Here's what I predict would happen in the future. I apologize to all the R/T fans--since I can see Reggie dating/marrying either Sam or Reggie, I had to choose one of them, and since there are a lot of R/T fanfics, I used Sam instead. However, the girl I paired Twister with, Leilani, is a real character and will be appearing in Island of the Menehune in July 2004 (yes, she does have a crush on Twister).


That day forward, there was hardly a week in which Otto and Amy did not spend at least an hour on the phone. Even though they were apart, their connection seemed to grow stronger and stronger. Whenever Amy left her house for more than a day, she took her stuffed dog, Otto, with her so she would not feel disconnected from him.

As for the cancer, Amy visited the doctor every few months to check for any recurrence of the leukemia. Just in case, Otto assured her, he would be willing to give her more bone marrow in a heartbeat. Even after a year of monitoring, the cancer had been kept at bay; Amy was on her way to being declared completely recovered.

Two years after the surgery, Amy's father received some exciting news. His employer had heard all about the special bond between Otto and Amy and the boss was determined to reunite them in California...permanently. Finally, the appropriate position opened in California and the boss personally called Amy and her father at home to offer them the transfer. Although it would mean packing up everything in the house and relocating across the country, Amy was raring to go, and her father knew how much it would mean to her. After her father accepted, Amy immediately called Otto to tell him the good news. Otto could not believe what he was hearing; it would be like old times with Amy living close by once more. Of course, they had to find a house somewhere else in the neighborhood, as the cul-de-sac was occupied. Thankfully, there was a house about 2 blocks down the hill that was a perfect match for a single father and his teenage daughter. Within 3 months, everyone was back in Ocean Shores and Amy joined Otto and their friends at Ocean Shores High School.

Otto and Amy would meet up almost every day to go skating or surfing. In fact, they became such a pair that they often competed together rather than against each other, forcing many contests to begin to adopt "doubles" competitions in addition to individual competitions. Amy also became a substitute player for the hockey team, filling in for a fatigued or injured teammate. Several times, Otto and the gang just put her in to the starting lineup; she had developed a unique style that was often successful in scoring goals.

Before everyone knew it, senior year in high school arrived. Reggie and Sam had graduated a year earlier and both were attending UCLA. For Amy and Otto, that year had a second and equally important purpose: Amy would be going in for her final checkup. If there was no indication of cancer, they would consider the cancer completely eliminated. Otto accompanied his friend down to the doctor's office for the final tests. Coincidentally, Otto was at Amy's house when the test results arrived. Her "miracle boy" had come through; the test results were negative. They couldn't be happier as they embraced, their lips locked together as if they were secured with super glue. That year, Amy and Otto went to prom together, Amy wearing a beautiful cream-colored dress and Otto wearing a white tuxedo with top hat and cane. They were definitely the center of attention, especially Otto, who earned the designation "stud" from many of his peers.

In choosing colleges, Amy and Otto wanted to attend school together. They finally settled on University of California at Santa Barbara, to which they were both accepted. Otto was planning on surfing in pro competitions when he could, but both also joined the university's club surfing team, quickly dominating in only their first year at school.

Everyone knew that the two were inseparable. In fact, getting permission to date was easy, as both parents were familiar with the other teenager. They began going out when they were 15 and never stopped from that point. Otto knew that they were meant to be together, and he was pretty sure that their union would last indefinitely. He just wanted to make sure nothing happened and that he would be able to undertake the commitment. Finally, during their sophomore year of college, Otto received permission from both parties to implement his plan. During a surf competition in which Otto was participating in, he wore a t-shirt that said "Amy" on it. She only thought it was a symbol of his dedication to her and she thought nothing of it. However, after he caught a wave and he was sure that everyone (including TV cameras) was watching, he took off his shirt and threw it in to the ocean. On his chest and stomach were the words, "Will you marry me?" which were carefully painted on there by Twister. Everyone stared in amazement at the creativity of the proposal and the TV commentators forgot about Otto's performance and started talking about him and his girlfriend. As for Amy, when she made out the words, she smiled and began to cry. When Otto returned to the shore after his heat, she came and embraced him so quickly that he almost fell over backwards. "Yes, yes, I'd love to marry you!" she shouted as Otto got down on his knee and was handed a ring box by Twister. The whole crowd then cheered as the two kissed.

Later that night, as they stood on the pier, Amy thought of something. "Otto, remember that night when I came back here and we saw a shooting star?"

"Yeah. So?"

"Well, my wish just came true. I wished that we could be together forever, and now we will be." She smiled and Otto smiled back. Amy could detect tears forming in Otto's eyes and she took pride in being one of the few people that could make Otto cry willingly. They were married six months later on the beach. During the reception, the first and last dances of the night were reserved exclusively for Amy and Otto. The songs were the exact same ones they had picked out for each other when Otto and Amy were reunited after the transplant: "A Thousand Miles" and "Here I Am."

Amy and Otto graduated from college and took up residence in Santa Monica. Otto made his living as a professional surfer and analyst for extreme sports magazines. Amy at first worked as a guidance counselor (and surf team coach) at a local high school, but soon decided to stay home so she could take care of their new baby son, Cameron, and their dog, Ollie. On the other side of the family, Reggie had grown close to Sam and they, too, got married. Twister and Reggie had been dating for a while, but he soon fell in love with one of Tito's relatives, Leilani, who had initially had a crush on Twister before he realized how beautiful and talented she was. They got married soon after Otto and Amy did. They all settled in Southern California and remained the best of friends.


The following is a Public Service Announcement (PSA) that I made up that Otto and Amy could take part in if this story aired on TV. The reason I am doing this is that there is a real girl who lives in my area who is also named Amy. Like the Amy in the story, she also has leukemia and is searching for a bone marrow donor. An organization of dedicated volunteers has organized several events for people to register for bone marrow donation. Those who registered, including myself, are in a national registry that is used to link donors with patients. Sadly, they have not found a matching donor for Amy to date, but in the meantime, the new donors in the registry will help save many more lives.

Otto: Hey guys, hope you enjoyed tonight's show.

Amy: When I was first diagnosed with leukemia, I was unsure how much of a life I would have left. My best chance of survival was finding someone in a national registry whose bone marrow would work in my body. Turns out that my match was right under my nose (nudges Otto), and I feel really lucky. Sadly, I know that there are tons of other kids who haven't found a donor yet.

Otto: The only way to improve the odds of finding a match is to have more eligible people join the National Marrow Donor Registry. Registering doesn't hurt much, and the possibility of saving someone's life is worth any pain. Many times, registering is free.

Amy: Even if you're not 18 yet, you can still talk to your family and friends about registering. There is no greater feeling than knowing you've given a child a new lease on life and hope to a family.

Otto: To learn more about how you can help, visit www.amysarmy.org or www.marrow.org.

Amy: And thanks for your help. (With that, Amy and Otto extend their hands out to give a "Woogie, Woogie" to the screen)


Well, that concludes the story. Hope you liked it.

I have received a few reviews that are suggesting that a sequel is in order. However, I will be busy for quite a while and I have run in to a case of "writer's block." If anyone has a good story line suggestion, send it in a review, and if I find the time and inspiration, I might start writing. Until then, peace out dudes.