Continuation of nothing

Disclaimer...i do not on FLCL, furi kuri, or fooly coolyend authors note this is my first fanfic...and first of all...im not gonna ask for a review to make a second chapter or whatever...i am just gonna post whatever i create...so R&R if u want to...but basically this story is a continuation of FLCL

Naota's palms were sweaty had he been dreaming? He woke as if he was called or something...but it was dead of night..he sat up and bumped his head on the top bunk...the one his brother used to occupy..then Haruko...."OUCH"

"Oh man...what a crazy nightmare.... was it real?...no-no..... i couldnt have been...after all....Haruko is gone..."

He kept mumbling...as if he had just been a victim of a crime or something... He placed his feet on the floor...steading himself he got up and walked to the door. The door wasn't all the way shut, so all he had to do was just push it open. Upon entering the hall way, he started feeling dizzy, like he was still in that weird dream...Maybe it was a preminition... he thought drowzilly. He ran his fingers through his hair, feeling its silkiness he put on his shoes and went out the door very quietly....but he couldn't help a few squeeks from the door.

sigh "I shouldnt be out this late, but......I just don't know what else to do anymore...i got so used to having Haruko around, but, but now she's gone" He almost screamed those words, but caught himself at the last minuite.

As he walked the street he remembered he was only in his bed clothes, luckily it was a cool summer night. Hopefully no one will see him, but at this point his brain was too locked away to care anymore. What now....what come's next, the climax is over, and im left with.....nothing. Not Haruko, not Miamimmi not even Canti. he thought disdainfully.

Haruko Naota struggles with his dreams...aww isnt he so cute?.....But little does he know that I'm on the way to have some fun..hehe, Next time on Furi Kuri "the life worth living"