, helping her to sit down, "Are you okay?"

"Chris," she began, "Where is Wyatt?"

He looked at her searchingly, "I don't know. Why? What did you see?"

It was too late; she knew it was too late. Her oldest nephew was going to kill the Elders. No, already had. But Chris…. What she had seen… But then again, he was half-Elder… He would have been on the list to replace those that were now dead…. But she couldn't tell him…. Not yet. Not when Wyatt could find out…

"Chris, I have to go shortly," she said, "But I think it's time to pass on my powers."

"What are you going on about?" Chris asked in puzzlement, "Do you mean Prue?"

Phoebe looked at Chris, heart breaking for the hardship that he was going to have to face, "The last ditch effort of a shattered heart, These gifts to you I do impart, My powers I do share, Let them pass through to the heir."

Immediately, Chris jerked as Phoebe's powers transferred to him and when the storm of it was over, Phoebe gently kissed the forehead of the unconscious witch, "Be safe, Chris." she whispered, "And know that there is always a way…"

And tucked away in Wyatt's rooms, the Book of Shadows glowed.

The book opened, the pages flickered until it stopped at a blank page and though no one was in the room, words began to appear… To show a spell that would save the future… and then the book closed… Until the day the right witch would find it once more….


When Chris woke it was to a splitting headache and as memory returned to him, he wondered what the hell had his aunt done to him?

He stood up, staggered towards the bathroom, but as he passed through the still erected cloaking spell, his hands flew to his head, there were too many people, too many emotions, and he couldn't take it. Sinking to his knees, locked within his own mind, he didn't notice when the first bolts of lightning shot across the sky.

Curling up on the floor, he desperately tried to both figure out what was going on and how to make it stop. He remembered his aunt's words, 'it's time to pass on my powers' and cursed as he realised that he'd gotten Phoebe's empathy, fifteen years strong. How could she have done this without any warning or anything?

Staggering upwards, he clutched the walls and the furniture as he forced his body to move back into his bedroom. The minute he passed through the cloaking shield, he almost wept with relief as the foreign emotions and voices receded. Collapsing onto his bed, he wondered how the hell was he ever going to get a hang of it before Wyatt returned.


When Wyatt returned, it was to find his demon guards unusually jumpy. Upon further interrogation, they had told him that his darling brother had not only locked himself in his rooms but had also taken to blowing up any demon that tried to enter.

Concerned and wondering what had gotten into his little brother, he orbed into Chris's rooms and was surprised to see Chris wince the minute he arrived.

"Chris?" he said, approaching his brother gingerly as he took in the grey pallor to his face. "Are you okay?"

Chris groaned, "Of course I am," he said sarcastically, "I just love feeling like my head is being split apart by a jackhammer!"

"There's no need to be snarky," Wyatt said admonishingly as he approached Chris, "What's up? Did you take a fall or something?"

Chris knew that he couldn't hide the new development from his brother and besides, he could feel Wyatt's worry and concern. It was actually nice to know that he was still capable of that. Even if it didn't extend to most people. "I have a new power," he said after a moment.

Wyatt blinked, "Well?" he said, "What is it?"

"Empathy," Chris replied, "Why do you think I'm acting like a hermit here? I can't control it at all yet."

"Empathy?" Wyatt repeated. "But there aren't that many people on this floor? How come you have a cloaking spell up?"

"Because the people on the other floors make me pass out," Chris ground out, "Apparently, my range is big."

Wyatt looked at him in shock, "But you couldn't have had this power for more than a few days!" he said, "How could it be so strong already?"

"Maybe dear old daddy decided to torment me," Chris said, thinking of Phoebe's act, and knowing that he had to keep it from his brother. "If I knew anything about this power, somehow I don't think I'd be having to take so much aspirin!"

"You need to master it and quickly, Chris," Wyatt said in concern, and Chris could feel the worry and the beginnings of some… ambition? "There are too many people who would use any weakness against us."

"I know that. That's why I need to be alone, Wy," he said, "When I'm up to it, I'll come out of this little self-imposed exile but I'm doing no one any good if I'm passing out or groaning in pain."

Wyatt gave his little brother a hug, much to Chris's surprise, "Take it easy," he said, "And call for me if you need anything. Even healing. It mightn't help much but it'll take away the worst of any headaches you get."

As his brother orbed away, Chris wondered at his mercurial demeanour. How could Wyatt be nice to him and yet try to kill everyone else? However, it did give him some hope; - hope that Wyatt could be saved.

Now all he had to figure out was a way to do it…


As Wyatt swallowed the Empath-blocking potion, he wondered at his little brother's luck. That was a very useful power and from what he could sense, he was about as strong as their aunt Phoebe had been when she was alive. At least, Chris had finally learned some rudimentary control over it, even if the best he could do was block everybody out altogether. He didn't buy into the fact that it had been given by the Elders. As of a few days ago, there couldn't be more than a handful left in existence.

He had made sure that there would not be a repeat of the Gideon fiasco. He had left Leo alive, if for no other reason than to realise how wrong he would be proved to be. After all, he and Chris were going to change the face of magic forever. No more skulking around in the shadows, no more of his family dying for an outdated cause that had never really existed.

With Chris's reputation, or rather his temper's reputation, growing amongst the demons no one was challenging Wyatt over his decision to groom his little brother as his second. And most of them knew all too well that Halliwells were stronger together than apart. With Chris at his side, there wasn't much that could threaten the empire that Wyatt was building.

But while he sought to consolidate his interests, there was still a niggling doubt about his little brother's loyalties. Would Chris really choose him if he knew that he could get away?

Wyatt fervently wished that his little brother wouldn't try anything stupid. He really, really did not want to hurt him any more than he already had.


"Goddamn it Chris!" Wyatt shouted at the impassive face of his little brother. "Will you never learn?"

"And will you ever learn to be satisfied?" Chris demanded, "For crying out loud, I'm here with you, aren't I? I'm not going to turn people into your puppets Wyatt!"

"Not people. An oracle. One that is supposed to have information about the children of the Charmed Ones!" Wyatt said through gritted teeth, "All I asked was for you to extract the information from her!"

"Using empathy?" Chris said, "Hello? Haven't got a handle on that part yet! Besides, mix it with telepathy and I could have fried her to bits!"

"You could have damn well tried!" Wyatt said, pacing the room. "Does everything with you have to be difficult!"

"You've known that since I was born," Chris retorted, "Besides I agreed to be with you, to stay with you, I never agreed to take part in going after innocents!"

"That oracle is no innocent," Wyatt snarled, "And if she knows about a threat to us, I want to know about it!"

"Then why can't you find out yourself!" Chris exclaimed, "Write a spell or something! I'm sure if you tried that you'd be able to think of something!"

Seeing that he was going to get no good out of his brother, Wyatt stormed out of the room, fuming over what he was going to do to Chris.

And as Chris threw himself into a chair, seething himself, the Book of Shadows glowed in Wyatt's rooms, the interlinked triquatra moving apart until it was no more…


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