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Secrets Ch. 5

Sassame smiled kindly at Goh, then looked behind him and saw Himeno and Hayate sitting together...alone. He frowned slightly, but didn't let Mawata notice. She stood behind him, and blushed as Goh greeted her.

Goh looked back at Sassame and noticed him starring at Himeno, who was staring right back at him just as intensely. Goh raised an inquisitive eyebrow, and grinned when he thought of something devious. "This way, lovebirds." He said to Sassame and Mawata.

They followed Goh to a table set up much like the one Hayate and Himeno were at. It was only a few feet away, and within viewing distance.

Himeno's eyes widened when she saw that Sassame was not alone. She suddenly grew angry. "I want to leave now, Hayate." She said harshly.

"...But we just got here...and you haven't eaten yet." He was confused.

"I've suddenly lost my appetite." Her facial expression was now easy to read. Both anger and jealousy mixed into rage and sorrow.

"You know..." Hayate said calmly. "You look kind of cute when you're angry." He blinked as he realized what he just said. It was too late to take it back because Himeno was already beaming at him.

"Really?" she replied quickly. Maybe Hayate didn't hate her after all.

Sassame apparently heard this and began to cough. Mawata grabbed one of his hands and asked if he was all right.

Himeno saw this and suddenly felt nauseous. "I don't feel too good." She said as she stood to leave. She looked at Sassame one last time before she walked out of the door. His expression was unreadable, as usual. Hayate followed Himeno out of the restaurant and began to run after her.

When Himeno finally slowed down, Hayate managed to catch up to her. "What's wrong with you?" he asked concerned.

Himeno didn't answer. She leaned against the building behind her, and slid down until she was sitting on the sidewalk with her back against the wall.

Hayate sat next to her. "Do I make you nervous?" he asked.

"No." Himeno replied, when what she really wanted to say was that he didn't make her nervous like when she was around Sassame. Sassame clearly didn't have any feelings for her, and now Himeno knew whom he was talking about when he said he liked a girl. Himeno looked at Hayate, and wished it were Sassame she was looking at. She couldn't stop thinking of him.

"Why do you keep running away?" Hayate asked breaking the silence.

"I won't...I mean I'm not running away." Himeno stood. I'm not going to keep running away like this! I can't be depressed if he doesn't like me...I have to get over him. I need something to distract me from him. I need...Hayate.

Hayate stood beside her, and looked her in the eyes. "Are you okay now?" He took a step towards her, and she backed up to the wall.

"Almost." She grinned and grabbed Hayate's shirt and pulled him towards her.

She closed her eyes and felt Hayate's lips on hers. Hayate was losing it. He didn't know why he was doing what he was, but found it hard to stop. Hayate devoured Himeno's mouth, and he could feel her tongue in his mouth...the funny thing is...he didn't mind it at all. Himeno began to unbutton his shirt, when she realized they were in public.

Hayate reluctantly pulled away. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to..."

Himeno looked at him and smiled. "Yes you did." She noticed that pretending to be happy with Hayate wasn't that hard. He was really good looking after all. And maybe, just maybe he could make her happy for real. Suddenly, Himeno realized that the reason why she was so happy a while ago was because she kept thinking that it was Sassame she was kissing.

Hayate looked at her. "That was your first kiss wasn't it?"

Himeno blushed. "No!" she lied.

Hayate began to button his shirt again. "You're still just a child, Himeno." Himeno grabbed his hands and stood in front of him. He hadn't finished buttoning his shirt so the top of his chest was still exposed.

"I'm not a child anymore! I'm almost 18!" she yelled unable to keep her eyes off of him.

"Almost..." he repeated. He grabbed her hand and began to walk down the street. "That was a mistake...what just happened." It hurt Hayate to say it but it would hurt Himeno later on if it weren't dealt with immediately.

Himeno stopped in her tracks. What was a mistake? The kiss? He can't be serious...Himeno continued to wonder if Hayate was just toying with her because she was so young and naive...just like Sassame had.

Hayate pulled Himeno, so she would continue walking.

Himeno didn't protest this time. Soon they reached the movie theater. She looked up at it hopelessly. Rejected again by Hayate. Just great...perfect, even...Not only is her life loveless, but she was going to die a virgin too. Himeno sighed, and removed her hand from Hayate's grasp, and began to walk away.

Hayate followed her.

"DON"T FOLLOW ME!" she screamed at him suddenly enraged.

"...We live at the same place..." he reminded her. The Awayuki's had allowed him to stay in the mansion, seeing as how 86% of the rooms were not being used.

"WELL...THEN DON'T TALK TO ME!" She turned and attempted to punch him, but he caught on and blocked her attack.

"You have to learn to control that temper of yours." He stated, as he grabbed her by the shoulders and brought her close to him. He kissed her softly. He didn't know what it was yet, but he had some kind of feelings for her. Something that made him want to protect her from everything...even himself.

Himeno pulled away quickly and hit him in the head. "Don't say things like that! It makes me think you care about me...and I know you don't...so please...just stop."

They continued to walk in silence, as they reached the mansion's front door. Hayate took it upon himself to follow Himeno to her room. He thought of what he would say to her. Himeno stepped inside her room, and closed the door loudly.

"Himeno...I do care about you. More than you'll ever know. More than I can ever show you." He said to the door.

Himeno opened the door and looked at him meanly. "I don't...believe you."

He opened the door, stepped in, and closed the door behind him. "What do you want from me?" He asked Himeno walking towards her.

"You know what I want..." Himeno walked right up to Hayate, and began to kiss him on the neck. Hayate began to unbutton his shirt (once again), and removed it completely this time. He guided Himeno to the bed, and she easily stripped off the dress she was wearing, and threw it across the room. She lay down on the bed, and Hayate got on top of her.

He poured kisses along her neck and down her chest to her belly button, then stopped hesitantly. "Himeno, are you sure you want to do this?"

Himeno contemplated what to say. Although she hated to admit it, the main reason for her actions were to get Sassame out of her mind. So far, it was working...so why not take it a step further? She nodded, and saw Hayate begin to remove his belt.

Out of nowhere, the door opened and Mannen walked in not realizing what was about to happen. "Hey Himen...oh my god..." He said as his eyes widened. "...Uh...goodbye..." He shut the door and left.

Himeno stopped. "Shit. That can't be good. Do you think he'd tell anyone?"

"I don't know...Maybe I should leave now..." He said as he began to put his belt back on.

"Good idea." Himeno began to think clearly. If Mannen hadn't come and interrupted them, maybe she might have done something she may regret.

Hayate left shortly after, then moments later Mannen came back into Himeno's room. Himeno was sitting on her bed hunched over looking depressed again. She didn't look up at Mannen.

"Look, I'm sorry..." Mannen said blushing.

"No...thank you." Himeno looked up at him and smiled sweetly.

"Wha?" was the only thing Mannen could manage to say. "For what?" He was completely confused. He scratched his head, then ran his fingers through his pale hair.

"If you didn't come...I'm afraid I would have done something I would live to regret." Tears began to fill Himeno's eyes.

"Don't cry, Himeno." Mannen said trying to cheer her up. "There's nothing to be sad about."

"You wouldn't understand..." She patted him on the head.

Mannen hated when people did that. It made him feel like a child. How does she know I wouldn't understand? Just because I'm young doesn't mean I've never been in love. I've gotten my heart broken a bunch of times too. Before he began to get irate, he spoke. "I do understand...how you feel. I won't tell anyone. You don't need to worry though...Sassame loves you."

Himeno's eyes widened as she watched Mannen leave the room. She found herself unable to comprehend what he had just said. Either that, or she refused to believe it. "What does he know? He's just a kid." She said remembering Mawata putting her paws all over Sassame's hand. She grimaced, and fell backwards onto her bed, and falling asleep almost suddenly.