Title: History of Blue Eyes

Author: Something Like Human

Rating: PG13 (to be safe)

Warnings: Post EW, Preventers, Author resurrection of characters and tweaking of history/timeline

Notes: This prologue is almost a year old and has been sitting in my notebook since I wrote it and I finally typed it up.  I should be working other stuff but my muses aren't listening to my demands to work. They've taken a fancy to resurrecting this.  So here it is.

Ten years was long enough for me to be retired, I decided.  Without the war to follow, I was becoming bored with life.  Men like me are not made for times of peace.  Although, with age comes wisdom to understand that the world as a whole did not crave the excitement of battle. Things would be a whole lot different if I understood that twenty-some year ago.  Then again, back then, there were not organizations like the Preventers there to stop me.  That realization led me to resurrect myself to contact someone who would remember my name in a good light.

"It will be an honor to have you with the Preventers, Sir.  My years with OZ were full of stories of you in the beginnings of the organization.  General Treize often spoke of you as if you were a god, as the one who single-handedly started the war."

"Lady Une, there were many factors that lead to that war.  I only had a small part at the start and regret that there was nothing I could do to end it," I explain to my new superior.

"Well, will you at least agree that your last assignment for OZ was the catalyst that brought all those factors together?"

"Unfortunately," I admit.

"I'm sorry, I forget that it was the reason you abandoned OZ to do your own work," she apologized in haste.  I had not realized that my days in OZ had been elevated to legend status.  Then again, those like Une, Zechs, Noin and even Treize had been trained on my accomplishments.

"I'll have Noin here escort you to the division you will work with.  They are what you could call our 'elite' group; the ones who had more extensive training than normal."

I nod and wait for Une to call Noin to her office to baby-sit me.  I barely kept my amusement to myself as the young woman entered.  I had left OZ the year before she was born if I remembered correctly.  I only knew that because my retirement years were spent following the activities of my contemporaries.

She spoke to me as we left the office.  "You'll be in the same division as me and the 'boys'."

I chuckle at her sounding like a harried mother of toddlers.  "You make it sound like I'll be with a bunch of children."

She laughs, "They're definitely not children.  But before you joined, I was the oldest – even if I'm only older than Preventer Wind by a few weeks."

"Wind?"  I ask to make conversation.  "A code name, I assume?"

"Yes, the entire division uses code names.  You'll be working with Preventers Wind, Sand, Rock, Day, Night, and Sky. Along with myself, Preventer Fire.  It'll be good to even out the numbers.  Wind and I are partners as are Rock and Sand.  The other three are together."

We stop outside a door for a moment I turn to her and ask, "So when do I get my code name?"

"Oh my!  Wow!" She gasps.  It is the most feminine thing I have seen her do.  I swear she is swooning. 


"Blue… your eyes are very blue," she stammers.  "Those old vids of you I saw back as a cadet did not do you justice."

"Um… thanks," I smile nervously.  "So this business of code names…"

"Oh yeah, we mostly choose our own.  Except Night and Day – they named each other."

"Oh really?"
Noin chuckles.  "Yeah, Night wanted to be called Preventer Wood but even he couldn't say it with a straight face.  So Day dubbed him Night for his expertise in Stealth tactics.  Not to be outdone, Night retorted by calling him Day for his lack of subtly."

"Amusing, I can't wait to meet them."
We enter the department and I am surprised.  It appears to be just like the rest of the offices I had been through so far.  Evidence and pictures of the latest case are strewn throughout.  It is the heads bent over the evidence that shock me.  The straight-backed, platinum blonde could be none other than Zechs Marquis.  The youthful blonde beside him discussing a report looked familiar also.  A tall brunette regarded me dispassionately.  Another brunette quit his wild gesticulations he had been making to an Asian boy when they noticed my entrance.

"Hey boys! I've got someone for you to meet.  Blue here is going to be joining our little circus."

"Aw-c'mon Fuega, you know Rocky over here is the only circus clown," the one brunette protests as he points to the other brunette.

"Side-show then, Night," she rephrases.  "And don't call me Fuega."

"Sure thing, Lucy!" He replies cheekily.  "So who's he anyways?"

I smile; things will sure be interesting if that character was the expert in stealth.  I think I should be worried. 

"I was saving introductions for when we are all here.  Where's Sky?"

"In the can."

The Asian youth speaks sharply in what sounds like Chinese to Night getting a mock repentant look in response.

"Fire," the younger of the two blondes explains.  "Sky should be back any second now so you can tell us who our new teammate is."

"Odin Lowe."

I practically jump out of my skin at the sound of the cold voice off to my side.  I am speechless as I get my first look at Preventer Sky.

"You know him?" someone asks only to get a slight nod.  This causes the whole group to look at me for confirmation.  I look back to the newcomer and speak briefly in Russian.

"Bastard!" He growls as he shoves me hard and pushes past me to run out the door.  The others spring to action as I stand mutely in shock.  Zechs barks orders to the others. "Rock and Day, secure Lowe. Night, after Sky; Sand – get Une and tell her what happened."

I get shoved into a chair as the Asian glares at me.  My guide, Noin, looks around as the rest of the boys scurry to comply.  Zechs collapses into another chair.

"What the hell…" he mutters.

Noin finally shakes her head in defeat.  "Will someone tell me what Mr. Lowe said that set Sky off like a firecracker? You know, not everyone knows every language spoken in the Earth Sphere."

To my surprise, it was the previously silent brunette that answers.  "He said 'Hello Junior'."


A/N: I don't know if Odin has blue eyes or not, but literary license says he does. There's a reason beyond the "I say so" one I just gave but I won't go into it now.