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(Well, I was looking at the Pretear stories...and well...I thought I could make a really good Sassame/Himeno one, seeing as how Hayate is the 'popular one'. What about Sassame and his beautiful eyes...have we forgotten the first episodes? Any who, this story takes place after the first 4 episodes, because those are the only ones I have. Shall we begin? WAIT....btw, in my story Hayate...he's not like he is in the show...this is my twisted version of Hayate...hee hee hee...)

"Stupid sexy Hayate!" Himeno screamed from her balcony garden, surprised at her own braveness. After all, Hayate did work near by, and may have heard her. "Why are men so difficult, mother?" The wind blew softly, and Himeno stumbled back in the direction the wind was taking her. She bumped into someone, and whipped her head around (half hoping it would be Hayate).

A pair of hypnotizing blue eyes gazed back at her. "Hello Himeno." Sassame said in his usual cool sexy voice.

Himeno's heart throbbed as she starred at the beautiful Leafe Knight. She realized he had nothing but a towel wrapped around him, and began to blush. "Sassame, what are you doing here?!?"

"You seem to be angry, Himeno, would you like to talk about it?" He sat on her bed and water began to drip from his hair and down his neck and onto his chest. Himeno followed him inside and closed the door to her garden.

Himeno's knees gave way and fell down on the floor, and got back up quickly while trying to play it off. "Why are you all wet?"

"I was showering when I heard you yelling."

"Your heard me?"

"I'm the Knight of Sound remember?" he said as if it answered all the questions in the world.

Himeno just nodded slowly.

"The other day, you told me that Hayate should be more like me. He isn't, but you still like him. Would you like me if I were more like him?" Sassame said as he stood up and the towel dropped to the floor. He disregarded it and walked towards Himeno. As he approached her, she could feel her heart beating rapidly. "Himeno, answer me." He said softly. He leaned down to kiss her, and she closed her eyes. As if teasing her, Sassame's lips barely touched hers, and he whispered her name. "Himeno, Himeno..."

The words faded away and she opened her eyes and found her self in her bed starring at her alarm clock that was programmed to say her name. "It was a dream?" she said to herself. She still felt her heart beating, but couldn't do anything about it. She shook her head, and looked at her alarm clock. "I'M LATE!" she screamed and rushed to get ready for another stupid day at school.

"She thinks she's so great now that her poor father married the richest woman in the city."

"She'll never be good enough."

"How pathetic, I hear her step sisters don't even like her."

"She doesn't belong."

Himeno heard all these voices as she made her way to the front gate of the school. She was too out of breath from running to say anything. As she reached the gate she turned back and began to run again. "I can't take this anymore." Tears swelled and filled her eyes and she kept on sprinting down the sidewalk. She crashed into someone for the second time this week. "I'm sorry." She said looking up.

"Himeno?" It was Hayate. "Why can't you watch where you're going?" He got up off the floor without offering Himeno a hand. "Stop crying, it makes your eyes get puffy." He continued walking without another comment.

"I hate you Hayate!" she screamed after him. He turned and winked at her. "No matter how cute you are..."she whispered. Even so, she decided not to go back to school. Himeno knew cutting class was wrong, but sometimes doing the wrong thing can be right.

She continued down the sidewalk to the park. She saw that it was empty, so took a seat on the bench. She looked around. No one. She slowly lay down on the bench, and before she knew it she was asleep again.

"Cutting class is wrong, you know." Came a voice.

"Tell me something I don't know." Himeno replied without opening her eyes. There was a long pause, and Himeno thought the person went away, then the silence was broken.


"What?" Himeno asked confused.

"You don't know calculus."

There was an even longer pause after that statement. She opened her still watery eyes and no one was there. The wind blew roughly, and this caused the trees to move. A bunch of leaves fell down onto Himeno's head. She stood up and brushed herself off. After looking around again she sat back down.

Himeno was confused. She knew someone was there, because she had been talking to someone. Maybe she was dreaming again, but not the same dream as last time. Her last dream scared her, but in a good way.

Why was she dreaming of Sassame in the first place? He was really nice to her, nicer than Hayate, and he taught her how to fight better. He had really pretty eyes too. "Then why do I like Hayate?" she said to herself.

"Because you're a stupid idiot."

Himeno looked up. It was Hayate. "I hate you! Leave me alone."

"You don't hate me. I just heard you confess your love to me." He said and sat down beside her.

"I did not!" She yelled. "You're twisting my words around."

"O yeah? Prove it. Prove you hate me." There was a moment of silence. "Like I said, you love me."

"Whatever." Himeno rolled her eyes.

"No, I want you to tell me you love me. Say: Hayate I love you."He smiled at her playfully.


"Really?" Hayate picked Himeno up Prince Charming style. "We'll see." He kissed her softly on the forehead.

"What was that for?" she asked confused. She swore Hayate hated her and her guts.

"To prove I don't hate you." He said calmly. "But don't take it too seriously, since I know you love me and all. Just admit it."

"Hayate...I hate you." Himeno said.

"So you say." He dropped Himeno on the ground, which luckily happened to be grass. "I have to go." He began to walk away.

"Hayate," he turned back to look at Himeno. "I love...to hate you." He gave Himeno the finger and kept right on walking. Himeno giggled. Hayate isn't that bad after all, she thought.