Diary of a Red Head

Still 31st of August


1:00 PM

You must die.

1:02 PM

You really must.

1:03 PM

What sort of sick joke was that?

1:04 PM

Leaving yourself on the platform, pretending not to notice I was leaving, leaving me to worry and fret over you?

1:05 PM

Oh, I bet you found it very funny, didn't you?

1:06 PM

It wasn't funny.

Not in the slightest.

1:07 PM

And I should punish you.

1:08 PM

Which is what I'm going to do.

1:09 PM

Right when I think of something to punish you with.

1:12 PM

I know!

1:13 PM

You could've told me you reflected hexes and spells.

You could've told me and spared me singed eyebrows.

1:14 PM

But no, of course not, you're Mr. Tomhalloeloe who thinks too highly of himself to even bother to tell me he can reflect hexes!

1:15 PM

I abominate you.

1:16 PM

Yes, you heard correctly.

1:17 PM


1:18 PM

Bet you don't know what that means.

1:19 PM

And I'm not going to tell you, so you can quit your nagging, you berk.

1:21 PM

What do you mean I don't know what that means?

1:22 PM

You oughtn't think so lowly of me, you.

I can still set fire to you manually.

1:40 PM

Bloody effing hell.

Who decided it was Inanimate Objects United: Let's Kill Ginny Day today?

1:41 PM

Whoever invented doors should be Avada'ed.

1:42 PM

Can't that stupid piece of wood close itself when I lean against it?

1:43 PM

No, of course it can't. Because said stupid piece of wood has to be open because said stupid piece of wood wants me to get a bruise just above my eye.

1:44 PM

And that stupid piece of wood wants Harry to witness the whole thing. And said stupid piece of wood wants Harry to laugh at me.

1:45 PM

I'm going to kill said thing above now.

Excuse me.

2:00 PM


I love Harry.

2:02 PM

No, really, I do.

2:04 PM

He says my name all throatily, you know, like 'Ginneh', as if he's going to eat me, actually, but it's really nice and not scary at all.

2:06 PM

God, have you heard me?

2:10 PM

I just became a member of the Love Harry Potter Even Though He Wears Dodgy Glasses And Oversized Clothes His Stupid Cousin Gave To Him (or LHPETHWDGAOCHSCGTH) fanclub.

2:11 PM

Whoever came up with that name should be shot.

2:12 PM

Or Avada'ed.

2:13 PM

Or set on fire.

Like you.

2:14 PM

No, I haven't forgotten.

Pity, eh?

2:16 PM

You know what, you git, I'm going to send you home, and donate you to Beatrice and his wife Dan.

Let's see if you still got your cheek, then!

2:19 PM

I'll sort of miss you.

2:20 PM

I mean, you were still with me for nearly six weeks.

2:21 PM

Well, five weeks, if you don't count mum's cleaning week.

2:22 PM

And if you don't count the fact that I sort of didn't write to you every day.

2:23 PM

But still.

2:25 PM

Yes, fine, don't say anything.

2:26 PM

I won't miss you.

2:45 PM

Look, here's Pig, say hello to him, will you?

2:46 PM

Yes, I'm tossing you out of the window now.

2:50 PM


'In here, Harry.'

'What are you doing?'

'I'm going to send my diary home.'

'Your diary?'



'Because it's being evil?'

Harry laughed, and kissed my nose. 'It's not a person, it can't feel.'

I smiled at him, and he smiled back, and together, we forgot all about you.

2:55 PM

Thank Merlin. I thought she was never going to shut up.


Author's Note: Thanks to all of my spectacular readers, you really made it worthwhile, and I won't ever forget you.