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Kanius: Again, we come back with another installment of the D-Frontier Bebimon series! Bebimon may have been defeated from the last chapter, but another conflict occurs. What can our heroes do before their own planet detonates?! What will be the fate of Lady Moinanea?! You will have just have to find out in this breath-taking conclusion to the Bebimon Saga!

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Earth's Fate at Hand! Lady Moinanea's Decision!

Kamiya Residence

Ever since the startling revelation made by Shintomon and Lady Moinanea, the Digi-Destined and the Tamers were told to gather at the Kamiya residence. There was reconstruction being done to the areas that was devastated by Bebimon's rampage.

Tai sat down on the couch while everyone else were discussing the issues dealing with earth's fate. They only have two weeks until the planet detonates. The Digi-Destined leader has never been in such a tight dilemma as where he was currently at now. He's defeated many terrifying villains, but never in a situation where he would have to tell the entire world that their planet would be gone in short time.

"Ok, let's all calm down, everyone," Sora pleaded. "I know we're in a tight situation."

"You damn right we are!" Mimi panicked. "Now I won't be able to finish my modeling career and my daily day time programming!"

"Oh, mom. You're embarrassing me," Keke muttered. "Dad, what do you think?"

"I don't know about you, but we should tell the entire world. They have to know the dilemma we're dealing with. If they can't handle it, we'll just stuff their butts into the spaceship we used to get back."

"There's a problem with your idea, Matt. We won't have enough time to evacuate every human to the Planet Plant," Izzy stated.

"We only have two weeks. I'm sure we'll find everyone with Tai's Time Warp. Am I right, pal?"

"That ought to work. I think that's the only valuable solution other than using the spaceship."

"There's another problem," said Kari. "We have to make the people believe us or they'll think that we're making up stories."

"After everything we've been through the years?! I mean earth has dealt with a crazy artificial and a deletion program!" Davis exclaimed. "You'd figured that they would have not cared about threats anymore?"

"Good question. Our home planet has been under constant threats," TK implied. "It stems all the way back to Myotismon."

"This is all my fault," Lady Moinanea muttered. "I was too careless to have not seen this coming. Bebimon has taken advantage of my digicores…"

"My lady… Please do not fret," Shintomon whispered.

"Why shouldn't I? I am the one solely responsible for this. I didn't take into account that the black digicores would ever be used outside the realm of the digital world I hold authority over."

"It was an honest mistake. Look I'm sure there's a way to reverse the effects."

"I'm afraid there isn't."

This caused Shintomon to gasp in shock over the demigoddess' revelation of the digicores' effects. Tai and Agumon walk over to the pair with concerned looks.

"How's everything holding up?" Agumon asked. "Have you come up with anything that can help our cause?"

"I'm afraid not. There's no way to reverse the effects of the digicores," Shintomon spoke.

"No, there is a way!" Lady Moinanea stated.

"What?! You mean there is a way to reverse the effects of the wish made through the black digicores?" Takato asked.

"About time we had some good news," Kazu said. "I was just about to get a headache from all this worrying."

"I know what you mean, buddy," Kenta said.

"So, how do we reverse the effects? Just tell us what we need to do," Takuya said. "You can leave it to us."

"I'm sure you can have us complete some sort of quest," Zoe said. "I know two weeks doesn't sound too far off, but we can get the job done."

"No. You all do not have to do anything," the demigoddess said.

"Then, you want us to sit around and let the planet blow up?" Max wondered. "Sounds to me like you're quitting."

"Yeah. A demigoddess just doesn't give it all up," Rika said. "I thought you'd do better!"

"Rika. Please, let's not push this too far," Renamon replied.

"If you all please keep it down. Let her speak her mind," Tai said. "We're all on the same page here. Let's not turn this into another argument, because I'm not going to deal with this."

"Tai. We just don't know if we can trust her. No offense or anything," Kouji said.

"Then you shouldn't even bothering talking!" Max snapped. "You guys better keep your comments to yourselves!"

"Max. That's enough," Tai said. "Now, Lady Moinanea. You said there was a way to reverse the effects?"

"Yes, there is a process, which will reverse the effects. But it will require a great sacrifice on my part."

"Say what?! You mean you're going to have to throw your own life away just to ensure earth's survival?!" Tai cried out. "Lady Moinanea, there has to be another way…"

"I'm afraid there isn't, Taichi. I'm sorry. I will have to take my own life away. Shintomon, it's the only way. I'm dearly sorry for this."

"My lady…"

"No. I serve no other purpose but to ensure the survival of the black digicores. Since I am their creator, I must die in order to destroy the black digicores' effects."

"But you simply can't throw your own life away for our sake, Lady Moinanea! There has to be another way!" Takato said.

"That's right. You've been a great ally to us back when we saved you from the M-5 bullies," Guilmon replied.

"You do have time to reconsider this," Renamon said.

"I have made up my mind," the demigoddess promptly said. "If you'll excuse me…"

As soon as she said that, Lady Moinanea immediately phases out from sight and leaves everyone in surprised shock. They didn't expect the demigoddess to suddenly let them know that her life would be on the line. Shintomon sighed in disbelief and walks past the group.

"Shintomon? Are you going to be all right?" Sora asked.

"What do you think? Lady Moinanea is going to risk her life just to save this planet. How can I not be ok?"

"Look, Shintomon… We're all upset at the moment but we have to find Lady Moinanea as soon as possible before she plans to commit suicide," Takuya said.

"He's right!" Takato.

"Will you humans quit thinking about yourselves for a moment?!" Pikkan growls angrily. "Have you even considered Lady Moinanea's feelings? She's just as heart broken over this."

"Pikkan…" Jeri said while admiring the Alterian.

"He does bring up a good point," Henry said.

"What about Lady Moinanea wanting a time out period?" Terriermon wondered.

"That's not what I had in mind."

"Whatever the case. We have to find Lady Moinanea," Tai said. "Shintomon. We're more than willing to help you find her."

"Thank you, Tai. That's all I ever ask for. You see… I've…" Shintomon said as he started to blush.

The girls noticed the blush under the higher digimon's cheeks and giggled amongst themselves.

"Isn't that cute?" Kari said.

"Oh yeah. I didn't know ol' Shintomon had a crush on Lady Moinanea," Zoe stated.

"I mean it's all written all over his face," Mimi replied.

"I'll say. Those two would make a cute couple. Two deities in love. Aww, the romance even blossoms among the higher powers," said Jeri.

"Whoa! I didn't know you were in love with her, Shintomon! Aw, man! You dawg!" Tai said with a chuckle.

"It's really nothing… I just grew to like her very much. She's very elegant, pure and innocent."

"Well all girls are like that at first sight of love," Max said. "Then they'll grow to be real pains."

"Hey! What's that supposed to mean?!"

"I mean you girls have cuddies."

"Do not! Take that back!"

"Sorry, Keke. I was just kidding around. Heh."

"Well, I'm not joking. She'll doing anything drastic at this point," Shintomon said. "I fear what she'll do to herself. Tai. If you will help me…"

"Have I ever let you down before? We'll find her."

"I'll help as well," Max said. "Besides, she's helped us through a lot to get where we are."

"Count me in," Davis replied.

"Don't forget us!" Takato and Takuya exclaimed in unison.

"Good. I want everyone else to warn the people about the planet's fate! The people of earth all have the right to know and contact the International Digi-Destined," Tai instructed. "We're going to need everyone's participation in this. All right, now with that settled. Let's go find Lady Moinanea!"

With that said, Tai and Shintomon led the team leaders out through the door to begin their search for the demigoddess. Their fellow Digi-Destined went about into the city to warn the people about the upcoming events to take place within two weeks. Izzy made sure to contact everyone of the International Digi-Destined to fill them in on the situation at hand.

Shintomon's Sacred Sanctuary

Sitting next to his viewing orb, Gosenzomon sighed in disbelief over the events at hand. He was truly becoming agitated with Shintomon.

"Ugh, that boy truly doesn't know anything about his stance as a higher digimon," the elder muttered. "He's letting the love for that girl get to him. Does he not remember that those dark digicores can be brought together to the exact planet they were used before?"

"If that's the case, then I say you should rightfully regain your place as the overseer of the digital universe, my elder," Buddamon said.

"I see you're starting to get the picture, big guy. Shintomon will have to relinquish his title to me because he still has a lot to learn."

Just then, the masked warrior X and his assistant, BW, arrived at the scene with four artifacts. These artifacts were in fact the four black digicores. The elder digimon turned to make eye contact with them and walks over to take the four cores.

"Excellent work, you two. I just may promote you as guardians to this sanctuary."

"What?! I'm going to take orders from an old pervert!" BW retorted.

"Thank you, elder, but we'll have to decline. Our job is to watch over the planet earth," X replied.

"Well, all right. I thought it was a fair offer. After all, you did go through that trouble to find these four digicores."

"It was a synch. We had assistance from Seraphimon and the angel guardians," the masked warrior stated. "They were more than happy to lend us a hand."

"Good. With that settled, we won't have to worry about the earth detonating. On the other hand…"

The elder lowered his head in sadness. BW and X wondered what was putting Gosenzomon into a state of depression.

"What is Gosenzomon, sir?" X asked in worry. "Is there something wrong?"

"You're hiding something from us," BW stated. "Spill it! Don't leave us in suspense!"

"Fine. As you know Lady Moinanea is the sole creator of the black digicores, right?"

"Yes, we were aware of that."

"Well, in order to destroy the black digicores, she chose to sacrifice her own life and not put the people of earth at jeopardy."

"What?! She doesn't mean to go through with it!" BW exclaimed. "She's lost it!"

"No! She wants to rid the existence of the black digicores so that no evil can ever use them. Bebimon took advantage of them and look in what kind of crisis earth currently stands on!"

"But we brought back the black digicores like you told us!" X said. "The effects should wear off!"

"They will once you take them to earth, but you save prevent Lady Moinanea from taking her own life away. That poor boy, Shintomon, has taken a liking for that young lady."

"Whoo-hoo, go Shintomon! He's found himself quite the woman!" BW cheered.

"BW. This is serious. We can't let her take this course of action."

Gosenzomon waves his hand over the viewing orb to display a view of Shintomon accompanied by the four Digi-Destined leaders. Then another image appears through the orb, which displayed Lady Moinanea flying near a volcano steep.

"Oh no! She's not going to do what I think she might do?!" Buddamon gasped in shock.

"I'm afraid so!" X exclaimed. "BW, we have what we need. Now let us move out into the real world and present these to Tai and the others. Besides, we were planning to restore Tai's age."


"You two better get a move on! That girl is really planning to go through with this!"

"We're on it, Gosenzomon. BW, put your hand on my right shoulder."

With that said, BW did as commanded by X. The masked man used his own version of the Time Warp teleportation technique. They were instantly vanished from the sacred grounds leaving both Gosenzomon and Buddamon behind.

"Will they make it?" Buddamon wondered.

The elder maintained his focus through his viewing orb without replying to the panda digimon.

"It's all up to you, youngins. Shintomon, it's up to you to stop that girl. Perhaps you two really are meant for each other. It's a shame I never kept my youth. Otherwise, Lady Moinanea could have been mine… If those two ever decide to have kids, then I'll be more than happy to be their grand pappy… Shintomon, it's on your hands my boy."

Earth. Mount Fuji.

The view of Mount Fuji was tranquil and beautiful as it ever will be. It stands as the highest mountain in all of Japan, which stands nearly 12,300 feet. It has long been considered sacred since ancient times. It has been inactive for a long time since the beginning and remains quiet to this very day.

There were a group of figures flying in from the distance. The figures revealed themselves to be Shintomon, Omega X at his first level form, Max, Gallantmon Crimson Mode, Mega Veemon and Kaiser Greymon.

"Shintomon? Do you even know where we are going? At this rate, she could be anywhere," Mega Veemon said.

Just then, Shintomon felt a presence from below the altitude they were traveling at. He peered through the clouds to find a feminine figure making her way towards the top of the mountain. It was Lady Moinanea.

"Everyone! I've found her!" Shintomon shouted.

"Then, this is where we stop!" Omega X replied. "Let's go, Shintomon. You guys stay here. This won't take long."

Omega X takes Shintomon's hand and flies down through the clouds. The warrior lands and makes his way over towards the mountain's top. He goes calling out to the demigoddess.

"Lady Moinanea! Lady Moinanea!"

She does not make eye contact with the duo and continued about her walk towards the mountain steep. Shintomon leaps ahead of Omega X and takes off after the demigoddess.

"My lady! Do not do this! You have time to reconsider this!"

Lady Moinanea immediately stopped at her tracks and allowed a few tears drop down from her eyes. Despite this, she paid no attention to the higher digimon and walked off to the top of the mountain steep.

"My lady! You don't have to do this to yourself! We can talk this over!"

"Get away from me, Shintomon!"

These words alone were enough to stop Shintomon dead cold at his tracks. Lady Moinanea makes eye contact with the higher digimon. Her eyes were filled with sorrow.

"My lady!"

"I don't want you to see me like this. I've failed to save this planet from the digicores' effects. I let Tai and his friends down. I could have stopped Bebimon myself! How could I have been so stupid?! I don't deserve to be the watcher of my own realm!"

"Lady Moinanea, don't bring this all on yourself."

"I don't have the experience you or the elder possesses! I'm still too young… Perhaps it is the right thing to do to destroy the black digicores forever… In the process, I will have take away my own life… I shall atone."

"Lady Moinanea! Please, don't go through with this!"

"As I've said before, I have made my choice."

With that said, Lady Moinanea marches forward and stops at the edge of the mountain steep. She looks down to find a deep hole with a smoldering fog arising out of it. She began a prayer and looks back to her entire life, including her moments with the Digi-Destined.

"Taichi. Shintomon. Everyone. Thank you for being more than just allies. Because of you, Bebimon was destroyed forever. I don't know how thankful I am… But I knew it had to come to this. The Earth itself has paid the consequences, but I shall atone for the error. Angel Guardians. I transfer my full authority over to you. You shall watch over the realm. Taichi, you are truly one of a kind. Shintomon, I… love you…"

Just as the demigoddess finished speaking her thoughts, she takes a step forward and was ready to meet her fate by taking a plunge into the deepest pits of Mount Fuji. However, she was suddenly stopped as she felt two energy signals from her left direction. X and BW had finally arrived just in time with the four black digicores in custody.

"X? BW?"

"Lady Moinanea! You don't have to go through with this! We've brought the black digicores. Remember once they are brought to the planet they were used, the catastrophic effects will wear off. In other words…"

The demigoddess cuts X off and replies, "…the planet will remain intact and the digicores will regain their power. I don't understand. How were you able to retrieve them? It would have taken you a while to reach the western sector."

"We had a little help from Seraphimon," X said. "Cherubimon was nice enough to restore the black digicores to their absolute full power."

"So, they can be used? How wonderful!"

"Yeah and there's no use trying to kill yourself over it," BW said. "It would have been a waste."

"Lady Moinanea!" Shintomon calls out. "X? BW? It's good to see you but… Hey! The dark digicores! They're back intact!"

"No duh. I just got done explaining to this young lady over here," said X. "Hey, Tai! Over here!"

Omega X flies over the horizon and finally lands where the higher powers gathered together. He walks over and noticed the black digicores and had a surprised look on his face.

"How… How did you get those back intact?"

"I'll explain everything later. So tell me, Tai. You ready to be restored to your normal age?"

"Ha! I thought you'd never ask!"

"Dad!" Max cried out from the distance. "Dad! What the heck is going on down there?!"

"Max! Looks like you're old man is growing up again."

"Ah, man. It would have been cool if you would have stayed little."

"Well your mother wouldn't want it that way, wouldn't she?" Omega X laughed.

Shintomon steps forward to Lady Moinanea and wipes the tears from her eyes. She throws her arms around the higher digimon and causes him to blush all over his face.

"Oh, Shintomon! I'm so glad I didn't have to go through what I did! Will you forgive me for acting so stupid?"

"You are forgiven my lady. Besides, I knew you wouldn't have gone through it. You're too gentle to consider suicide."


"You know you two ought to consider marrying each other if you like to hug each other," Max snickered. "My mom and dad do it all the time."

"Max! It's not what you think!" Shintomon said. "She's just become a good friend and ally…"

"Riiight. I saw you blushing! Don't deny it!"

"He's right you know," Lady Moinanea replied. "Maybe we ought to consider marriage."

"Isn't it too early for that?!"

"Actually, according to the elder, once a higher power sees love then he must marry that love," BW said. "Or it was something like that…"

"Oh, then why wasn't I told?"

"Because you never asked," X muttered.

"Aww, don't get too upset, Shintomon. I promise to be faithful," the demigoddess said. "You're the first person to even blush around me. I think it's cute!"

"My lady?!"

"Oh, there's no need for that title name. Just call me fiancée for now!"

Lady Moinanea takes Shintomon by the hand and started dancing with him. Everyone else looks on with sweat drops coming down the backs of their heads. Max laughed away at the demigoddess' antics.

"So, are you ready, Tai? It's back to being a boring old adult," X said.

"I'm ready. Besides, I want everything to get back to normal. Right, Max?"

"Yeah, yeah… Normal…"

"Wait till your mother sees that I'm back to my normal age."

"She'll flip, but she'll be blessed. I don't think mom will put up with reporters asking her questions about being married to an underage kid."

"Ah, I wouldn't mind the reporters! I"d be famous all over Japan and I'd have my own show!"

"Better not be reality."

"Maybe it will…"

While they carried on their conversation, Lady Moinanea threw herself into Shintomon's arms and giggled like a child.

And so… With the black digicores returned, the effects of the planet wore off and everything was returned to normal. That includes ever trace of abnormal activity. Tai was restored to his normal age and Sora has never been any happier.

Lady Moinanea and Shintomon actually wedded on the sacred sanctuary. Every one of the Digi-Destined, Tamers, Chosen Legendary warriors and the like were invited to witness the two married. Gosenzomon had never been happier than he was when he had the chance to see his descendant marry the overseer of the western sector. Now he was actually anticipating the moment they would have children.

Earth was now at a time of peace since the Bebimon fiasco and no threat has come about. However, all of that would soon change in due time…

A perfect shot view of a digicore belonging to Azulongmon was shown with a crack in the middle of it.

Earth. Odaiba

Cyberdramon was seen standing on a rooftop at the middle of the night. Apparently Ryo wasn't with him, but he kneeled against the ground as a human figure came walking out. His eyes locked onto Cyberdramon once the reptile held out what looked like a white digicore.

"Here it is… the digicore you requested. I was able to steal it once Azulongmon left his post."

The mysterious figure nodded and took the digicore. He examines it closely and forms a sinister grin.

"Excellent. Now, allow me to speak through to him…"


"Yes, him… Speak to me, Millenniumon."

Cyberdramon stopped at his tracks until 'he' regained control over the dragon. His eyes emitted a bright red glow and snickered deeply.

"Ah, yes… So phase one shall get underway?"

"Yes. The doorways to digital hell will be unlocked. I've made sure to pay a visit to those begging for revenge on the Digi-Destined and their allies."

"Excellent. With those fools dealing with their old enemies, we'll come closer to opening the doorway to the Dark Dimension. The time has come for the end of human civilization."

The human figure turns around and looks out to the city. He examines the sheer brilliance of the small orb.

"May dusk fall upon the age of humans. Your judgment day is at hand…"

With the black digicores restored and earth still intact, it seemed as though peace was restored. But this only delayed the inevitable. The digicores are starting to crack due to an unknown power. Who is this mysterious human speaking with Cyberdramon? What do they have planned by opening the gates of digital hell? Darkness is ahead for Earth's human age.

[Digimon Frontier second ending theme "an Endless Tale"]


Tai: Hi, everyone! It's me Tai and back to my normal adult age! What the heck is this?! There's a giant hole in the skies and now an army of our old enemies have returned to kill us!

Max: That includes everyone! Whoa, look at this! They're all over the world!

Azulongmon: There seems to be a situation with the gates of digital hell! They've been opened!

Takato: What?! Who is this guy?!

Artificial Jax: If you wish to stop this, then you will have to go to digital hell yourself, Taichi!

Tai: Takato! We'll go together on this one. Takuya! Davis! Matt! You guys take everyone else and stop all of our enemies!

Max: We've beaten them once and we can do it again!

Tai: Datamon?! Dr. Myuumon?! Well, I can't believe you two are still scheming even at death!

Datamon: We've created our own Black War Greymon and we shall use it to combine with Artificial Jax!

Dr. Myuumon: So, sit back and enjoy the show, Taichi!

Takato: Man, you've made a lot of enemies before I even met you, Tai!

Tai: I can't help if they're so jealous of me. Heh.

Kari: Next time on this exciting edition of D-Frontier!

Die, Taichi!! The Revived Enemies From Digital Hell!!

Tai: What's this?! Burizalor and Virus are back too?! Well, Takato. This has gotten interesting. Ready to prove your stuff?

Takato: You bet!

Kanius: Yes! I've finally finished the Bebimon Saga! It was long overdue, but I've managed to come through with it. Now I'll get to work on the Pharaohmon arc. Anyway, I hope to get the Super Artificial Saga started before school starts in September!