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A Hidden Danger! Bebimon's Counterattack!

Outside of the M-5 Machine City

The group, led by Tai and Lady Moinanea, had left the city after dealing with Dr. Myuumon. Fortunately, they were able to escape and not be forced to battle with machine guards. It seemed as though the activity within the city had died off since Dr. Myuumon's departure. There was not even a sign of Dynasmon or Crusadermon.

Tai looks out over towards the city and gave it one last glimpse. He turns to face his group and tosses the fourth digicore over to Max. The boy caught it with ease and placed it in his left pant pocket.

"Our job is complete," Tai replied. "Yay! Now we can get back home and sleep!"

"But first we have to get back to Seraphimon's castle," Lady Moinanea spoke. "I'm pretty sure your ship has been repaired."

"You sure you want to remain the way you are, Tai?" Kari asked.

"Yeah, but just for a while. Besides, we're taking the digicores along with us. We didn't come all the way out here just to leave them."

"Well, I really could use a long rest after we get back home," Takato spoke. "Hey, Rika. That was some experience, huh?"

"Yeah, if you don't mind getting blasted at every corner," Rika muttered.

"Hey, what about Dynasmon and Crusadermon? Don't you think they would be onto us by now?" asked Tommy.

"I doubt that," Takuya replied. "Without Dr. Myuumon running the show, they are lost sheep."

"Or they could turn rogue and simply hunt us for the thrill of it," Kouji said. "Haven't you ever thought of that, genius?"

"Typical Takuya," Zoe said.

Tai nods towards Agumon and walks over across a meadow. He pulls out his mini-scope and peeks through to find the majestic tower of Seraphimon's castle. He turns around and faces his group.

"Ok, guys. Seraphimon's castle is just over those mountains. If we get there in time, we'll see if he and his followers were able to find and repair our ship."

"I shall lead the way," Lady Moinanea spoke. "Follow me, everyone."

Just then, Agumon noticed Guilmon grasping an object in his hand and walks over to him. It seemed Guilmon was holding a piece of silver slime, which looked exactly like a body fragment of Bebimon.

"What is that you're holding, Guilmon?"

"I don't know, but I found it when we left that lab. It seems yucky."

"I would throw it away if I were you, Guilmon. It could carry some sort of disease."

"Oh, I don't want to get sick. Besides, it doesn't look good to eat."

Guilmon tosses the silvery slime overhead and watches it plop onto the ground. He kicks some dirt on it and quickly catches up with the group.

"Wait for me, guys!"

"You better hurry or we'll leave ya, buddy," Takato teased. "What were you holding just a while ago?"

"Oh, just a piece of slime. It didn't smell very good."

"Next time, don't pick up anything you think maybe harmful. Besides, I wouldn't ever dare touch anything that crawled in that mad doctor's lab."

"Yeah, especially that Bebimon thing. It gave me the willies."

"'Willies'? Oh boy, what's next?" Rika muttered.

As soon as everyone walked off into the far distance, there was a cloud of smoke emerging from the deep forest. The piece of slime, which Guilmon tossed aside, was emitting a light purple aura. Then, it started to slither over through the brush and attached itself to what looked like a silver creature bearing shade-like eyes. The creature giggled and one word described it: Evil.

Seraphimon's Castle

Later in the day, the group had managed to make it over to Seraphimon's Castle. It was a long walk over the rugged mountains, but the digimon easily managed to overcome it. The humans took the time to catch some rest before their eventual departure.

"You guys may need some rest for now. I'll go speak with Seraphimon," Lady Moinanea spoke.

"Thanks. We really need it," Tai said. "Luckily we have some trusty friends that can out us out of that loop."

The demigoddess chuckled at the boy's comment and walked through the entrance door. While being greeted by Sorcermon, he led her down the long aisle towards Seraphimon's throne chambers. Max walks over and sits next to his young father.

"Hey, dad," Max spoke.

"What's up, dude? Something bothering you?"

"Just one thing that's bothering me. It's about Bebimon."

"Bebimon? What about him?"

"Well, I was thinking. What if he wasn't really killed? What if he managed to survive our onslaught?"

"I don't if your vision is bad, but you clearly saw us kicking that little freak's ass. The megas practically vaporized him. There's no way he would have came back from all of that."

"That's just the thing. You guys dealt with the D-Reaper and it continued to return."

"Well, this guy clearly doesn't look like he's on D-Reaper's class. At least, I hope he isn't…"

"Yeah, that's the last thing we really need," Agumon spoke.

"Don't sweat it, Max," Gatomon said. "If he ever shows his ugly mug, we'll send him into the next world."

"Sorry if I'm not thinking more positive," Max replied. "These kind of situations usually worry me."

"There's nothing to be sorry about," Kari said while approaching the group. "It's okay to be worried, but don't keep it bottled up inside. Just let us know."

"Yeah and we'll help to solve that problem. Besides, Bebimon is gone and there's nothing to worry about."

"Look at Davis. Even he's not worrying about something like Bebimon," Gatomon said.

"Nah, he's showing off. He practically thinks that Veemon is invincible since he can digivolve into Wyveemon," Keke spoke out. "Then again, Davis doesn't worry about anything."

The Kamiya family turns to find Davis standing on top of a rock with Veemon at his side. The young man practically thinks that he is a super man while flexing his arms.

"Just take a look at me now. My partner can digivolve again. One day, I'm going to be fusion warrior just like Tai. Just you wait and see! Hey, Tai! You're looking at your next competition here!"

"Ok, Davis! Just soak it all in!" Tai calls out. "I'll be ready for you!"

"Typical, Davis. Well, at least, he's not trying to impress me anymore. Ever since he and Sonja were married, he's gotten over me. Then again, who knows what's floating inside Davis' head. Not even a psychic can predict Davis."

"Does he enjoy showing off like this every time?" Guilmon asked.

"Yes, every time," Renamon muttered. "Reminds me of Impmon years ago."

"So, what's taking her so long? I so want to leave this place," Rika said.

"Just wait a few minutes, Rika. I'm sure they've arranged something for our departure," Takato reassured the teen girl.

"You know, I'm sure going to miss this place again," Takuya said. "I'd hate to leave again so soon."

"I know and we just saw Bokomon and Neemon again," Kouichi replied.

"I wonder how we're going to get back home?" Tommy said.

"They probably found and repaired our spaceships," said JP. "Man, I hope they resupplied it with snacks. We'll be pretty hungry over that long trip."

"C'mon, it's not like they are going to make us starve through our trip," Zoe said. "I'm sure everything for our trip has been arranged."

Suddenly, the digimon turned to see Lady Moinanea walking out from the palace with Seraphimon and Sorcermon by her side. The humans gathered around to listen to the demigoddess' important announcement.

"Everyone. I have some wonderful news. It seems a group of Seraphimon's officers were able to find your ships. While we were dealing with the situation on M-5, they were able to repair the ships and rejuvenate them. You will be able to leave the planet sooner than we had hoped for."

"Really? That means we can go home again?" Tai asked. "Wow, this is great! We really don't know how to thank you, Lady Moinanea."

"Do not thank me. We are grateful that you children forced Dr. Myuumon off the planet and recaptured the digicores. It was you children who freed me from my imprisonment. Seraphimon also thanks you and has allowed the children to keep the spirits of the legendary warriors as gift."

"Wow! You are allowing us to keep possession of the spirits?!" Takuya asked.

"I can't believe what I'm hearing!" Zoe exclaimed.

"That's awesome!" said JP. "Beetlemon lives on!"

"You twelve helped to preserve this Digital World and freed it from Lucemon's evil. However, you can only use those spirits as a last line of defense. There is no telling if any evil forces may come to invade your home planet."

"Lady Moinanea. We thank you," Takato said. "We were more than happy to help. We don't do these types of commitments as a form of community service. We do it, because we have a responsibility over all the digital worlds."

"I agree. Well, Lady Moinanea, it looks like it's goodbye from here," Tai said.

"For now, Taichi. But, we will meet again. You have my permission to protect the four black digicores. Guard them with your life. You cannot let any enemies capture them for personal greed. You may use them when you feel the time is right."

"I understand."

The demigoddess extends her majestic hand over to Tai, which the boy tightly grasped. They gave each other assuring nods.

"We'll meet again, Lady Moinanea."


"It would be best to hurry now, children," Seraphimon spoke.

"Why in a hurry?" Takuya asked.

"I'm sensing two dark powers heading over towards this direction. It's coming from Dr. Myuumon's two strongest disciples."

The digimon were quickly able to pick up the dark ki signals from their left direction. It was definitely coming from Crusadermon and Dynasmon. Even Max and Keke were able to pick up their energy signals.

"Damn, I should have known!" Max growled.

"All right, Agumon! It's time for Omega X to kick some ass!"

"No, Tai! You and the others get over to the ships. Kouji and I will handle them!" Takuya exclaimed.

"But you might need our help!" replied Takato.

"It's okay, Takato. They'll handle it," Tai assured the teen. "They've battled their shares of wars with two similar digimon in the past."

Takuya and Kouji stood out in front of the castle with their D-Tectors held out. Tai and Takato helped to lead the group out through the back gateways and out into the forest. Seraphimon quickly erected a barrier around himself and Lady Moinanea.

Suddenly, a large ki blast came showering down over the front entrance. The blast incinerated the gateway and left a small crater. The smoke cloud started to build up around Takuya and Kouji. Out from the smoke came Dynasmon and Crusadermon. They were prepared to battle and to gain retribution for Dr. Myuumon's departure.

"How convenient! We knew you despicable children would be hiding here!" Dynasmon billowed.

"What's this here? Well if it isn't Seraphimon and Lady Moinanea," Crusadermon spoke out. "Tell us where those humans are hiding?"

"Or we'll waste this palace into the largest parking lot in the digital world!"

"Man, that line was so lame!" a thunderous voice calls out.

"What? Who dares mock me?!" Dynasmon calls out. "Show yourself, coward!"

"With pleasure!"

As soon as Dynasmon could even react, a sword came slashing from out of the smoke cloud and wedged a deep cut across Dynasmon's chest. The royal knight digimon cries out in anguish as he saw Kaiser Greymon levitating over him. He held his massive sword in one hand.

"It's you! You caught me off guard!"

"And that was a little taste of what's to come. Take a look at your armor. I've cut a wedge there."

Dynasmon looks down at his armored chest and growled deeply. He flies over at Kaiser Greymon and shoots out several blasts from his palms. Kaiser Greymon barely managed to evade the shots and uses his sword to block them out.

Crusadermon watches the battle ensue, until another figure came rushing out from the smoke cloud and nails her with head butt. The figure turned out to be a wolf-like warrior. Crusadermon stood her ground and faced off with Magna Garurumon.

"You dirty whelp! You warriors do not fight fair!"

"Funny and that's coming out from the mouth of an egomaniac. I've dealt with your counterpart in the past," Magna Garurumon said. "You should be at least as strong as the other one."

"Oh, you'd be surprised. I'm on a whole different level."

"Is that so? Funny. From what I'm sensing, your power level isn't that great. In fact, you're just a waste of my time."

"What did you just say? How dare you! No one talks down on me like that!"

Magna Garurumon charges ahead and meets head on with Crusadermon. The two clashed and traded blows with one another.

The warriors took it to the skies as the villains were struggling against the two highly powered megas. Kaiser Greymon swung his sword overhead and slashes over at Dynasmon's side. Dynasmon cries out with anguish as he struggled to dodge each slash. Magna Garurumon was taking it to Crusadermon and blasted her with cannons, which sprouted out from his shoulders.

"Take that!" Magna Garurumon cries out.

Each shot penetrated through Crusadermon and caused her to fly backwards. Dynasmon was beaten to a pulp by Kaiser Greymon. The machine knights struggled while facing off with their adversaries.

"Are you all right, Dynasmon?"

"Fortunately, I am still in this fight. They are a lot stronger than we realize. How are they able to get stronger after every battle? We can't be beaten, Crusadermon. We can't allow ourselves to make a mistake and taste defeat like our counterparts."

"Yes, we are Dr. Myuumon's top ranking officials! He might have departed, but we will carry out the honor of the M-5 Empire!"

Kaiser Greymon and Magna Garurumon stood their ground as the mega duo prepared to attack the megas. However, they were not going to engage in a head on assault, but they were summoning forth their long-range attacks. Dynasmon charged up as a bright aura surrounded his body. He and Crusadermon cried out during their immense power-ups.

"Their power is sky rocketing!" Seraphimon exclaimed.

"Kaiser Greymon! Magna Garurumon! Brace yourselves!" cried Lady Moinanea. "I just hope the others are able to make it to their ships."

"Hey, Magna Garurumon. You getting worried?"

"Nah, these two are simply wasting their time. They have no chance to match with our power."

"I know. Why are they even bothering with this power up? Let's attack right now."

"Hold on. Just give them a few moments. We'll attack afterwards."

"Ok… Whatever you say…"

Dynasmon's cries echoed throughout the heavens as a massive dragon appears over him. The dragon was created through his own aura. The legendary warriors easily recognized this attack. It was the one the previous Dynasmon used against them.

"Does this look familiar to you? I'm sure my counterpart used this technique on numerous occasions! Crusadermon, are you finished?"

"I was finished a long time ago."

"Perfect, now allow us to demonstrate as to why we were chosen as the leading officials of the M-5 Empire! Attack engage!"


Dynasmon unleashes the aura-produced dragon and sends it flying towards the warriors. On the other hand, Crusadermon sends out an array of her own ribbons towards the warrior pair.

"Breath of Wyvern!!" Dynasmon cries out.

"I shall besmirch you, cretins!" Crusadermon exclaimed in retaliation.

Kaiser Greymon saw the monstrous energy dragon colliding towards him. He simply stood his ground and swung his sword overhead. He continued to swing it and was creating a massive gust of wind. The sword was being swung at super speed, which resulted in a wind that was strong enough to repel the dragon away. Dynasmon was caught in complete awe at the demonstration.

Meanwhile, Magna Garurumon was repelling Crusadermon's attacks. Each ribbon shot were cut down to size by the mega's ferocious offense.

"Curse those whelps!" Dynasmon exclaimed. "We can not even combine without exposure to a metallic environment! We must lure them back to the M-5 base!"

"Excuse me. You were planning to do what?" Kaiser Greymon spoke from behind the mutant knight.

Dynasmon quickly turns around and is met with a fist from Kaiser Greymon. Then, Crusadermon was met with the same fate from Magna Garurumon. The mutant digimon were sent plummeting towards the earth, but they managed to stop their fall. However, they found no traces of their adversaries.

"Damn! Where did they go?!" Dynasmon cries out. "I've lost trace of them."

"Same here, Dynasmon. Curse those, cretins! They attacked us without warning!"

"The next time they show their cowardly selves, we'll show them no mercy!"

Suddenly, the villains sensed the warriors' next position and prepared to attack. Unfortunately, they found no traces of the legendary warriors. Dynasmon turns around and finds Kaiser Greymon. With a loud battle cry, Kaiser Greymon swung his massive sword and cuts through Dynasmon's torso. The mutant screamed out in agony until his upper half slid off his lower body half. Crusadermon could only look on with anger until Magna Garurumon blasted her away with a massive energy shot. The rose-colored knight was sent skidding towards the dismembered Dynasmon. Suddenly, their bodies were starting to slowly break down and a pair of fractal codes appeared.

"Shall we, Kaiser Greymon?"

"Time to purify these two low lives."

"I wouldn't do that. You two are going to miss your flight back home!" Lady Moinanea cried out.

"You must hurry! Do not worry about these two. They will be sent to the other world," replied Seraphimon. "We thank you for everything."

"Be sure to remind Taichi and the others to return the black digital cores one day," the demigoddess spoke. "It would be in our best interest. Thank you."

"Don't worry. He'll make his wish eventually," Kaiser Greymon said. "This won't be the last time you'll ever see us."

"Take care of yourselves," replied Magna Garurumon.

"We will. Good luck children and may you have a safe journey," said Lady Moinanea.

The warrior duo nodded their heads and flew out towards the departing ships. One of which carried their own crew. Magna Garurumon and Kaiser Greymon quickly caught up with the ships in time.

Lady Moinanea and Seraphimon watched as the ships departed. Within a matter of moments, the ships had already disappeared through the heavens. The demigoddess wiped away a single tear from her eye and faces Seraphimon.

"Looks like we have a little cleaning up to do," she spoke.

"Yes, we must restore complete order to this world. I'm grateful you were not around to witness Lucemon's revival. It's wonderful that you will be restored to your respectful throne."

"Thank you, Seraphimon. Let us call forth Ophanimon and Cherubimon. There is a lot of work to accomplish."

Seraphimon led Lady Moinanea through his palace to discuss important matters, including complete restoration of the digital world's higher order. However, they were unaware of the creeping evil that lurked within hiding. A pile of silver slime came seething through the fallen bodies of Dynasmon and Crusadermon. The slime quickly materializes into the form of Bebimon. The mutant looks up to the heavens and senses out the departing digimon.

"I've found you…"

With that said, the mutant powers up and flies up with tremendous speed. He bursts through the heavens and the atmosphere. Bebimon found himself outside of the digital world's atmosphere and found a spaceship passing by the planet. A devious smirk formed on the mutant's face and he makes a jet-line towards the spaceship.

"Time to lure out those pests. This ship shall do nicely."

Elsewhere within digital space

The ships set off on the journey back towards the eastern sector of the digital universe. Their assignment task was complete and the four black digital cores were recovered.

Within their spaceship, Max and Tai kept their eye on the black digital cores. Tai's eyes were practically glazed over. Max picked up a digital core and examined it.

"So, are you sure these things will help restore your dad's age?" Keke asked Max.

"That's what I hear. These digicores grant you wishes. They've even managed to bring dead people back to life."

"Eww, that's just creepy."

"Don't worry about that. They don't come back as zombies or anything," Tai chuckled. "I have yet to kick the bucket."

"Have you really made up your mind by staying in that child form?" Kari asked. "I don't know if anyone would believe that an eleven-year kid is actually my older brother."

"Well, weirder things have happened," replied Gatomon. "Like when Tai offered Gosenzomon a chance to molest Mimi to help save the digital universe."

"Whoa… Whoa! You still remember that?!" Tai exclaimed. "I really hoped that you guys would have forgotten about that."

"I still can't believe you actually did that," Rika said.

"Pervert," Renamon muttered under a cough.

"Um, what's molest, Takato?" Guilmon asked.

"I'll tell you in a few years. You wouldn't understand."

"Hey, check it out! Takuya and the others are following us out," Agumon said.

"Good, that way they won't end up getting lost in space," said Max. "Hey, what are you doing, Davis?"

Max turns to find Davis and Veemon plopped onto a couch sleeping. Davis was practically snoring as loud as a volcano. Everyone covered their ears, until Renamon picks up a can of soda and hurls it towards Davis' forehead. Davis quickly sits up and panics.

"Whoa! What happened?! Who the hell hit me?"

"That ought to keep him awake."

"Hey, was it my snoring?" Davis asked.

"Geez, my dad and Davis should tag team to become the Snore Brothers," Max thought.

"Are we almost there yet?" Veemon asked while wiping his tired eyes.

"No, we still have long ways to go," Tai said. "Don't worry. We'll get there. Let's just hope nothing manages to interrupt our trip home."

Just as he said that, the ship's alarm started to go off and a specific pinpoint was detected on the computer grid. Agumon checks it over and looks towards the screen. There was a ship being detected near a burning star.

"You guys! You have to check this out. There's a wrecked ship in the middle of nowhere!" Agumon exclaimed.

"So, did you guys also get that warning?" a voice similar to Takuya spoke through a transmission.

"Takuya? What's going on out there?" Kari asked as she sat up front of the ship's controls.

"I don't know, but our ship's alarm went off and it was picking up some sort of energy signal coming from that ship."

"There seems to be some sort of life form still within that ship," another voice spoke and it belonged to Zoe.

"How much damage was inflicted on that ship?" asked Tai.

"We're not sure, but it looked like some tiny meteor impacts damaged the ship. We have to check this out and save whoever is within that ship."

"I'm right with you on this one, Takuya," Tai spoke. "Tell you what. We'll head over towards that ship and check it out."

"Cool. We'll meet you over there. Over and out."

Without any hesitation, Tai grabs several spacesuits from a hatchet door and tosses them on the floor. Kari and Max turn to find a pair of spacesuits in front of then, including one of suitable size for Max.

"How many of us do you want to accompany you?" Kari asked.

"As many as possible, though it would be best if some of you can stick around and guard the ship. Takato. Max. Davis. You guys want to come along?"

"Sure, you know we're there!" Davis exclaimed. "Right, Veemon?"

"As long as we don't have to sit around."

"Perfect. What do you say, Takato? Are you up for another moment of adventure?"

"Are you kidding me? Adventure is my middle name!"

Listening to Takato's comments, Rika covers her face in embarrassment and grumbles to herself. Renamon couldn't help but chuckle towards her partner.

"Takato, you just had to say it. That's what you get for hanging around too long with Davis and Tai."

"Ok, Kari. I'm leaving you girls here to stay to guard the ship. I hope I'm not being a male pig here."

"Don't worry, Tai. You guys just go and save that passenger," Gatomon said. "We'll take care of ourselves."

"We'll even pilot the ship and make sure you guys aboard safely," Keke said.

"Thanks, Keke," Max stated. "Well, guys. Looks like our job as heroes from far from finished. Though, I was kind of looking forward to getting back home."

"Let's move out!"

As time passes along, Tai's crew were already out of the ship and being dropped off over onto the wrecked ship's open hangar. The ship's doors were damaged by some small meteorites and the heat from the star was starting to take effect on it's overall condition. If Tai and the others are not careful, then they will be burnt to a crisp. They only had a few minutes to rescue the passenger.

"Tai. You guys are going to need to hurry," Kari spoke through Tai's communicator within his suit. "That star is emitting a strong gravitational force, which will pull that ship in. You better hurry and not waste any time."

"Got it. You hear that guys? We can't waste any time. Hell, I should remind myself of that. I'm the guy who takes all the risks."

Tai's crew quickly turned their attention of the wrecked ship towards ship containing Takuya and his friends. Of the six legendary heroes, Takuya, Kouji and Kouichi were the ones who came out to assist.

"Hey, guys! You need our help?" Kouichi said.

"You couldn't just leave us strangling behind," Takuya said.

"Not like we needed it, but we appreciate the assistance," Takato said.

"Ok, there's the wrecked ship. We only have a few minutes to board it, find the lone passenger, make sure that there aren't others aboard and we get the hell out of there."

"Yes, sir!" Davis exclaimed.

"Um, Davis. We're not in the military," Veemon said.

"Well, I had to say something. It's better to say something than to say anything at all."

"Ok, ok. That's enough of that. Let's get going. We're wasting time," Max stated promptly.

"Wait for us!" Davis and Veemon cried out in unison.

The entire male crew, excluding J.P. and Tommy, floated over towards the wrecked ship cautiously. They knew that there would risks. This includes avoiding the star's gravitational force. Anyone pulled in would ultimately become barbeque. Agumon and Guilmon were informed to avoid using their fire-based attacks since they might risk setting off the star's heat.

Agumon and Guilmon clawed through the door's metal covering. Veemon did the honors by headbutting the doors down. Each crewmember floated through the open doorway and found themselves within a hangar. Tai pointed out towards a door leading through a mess hall.

"Geez, this place is mess," said Takuya. "Hey, Tai. Are you sure there's only one passenger aboard?"

"There has to be at least some other survivors," Kouji said.

"Well, the ship was only able to trace one living form within the ship," said Max. "We're not even sure if it is accurate."

After a short conversation, the crew carried on with their mission. They walked down several corridors and into a mess hall. The digimon searched out the area to pick up the scent of any surviving passengers. Unfortunately, they weren't able to pick up a trace of anyone.

"Tai. We're not getting anything from here," Agumon said.

"What about you, Guilmon?" Takato asked his red partner. "You have the best nose. I bet you were able to pick up a scent."

"Um, sorry, Takato. I wasn't able… Huh?!"

Just then, Guilmon was able to pick up a scent of a digimon. He went running through a nearby corridor. Takato and the others eventually followed the crimson digimon. Once Guilmon put his nose onto something, then there would be no stopping him.

"Geez, you need to put him on a leash!" Takuya commented.

"Once Guilmon has his nose on something, then there is no stopping him," Veemon said.

"I hope you're leading us into the right direction," Takato said.

"I hope he doesn't lead us into some sort of snack bar," replied Max. "Though, I wouldn't mind a bite of a chocolate bar."

"Yeah. Me, too. But we have stay serious," Agumon said.

"I found it! I found it!" exclaimed Guilmon.

"What did you find, Guilmon?" Takato asked. "I hope you didn't lead us to a snack machine."

"Nah, but if you hurry then you'll be surprised."

With that said, the crew walked over to where Guilmon was pointing to. The sighed with relief as they found a person lying on a bed. Tai and Max walk over towards the bed to lift the individual up. The person had blue skin, green Mohawk hair and was wearing an orange space jumpsuit. His face was decorated from cuts and bruises as a result of the damage inflicted onto the ship.

"Good job, boy," Takato said. "I'll be sure to reward you once we get back to the ship."

"Yay! You're the best best, Takato!"

"Hey, are you okay buddy?" Tai said to the lone passenger.

However, he wasn't getting a response from the passenger. He was completely unconscious, but his heart was still beating. There was still a glimmer of hope for the passenger. Guilmon and the others could not find the scent of other passengers. He is indeed the sole survivor of the wrecked ship.

Suddenly, there was a sudden eruption from the right side of the ship. It seemed the star's gravitational forces was starting to drag the ship towards its scorching surface.

"Crap! We better get out of here!" Davis cried out. "This ship is about to be dragged into that star!"

"Right. Unless you guys don't want to become barbeque, you better haul ass!" Tai exclaimed.

"You don't have to tell us that twice!" Takuya responded.

The crew started retreating through the corridors and towards the hangar. Tai found the busted door and led his team through it. One by one, they found themselves outside of the wrecked ship and looked up to find their own.

"There's our tickets home," said Kouji said.

"Ok, guys. This is probably going to be the toughest part of this mission," Tai said. "Now listen. Takuya. Kouji. Kouichi. Are you guys able to spirit evolve in space?"

"Well, we did battle Lucemon outside of the Digital World. So, to be fair, we should be able to," Takuya said. "It's a risk we're willing to take."

"Ok. I want you to take this guy and place him within our ship," Tai said. "After that, Kouji and Kouichi will take each of us back to the ship."

"Got it. You hear that guys? We don't have time to lose," said Takuya. "Execute…"

"Spirit Evolution!!" the trio exclaimed in unison.

After calling upon the power of their respective spirits, the boys found themselves transformed into their warrior forms. Agunimon, Lobomon and Loweemon floated in their places. To her satisfaction, they had no problems about surviving in space without oxygen. In fact, any digimon can survive outside of their atmosphere.

"Ok, I'm taking this little guy with me," Agunimon said while Tai handed him the unconscious lone survivor.

"Shouldn't your digimon survive in space?" Lobomon asked.

"Well, it never came to our attention," Takato said.

"Besides we had to be sure. That's why I asked you," Tai replied. "Okay, Max. I want you, Davis and Veemon to go with Kouichi. Kouji will lend a hand to Takato and Guilmon."

"What about you and Agumon, dad?"

"Don't worry. We'll follow ahead last. Agumon will digivolve into War Greymon and fly us towards the ship."

"Be careful."

"Hey, aren't I always, Max?"

As soon as Lobomon carried off Guilmon and Takato, Loweemon tagged along with Max, Davis and Veemon. Left behind were Tai and Agumon. They were planning to go on ahead as the last individuals. Tai nods over to Agumon.

"Let's do it, Agumon."

"You got it. Agumon warp shinka!!"

Within a matter of moments, Agumon evolved into a massive, armored warrior with clawed gauntlets. War Greymon immediately snatches Tai around his arms and soars up towards their boarding ship. Suddenly, the mega was beginning to be pulled by the magnetic force the star was emitting. War Greymon struggled tightly as Agunimon flies out to grab the mega's hand.

"Agunimon!" Tai exclaimed.

"Don't worry, guys! I've got you!" Agunimon cried out.

"War Greymon! Time to boost it up!"

"Here goes nothing!"

With that said, War Greymon boosts up his power and quickly pushes himself forward into their ship. Agunimon sighs a relief and flies over towards his boarding ship. Tai was flung across the inside of the ship and lands on top of Takato. War Greymon quickly de-digivolves back to Agumon.

"Whoa! How about a little warning next time?" Takato remarked.

"Sorry, about that. I wasn't aware that I was going to end up like this," replied Tai.

"Everything is clear to go," Kari replied. "Takuya and the others are fine."

"Hey, check it out you guys!" Max pointed out towards the wrecked ship. "It's getting pulled into that star!"

The crew viewed the scene as the wrecked ship was immediately being pulled directly into the star. They were astonished but, at the same time, relieved. Tai wiped his forehead.

"It's a good thing we managed to escape intact," Tai said. "Are you guys all right?"

"Never been better!" answered Davis. "Let's do that again, sometime!"

"Davis, to you, everything is fun," Gatomon muttered under her breath.

"You guys! Aren't you forgetting someone? This kid we just saved," Keke said. "I can't believe how thoughtless you can be."

"I was just getting to that," Tai said.

"How is he doing?" asked Max. "Has he managed to regain consciousness?"

"No. I tried everything. I even put a chocolate bar over his nose," the girl replied. "He's going to need some help. Hey, guys. Let's send in a radio transmission to any local planet. There should be a habitable planet with a hospital."

"Haven't you forgotten? This side of the digital cosmos is practically deserted, because of that Lucemon creep," Rika stated. "We haven't been fortunate enough to run into another planet."

"We'd be lucky if there was another planet," stated Kari. "But, I'll do everything I can."

"Be sure to let Takuya and the others know," Agumon said.


The unconscious digimon was laid on a couch with a blanket covering him. Keke stood watch over the helpless child while Max runs to grab a towel soaked with water. He hands it over to Keke.

"Thanks, Max."

"Um, no problem…"

The young girl puts the soaked cloth over the boy's forehead and continues to watch over him. Max sits next to Keke with an exhausted look on his face.

"You feeling all right, Max?"

"Yeah. I'm just a little light headed after that trip from the ship. I'm so glad we rescued this guy."

"I know. It would have been a horrible end for this poor kid. I hope there's a planet with a suitable hospital. He really needs it."

Suddenly, Guilmon hunches over towards the sleeping boy and sniffs him. It seemed something was bothering the crimson reptile, because his eyes were turning viral. Max took notice of this and puts his hand over Guilmon's head.

"What's the matter, Guilmon? It's okay. He's not an enemy."

"Sorry, about that. How is he doing?"

"We won't know until we get him some treatment," Keke replied. "I just hope we're not too late."

"You guys! I just received a call from Takuya!" Kari calls out to the entire crew.

"And? What did he say?" Tai asked.

"He and the others were able to make contact with a planet within this region. It seems that there is another planet within this side of the digital cosmos."

"That's great, Kari. Just let us know about its coordinates," said Takato.

"No problem. I'm right on it."

"That's great news! Isn't it, dad?" Max asked.

Tai nodded with enthusiasm. Max turns his attention over the sleeping boy laid his head onto Keke's shoulder.

"Wake me up when we get there," Max murmured.

"Uh… Um, okay…"

Later, Kari was fortunate to make contact with Takuya and she had received the exact coordinates to the planet known as Yvsera. She was told that it contained the best known health care facility from the western section of the digital cosmos.

"Good," Kari said. "Okay, guys. I'm taking us over to Planet Yvsera! Takuya and the others are going to meet us there. Hang on tight."

"I really hope that they have some good hospital food," Agumon thought.

"Make way for me! Time to raid the cafeteria!" Veemon said in thought with slobber coming down his mouth.

"Please let them have bread! Please let them have bread!" thought Guilmon.

The ships distanced themselves from their long trip and took another turn. This time their next destination was towards an earth-sized planet ahead of them. This was Planet Yvsera. It looked exactly like earth in nature except that it's atmosphere was much more clearer. The ships made their way over through the planet's orbit and slowly plunged through the atmosphere without any delay.

Planet Yvsera. 2:35 P.M. Earth Hours

Within half an hour, the spaceships landed near a launch pad facility. Everyone aboard the ships left. Tai and his crew scurried over towards the health care facility with the injured boy in their custody. Keke and Kari helped to carry the boy over to several available nurses, who were in fact several Lillymon.

"Nurses! We have an emergency! This boy is in need of care!" Keke calls out.

"Oh, so you were the people who contacted us just over an hour ago," one of the nurses spoke up.

"Yes! We're the ones!" Kari said.

"Can you ladies please take him inside? I don't know how long he's going to pull through without medical attention," Zoe said.

"Don't worry. You can leave everything to us," the nurses replied.

The crew handed the boy over to the nurses. A cart was being pulled in and the boy was placed onto the cart. With the boy being tended to by the nurses, both crew teams were told to wait in the lobby area.

"Hello, nurses!" Veemon whistled.

"Veemon. Are you trying to embarrass me?" Davis whispered. "Keep it down…"

"I can't help it if they're total babes."

"Ugh, digi-men," Gatomon muttered.

"Remind me to never get into a relationship," replied Renamon.

"Hey, Guilmon! I say we go raid the cafeteria!" Agumon said.

"Yeah! I'm getting pretty hungry!"

"Hey, don't you think it's been a while since we've had a good meal?" Davis asked.

"I'm pretty much starving myself," said Takato.

"You're right. It wouldn't hurt passing some time in the cafeteria," Kari said.

"You know I'm there!" Tai exclaimed and ran towards the cafeteria doorways without hesitation.

"Wait for me, dad!" Max calls out.

"Like father, like son, they are so alike," said Rika. "But, I have to admit. I could go for some food."

"It's settled then. We're raiding the cafeteria!" Takuya exclaimed. "Um, where did JP go?"

"He and Tommy just beat us there," Zoe answered.

"Oh, hell no! I call dibs on the ice cream!" Takuya exclaimed.

"Excuse me, everyone!" a sluggish voice calls out.

Everyone turned around to find an Ogremon in a doctor's outfit. Tai and Agumon quickly recognized his face. They took a step back.

"Whoa! It's Ogremon! So, have you disguised yourself as a doctor to get your revenge on us?!" Tai calls out.

"Yeah! You were planning to attack us when our guards are down!" Agumon replied in defense.

"Whoa. Whoa. I don't even know you two. There must be some misunderstanding. I've been a doctor in this facility for a long time."

"You guys. This isn't the same Ogremon," Kari said. "Take it easy."

"Damn, but he looks like that creep Ogremon. Sorry for the mix-up, doc," Tai said.

"You told me about Ogremon from File Island," Max said. "Are you sure it's not the same one?"

"Unless he hit his head really hard, lost his memory, traveled to his planet by ship and took a career in medical care, then no. This isn't the same Ogremon," Gatomon replied.

"I'm sorry if I happened to have startled you, but are you the ones who brought that injured boy?"

"Yes, we are," Kari replied.

"Ok, then. I have some good news. He's in the recovery room as we speak. He should do fine, but he will need plenty of bed rest. I can ensure you that we are the best medical facility within the digital cosmos. He will be taken care of."

"Thanks for everything, doc," Tai said. "Are we welcome to eat at your cafeteria while you guys check on the boy's condition?"

"Yes, you are more than welcome to…"

"YIPEE!!" the boys cheered as they scurried off towards the cafeteria.

Ogremon and the female crew were left behind with dumbfounded looks.

"Sorry about that, doc. They always get like that when they're hungry," replied Rika.

"If you excuse us, we'll be joining them," Kari said with a bow.

"Um… Yes… Enjoy the meals…"

With that said, Ogremon walks away and scratched his head in surprise. He was still a bit taken back by Tai and Agumon's sudden outrage.

"Do these humans always react to faces like this? Maybe I ought to have my face rearranged. No, then I'll end up on one of those crappy digi-reality shows…"

Recovery Room. 4:05 P.M.

Meanwhile, a Floramon nurse was checking on the boy's heart rate through the infirmary's computer. The boy's heart level was steady for the time being, since he was in a resting state. She quickly turns her attention away and washes her hands.

As the nurse was preoccupied, the boy's eyes quickly opened and they emitted a light purple glow. He quickly sat up from his bed and scanned the area. The nurse took notice of this and calls out to him.

"Young man. You shouldn't be sitting like that. You need to get some rest."

The boy turns around and gives off a creepy smile. The nurse stood frightened and watched as the boy's eyes sent an invisible force wave. This caused the computer screens to shatter and the equipment to malfunction. The nurse runs out of the room as the entire room was destroyed in the process.

"Help me!! We have a situation!! Emergency!!" the nurse shrieks in horror.

Just before they headed towards the cafeteria, Kari and the girls watched as the nurse ran out. They were even more shocked as flames came shooting out from the hallways.

"Oh my god! What the hell just happened here?!" Kari exclaimed.

"Renamon! Check it out!" Rika ordered her partner into action.

"I'm on it!"

"Time to blow out these flames!" Zoe calls out. "Execute! Spirit Evolution!!"

With that said, Zoe became engulfed by a lavender barrier and was transformed into the ever sultry Kazemon.


"Gatomon! You go and lend Renamon a hand!" Kari said.

"You got it!"

"I just hope that boy didn't get caught in that explosion," Rika said.

"Don't worry. Our partners are on the move. Zoe is going to be there to help them," Kari assured the teen.

As soon as Kazemon and Renamon reached the emergency room, the boy was seen lying on the ground. He seemed to have lost consciousness due to the smoke. Gatomon crawls over and drags the boy away from the flames. Within moments, a group of Honeybeemon rushed in with a Shellmon. The aquatic behemoth did his part by extinguishing the fire with his water-based elements.

"Whew, that was relief," Kazemon said. "Is the kid all right?"

"He'll be fine, but that smoke really knocked him out. We have to let the doctor know right away!"

"Just leave that to me," Renamon replied.

The yellow vulpine vanished out from sight and searches the hospital for the doctor. Kari and Rika surveyed the area to make sure every known digimon were safe from harm's way.

"My god. I am so glad everyone is fine," Kari said. "Gatomon! We have to get the kid to another emergency room!"

"Renamon is out looking for the doc. Don't worry. He'll be well taken care of," replied Kazemon.

"C'mon, Kari. Let's let the guys know about…"

"Know about the situation?" Takato's voice spoke out from the crowd.

"Takato?! Did you hear everything about the accident?" Rika asked.

"Know about it? We heard the explosion. Guilmon and the digimon sensed a heavy vibration coming from this point."

"Is everyone all right?" Tai asked.

"We're fine, but this kid really needs help. I barely pulled him out of that emergency room," said Gatomon.

"That's a relief. We still haven't gotten our fills, but this was an emergency," Takuya said.

Just then, there was slight whimpering and the source was directly from the Floramon nurse. This was the exact nurse, who tended to the injured boy's care. She started to claim that the boy was possessed. Agumon overheard this and took it to consideration.

"What is she so worked up about?"

"It was horrible! The boy… Something possessed that boy… It caused… it…"

"What is she talking about? Something is not right here."Agumon said in thought.

"What's the matter, Agumon?" a concerned Max questioned the reptile digimon.

"That nurse. Something must have riled her up from that explosion. I can't explain it though. This was obviously no accident."

"Then, could Bebimon have found us by now? Dad claimed that he was a goner, but I'm not so sure about that," the boy thought.

As soon as Max's thoughts were interuppted, Ogremon came rushing to the scene with Renamon. He kneeled over to place the boy in a wheel chair provided by another nurse. The boy still seemed to be completely unconscious.

"Thank you for warning me! Who could have caused this accident?" Ogremon wondered. "I thank you, kind humans. PLease, help yourselves at our cafeteria. It's the largest on the planet and the only facility to find a good place to eat."

"You mean you don't have any restaurants?!" JP asked frantically.

"I'm afraid not," a Lillymon nurse spoke. "But this facility has the best known chefs on the planet. You won't be disappointed. You'll find that we have the largest meal selections."

"That's good to know," Veemon said. "Now we can really raid their cafeteria, Davis!"

"You said it. I'm already slobbering just thinking about their food selections."

"Control yourselves, you two," Gatomon said.

"Please, leave this child with us. We'll be sure to take care of him. Don't be shy. The food court is available at any time," the nurse stated.

"Thank you for your hospitality!" the crew said in unison.

As soon as the crew turned towards the cafeteria area, the boy slowly lifted his head and opened his eyes. He could barely remember what had happened to him a few moments ago. Ogremon was carting the boy towards a room reserved for one patient. He could hardly believe that he was saved from certain disaster in space and brought into a safe environment, such as the one he was in now.

"It's all right, boy. You're in good hands," the doctor said.

"I'm… in good hands?" the boy wondered.

Suddenly, a slight vibration pressed against the boy's chest and his mind was being overtaken. The presence of Bebimon was overwhelming the boy. He slightly chuckled under his breath and his voice became rasp-like.

"Ha. These fools don't realize that it is I who is borrowing this helpless lad's body. It's only a matter of time before I make my move towards those insolent humans. I'll take over any one of their digimon's bodies."

The doctor placed the boy onto his resting bed and covered him with his sheets. The boy reached over towards doctor's laboratory coat and held tightly.

"What's the matter, son?"

"Sir, where are those children. You know the ones who saved me…"

"They are in our cafeteria. Would you like for me to inform them on your condition?"

"Yes, as a matter of fact… Why don't I come along?!"

Suddenly, the boy's voice transformed with a deep, sinister tone and his eyes were emitting a crimson glow. He snatches the doctor by his throat and started to squeeze the life right out of him.

"What… are you… doing?!"

"I'm transferring myself into your body. Now this won't hurt too much, doc…"

With that said, Bebimon emerged from the boy's mouth as a silvery liquid substance and attached himself onto the doctor. Ogremon thrashed about as Bebimon seethed through his skin. The creature began to manifest himself within Ogremon and completely taken him over. The boy collapsed onto his bed, while Ogremon walked out from the room. He turns his attention over towards the cafeteria and smirked.

"Finally, now it's time to get a little retribution. Prepare yourselves, humans."

Earth. Outskirts of the Shinjuku District

The situation with Bebimon may be far from finished, but there was another issue that was left unresolved. It was the mystery behind Cyberdramon. It was hinted that a great force was plaguing Cyberdramon and seemed to have renewed interest in revealing itself. What could be this unforgiving force that holds possession of Cyberdramon's own well-being?

Fortunately, the Tamer of this ominous beast has been extra cautious and planned on investigating this matter on his own. Much to his efforts, he has been unsuccessful in finding out the truth. Cyberdramon still remained a mystery to him for years.

His train of thoughts was quickly interrupted as a voice came calling out. Ryo turned to find Ken walking out from the open.

"Ken? How did you find us?"

"Well, you aren't too difficult to find? Plus, Wormmon was able to track down your partner."

"So, you're really coming along with your training as a detective."

"You could say that."

"I know you didn't come here to tell me that, did you?"

"Unfortunately, no. I'm curious to know."


"It mainly has something to do with Cyberdramon. Tell me. Have you been getting some awfully weird dreams recently?"

"Weird dreams?"

"I visualized myself as a boy and there was another boy. He looked exactly like you, Ryo. I said to myself that it was merely just a coincidence. But now I know that it wasn't. That boy looked like you, Ryo."

Ryo couldn't understand what Ken was telling him. He has never had any dreams with himself and Ken. He barely even knew Ken during the time of the D-Reaper crisis five years ago. Ryo's memories remained cloudy without any trace or images of the dream Ken mentioned.

"No, Ken. I haven't. Why do you ask?"

"Because it might have something to do with Cyberdramon."

"With Cyberdramon?"

"Yes. I don't know what it is, but Cyberdramon seems to know what I'm talking about. Isn't that right? Cyberdramon?"

Ken turns his attention over to Cyberdramon, but the ultimate didn't seem to notice the soon to be detective. Wormmon crawls over towards the behemoth and attempts to communicate with him. Cyberdramon simply did not want to answer any questions and remained still.

"He sure knows how to start a conversation," Wormmon said cynically.

"Let's leave him alone, Wormmon," Ken said. "Obviously, he doesn't feel like giving us any straight answers. Ryo, just make sure to keep an eye on him."

"I'll do what I can. Sorry about that. Cyberdramon usually doesn't like being confronted with questions."

"It's all right. I'm sure something will come up. We'll see you later, Ryo."

"Bye, Ken."

As soon as Ken and Wormmon disappeared from sight, Cyberdramon turned and sighed deeply. Ryo walked over and picked up a stone. He threw it across a nearby puddle, which diverted Cyberdramon's attention. The beast growled deeply while several thoughts clouded his enigmatic mind.

"That was close. That young man with the Wormmon was getting way too suspicious. Yes, I remember the face of the young man. He looked exactly like the boy who accompanied Ryo. It's only a matter of time. I shall break free of his shell and release myself once and for all. Then I shall challenge the warrior named Omega X. He had better prove to be a worth opponent. He will know the true meaning of true and destruction. The winds of fate are changing, warrior… Our eventual meet shall come…"

Cyberdramon looked up towards the heavens as a small wind brushed against his face. Ryo sat next to his partner and closed his eyes. Rest was what these two needed after the hassle Cyberdramon has endured recently.

However, they weren't the ones who helped volunteer to search for the remaining black digicores. It was a good thing that they didn't go, since Cyberdramon's antics would cause a distraction for the crew. Besides, they were unaware that their newest enemy, Bebimon, was waiting in the lurks.

Western Digital Cosmos. Planet Yvsera. 5:05 P.M. Earth Hours

Back on Planet Yvsera, the situation was beginning to take another turn for the worst. Unaware of his arrival, Tai and his crew were carelessly munching away at the cafeteria. They were unaware of Bebimon's presence and had no defense against such an invisible enemy. Even the digimon had trouble seeking out Bebimon's ki.

"Oh man! That was some good food!" Takuya said. "This is better than some of the crap from our hospitals."

"Did you get your fills, Max?" Tai asked.

"You bet. Let's be thankful Tike and Kara stayed home."

"How come?" Tommy asked.

"Well, they would have practically put this cafeteria out of business. They could eat and eat for hours."

"Plus, they don't have very good manners," Keke said.

"Ah, I just ate twelve plates!" Zoe said. "How about another?"

"How about not? I can't imagine how big our bill is going to come to," Kouji muttered.

"That's it! Zoe stays to wash the dishes!" the boys exclaimed.

"Over my dead body!" the blonde girl cries out.

"The bill is on us," the doctor's voice was heard from a distance.

"Oh, hey there, doc!" Takato said. "So, our food was for free?"

"After the heroic acts you displayed saving our patients, I felt that you humans earned it," the doctor replied.

"It was nothing really," Kari said. "But we thank you for your hospitality."

"Yes, that's all and well. By the way, I overheard one of you were interested in our nursing facilities."

"That would be me," Kari said.

"How about I give you a tour of our entire facility?"

"That would be great. C'mon, Gatomon. This ought to be fun."

"Hold on. Let me finish this last piece of pie."

"Oh, you and your appetite," Kari muttered.

"Perfect. I sense an enormous amount of power from that Gatomon. I'll take her body."

"Um, sir. We're ready for that tour."

"Oh, right this way ladies," the doctor spoke. "This way."

Ogremon led Kari and Gatomon down a long hallway out from the cafeteria. They were being leading down towards the nursing section of the hospital. Max felt rather uneasy about the situation.

"Dad. We should keep an eye on the doc. Agumon and I have been getting some strange vibes. It's been making us uncomfortable."

"Are you sure, Max? He didn't seem too bad. Remember, this is not the same Ogremon from File Island. You're worrying too much."

"No, he's right. I was feeling a rather weird energy signal from the doctor," replied Agumon. "I say we go and check on them. Let's just be on the safe side."

"Ok, if it makes you two happy. Let's go guys. We're following the doc," Tai said. "Besides, we're not going to gain anything just by sitting here."

"Um, sure," Takato replied. "But, why should we follow the doc?"

"Because there's something about the doc that's troubling us," Max said. "We'll explain later. C'mon, let's go. Aunt Kari could be in possible danger."

Nursing Facility

Screams were echoing from within the nursing facility. Those cries were coming from Kari. The young woman was seen being pressed against the wall as Ogremon snatched her by the throat. Gatomon leaped up and started biting away at the doctor's face.

"Let her go, bastard!" Gatomon hissed.

"What's the… meaning of this?" Kari asked under small breaths. "Why are you attacking me?"

"Because you have something I need," the doctor's voice spoke in a sinister. "Remember me, human?"

The girl's eyes widened as she looked back to Bebimon. She remembered that same vile creature, who emerged from his slumber on M-5. She even remembered Max hinting on Bebimon surviving the encounter. She even doubted her own nephew. Now she regretted ever doubting Max. Bebimon emerged through the doctor's skin and let his body drop to the floor. Bebimon maintained his tight grip on the helpless girl. Her face was now turning a pink fade color.

"You're not the doctor! You're an imposter! What have you done to the doctor?! I should have listened to Max. How could I let such a dark force slip past me? How can I be so stupid?"

"Your own stupidity will cost your life. After I crush your throat and leave you for dead, I'm going to take over your partner's body."

"Over my dead body!" Gatomon cries out. "Let her go!"

"If you wanted a dead body, then you should have simply just asked politely!" Bebimon hissed. "One dead body coming up…"

"Pepper Breath/Pyro Sphere/Pyro Tornado!!"

Suddenly, Bebimon was met with an array of fire-based attacks from the digimon themselves. The creature was sent sailing back, until Veemon came out of nowhere.

"V-Head butt!!"

The blue dragon rookie nails Bebimon with a massive headshot, which knocked the creature backwards. Bebimon lands hard, but manages to recover. He sat up facing the entire crew. Among them, Tai, Takato, Davis and Agunimon stood at the front center.

"What? But how did you know?"

"Our digimon are not stupid, Bebimon," Takato spoke out. "They were able to pick up your energy signal."

"It's no use trying to hide within a helpless digimon's body," Tai said. "You can thank my son and digimon friend for that. They sensed you out."

"Those two?! Damn them!" cursed Bebimon.

"So, why don't you just surrender? We have you surrounded," Davis threatened. "You can't beat all of us at once."

"We'll see about that incompetent human! I will not fail!" Bebimon screamed.

With that said, Bebimon quickly transmuted his body into a liquid substance and pounces up towards the ceiling. The crew stood their ground as Bebimon came plummeting down. He went to attack the digimon without any hesitation. Unfortunately, his attack backfired as Agumon leaped up and fire another Pepper Breath. The fire blast had enough force to blast Bebimon into liquid fragments. Each fragment plopped onto the ground and pieced themselves back together. Bebimon was eventually reformed.

"That was a nice try, pal. You almost had us worried there, but you're going to have to come up with better strategy. If Agumon can take you down now, I can't imagine what everyone of our digimon will do to you," Tai said.

"We're giving you another chance to surrender," Agunimon said. "Or else we're going to barbeque your ass."

"I can't believe he actually survived," Keke said. "I thought we wasted him."

"This gives you another reason to never underestimate our enemy," replied Max.

"Ugh, I can't stand looking at this guy. He sickens me," Zoe said.

"This little squirt is supposed to possess the most threatening force in the digital cosmos? Give me break. I've seen hamsters more menacing than this guy," JP muttered.

"You'll regret your comments, human!"

Suddenly, the creature found himself surrounded by the digimon. They were preparing to attack Bebimon before he has a chance to snatch a body. Agumon and Guilmon prepared to summon their fire attacks.

"This is your last chance, Bebimon. Surrender or die! Better yet. You put your hands on my sister. I won't forgive you for that. Waste this punk," Tai said.

Just then, Bebimon had seen enough and quickly emitted a blinding flash of light from his very own eyes. This caught the digimon by surprise and thus quickly blinded their visions. Followed by that, Bebimon unleashed a powerful energy wave, which scattered everyone across the entire room. Gatomon bumped hard against a doorpost and caused a deep cut to form on her right arm.

"Gatomon!" Kari calls out. "You're cut!"

"Don't worry. It's just a little scratch…"

"Perfect! This is now my chance!"

With those thoughts in mind, Bebimon transmuted into a silver liquid puddle and slivered over towards Gatomon. The creature quickly seethed through Gatomon's cut and quickly overtaken her body. Kari rushes over towards her fallen friend.

"Gatomon! Are you all right?!"

"Aunt Kari! Get away from her!" Max calls out.

"Too late!" Gatomon chuckled.

The feline digimon leaped up and slashed at Kari. Tai rushes over and pushes Kari aside. Gatomon looks over and fires an energy beam from her own eyes. Agumon and Guilmon were able to intercept the blast by leaping out in front of their friends. Renamon phases behind Gatomon and picks her up.

"Unhand me, now! I'll kill you!!"

"I don't think so. Set Gatomon free monster," Renamon said.

"Please, don't kill her!" Kari cried out.

"Don't worry. It won't come down to that. Trust me," Rika said.

"Lighting Claw!!" Gatomon cries out.

The feline was successful by slashing Renamon and delviers an elbow to her face. Gatomon leaps away and prepares for another offensive assault.

"Now to end this… What? What are you doing?! You can't take control of your body!"

Suddenly, Gatomon started to tremble and grasped herself tightly. She unleashed a horrifying scream, which caused the every form of glass to shatter. The digimon watched as Gatomon was attempting to fight off Bebimon from out of her body.

"Get out of my body, Bebimon!! I will not be under your control!!"

With that said, Gatomon's body emitted a bright pink aura and thus forced Bebimon out. The light was able to overcome the darkness. Bebimon found himself vulnerable without a body to possess.

"No! She resisted me! I'm not even strong enough to control a high tier champion level? No matter. I'll continue to possess other lower level life forms to collect more energy. Now I must find some means to escape."

With luck, Bebimon traced a nearby ventilation door and quickly fired an energy blast through the vent door. He immediately made his way through and disappeared into the vent systems. The digimon were the first to find out where the creature had escaped.

"Tai! He's escaped through the ventilation system! I say we spread out and try to find his whereabouts!" Agumon said.

"Right! You heard him, everyone! Let's spread out. If you see him, don't attack him. There's no point giving your body away for him."

"You heard the man, you guys," Takato said. "Let's move out! C'mon!"

"Are you going to be okay, Aunt Kari?" asked Max.

Kari slowly sits up from the floor and lifted Gatomon in her arms. She nods in reply to her nephew's answer.

"C'mon! If we catch him, then we can put a stop to his crazy antics!" Keke calls out.

"Hopefully, he hasn't already possessed another body by now," Tai said in thought.

Outside of the Medical Facility. Near a Trailmom Station

A local Trailmon station was near the medical facility. Takato, Rika and their partners ran out to find a large number of digimon waiting in line for their train stop.

"Ugh! He's gotten away!" Rika said. "Are you able to pick up his presence, Renamon?"

"No. He's hiding his energy signal. There is no way we will find him at this point," the vulpine said.

"We should get back and inform Tai on the situation. This really bites," Takato stated.

"We'll get him next time, Takato. I promise," Guilmon said to his partner.

"I know. We'll get him next time."

Meanwhile, a Worm Trailmon came passing by the Tamers and started to slow down towards its official stop. A large number of digimon passengers started to gather inside the train. Unknown to them, Bebimon had taken over the body of a Swanmon. The possessed digimon boarded the train and proceeded to sit at a seat.

"All aboard! We're now going to be passing through the human realm in order to take a passage through those digital portals. Our destined stop will be over to the Digital World of the Western sector! So, um, buckle up. Yeah… Screw it… Off we go!!"

The Worm Trailmon closed its doors and started moving out towards the distance. The next stop was a long way from Planet Yvsera. The Tamers and Digi-Destined failed to locate Bebimon. Now Bebimon has his sights set on the human realm.

"Yes, the human realm shall be my next stop. I'll simply possess everyone aboard this Trailmon and gather as much energy available. Maybe if I were to go to the human realm, I would draw out the attention of those human idiots. That goes double for that damn Taichi boy. Ah, Earth. It shall be my newest nest to build my hive."

Laughter echoed from within the Swanmon. The Swanmon proceeded to attack every other digimon aboard. Bebimon emerged from the Swanmon and began to infest every digimon body available. Screams were heard abroad, even though the Trailmon didn't bother noticing.

"What's with all the screaming? Jeez, it's not like it's a damn roller coaster. Oh well. At least I enjoy what I do best. Trailmon just don't get respect from their customers these days."

Outside of the Medical Facility

Tai and his entire crew met up over outside of the medical facility. Each party had failed to find Bebimon. Takato informed Tai about the conditions of the doctor and the boy. It seemed they were still in good health despite being infected by Bebimon. Kari helped to treat Gatomon's wounds with some success.

"Damn, we let slip by! Don't worry, guys. Next time, he won't be so lucky," Tai said.

"So, what now? Are we leaving this planet to get back home?" Takuya asked.

"Duh," Zoe remarked. "I can't wait tog et back home."

"First we have to go and see Azulongmon," replied Agumon. We'll inform him on our successful mission and he'll be sure to let Shintomon that we captured the four black digicores."

"Shucks and I was just about to go for seconds at that cafeteria," Davis said.

"Davis. Let's get serious here! That thing almost tried to take over Gatomon. Just be glad Veemon was lucky not to be infected," Kari snapped. "Sorry, I shouldn't have snapped… I can't forgive Bebimon for this."

"Don't worry. If he has any guts, he'll show himself once we get back home," Tai said.

"We'll be ready to kick his tail. Right, dad?" Max asked.

"You can count on it. You hear that, Bebimon?! We're coming for you!"

Trailmon Trip towards Earth's Realm

Bebimon had already absorbed every ounce of energy from each digimon passenger. Trailmon was unaware of the situation at hand. He continued his passageway through the digital portal into the Earth realm. Bebimon sat on a chair with a sinister smirk.

"Finally, my stop is here. I reckon this is the passage through Earth's realm? Stop to depart from this vessel!"

Bebimon opened up a window and quickly leaps off. Despite the fast pace the Trailmon was traveling, Bebimon landed on a train stop with little effort. He looked about with curiosity. He was now within a train stop within the Shinjuku District. This was the exact same area where Santiramon, the snake deva, attacked many innocent lives.

"Yes, this shall be my new home. Now to find another body to help replenish my energy. Once I gather as much power from any available digimon, then I'll seek out the strongest digimon and take over his body. Won't Taichi be surprised to know that I've decided to infest his own planet?! Ha! I can already savor victory!"

Now with Bebimon on Earth, can our heroes make it home in time to stop him? Who does Bebimon plan on infecting next?

[Digimon Frontier ending theme "Innocent –Mujaki na Mama de-"]


Tai: Hey, everyone! It's, Tai! While we make our way over towards Azulongmon's realm, it seems Bebimon has decided to invade our home! What a creep!

Max: Our friends are in serious trouble if they end up getting infected by Bebimon! Look out, those bio-merged digimon are with Bebimon!

Henry: Why are these digimon attacking us? Something is seriously wrong here.

Terriermon: You're telling me! These digimon have a bad case of in stigmatism.

TK: Just, who are you?!"

Bebimon: Ah, so you're allies with Taichi. This is the perfect opportunity to possess you!

Tike: Dad?! What's happening to you?!

Bebimon: I have possessed your father, boy. Now tell me where I can find the strongest warrior on this planet!

Takato: This is a disaster! We can't let Bebimon infect our planet!

Rika: Next episode entitled…

Bebimon Arrives on Earth! Look Out Everyone!

Takuya: We'll help to stop Bebimon, Tai!

Tai: Thanks guys.

Bebimon: You'll need more than more friends to stop me!

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