Chapter 1

Harry wondered into the Gryffindor common room desolately. He was in the 7th year, and a lot of his friends had paired up in couples. There was Neville and Ginny, Seamus and some Ravenclaw girl, and then there was Dean, who was with Lavender Brown. Of course, Ron and Hermione had not admitted to going out, but Harry had to wonder what they did so often in the owlery.

Oh well, he was bound to find the right person at some stage.

Draco walked into his Potions class. He spotted Pansy Parkinson sitting up the back. Act cool, he thought. Don't make a fool of yourself. He slid into the spare desk next to Pansy's.

"Ah, hi Pansy!"

"Um, hi..." She turned back to her friends, seemingly irritated at being interrupted.

He kept trying to make conversation with her throughout the class, but kept getting the cold shoulder. However, he noticed her flirting with Goyle a lot.

"Grrr!" Muttered Malfoy.

After class Snape glided up to him. "You might want this." He said, whipping out a glass bottle containing a pink juice.

"It's Love Potion." He handed it to Malfoy and walked off.

Draco looked down at the bottle in his hand and smiled. Excellent, he thought to himself. Finally Pansy would be all his! How DARE Goyle try and move in on his territory! And besides, if Draco did manage to get with Pansy, all those myths about him being gay would hopefully be dispelled. It wasn't like he was anti gay, but he was getting way too much…unwanted…attention.

Draco sighed and sauntered back to the Slytherin common room.