Title: History of Blue Eyes

Author: Something Like Human

Rating: teen (13+)

Warnings: Post EW, Preventers, Author resurrection of characters and tweaking of history/timeline, decided to make some strong hints at some relationships in this fic of the yaoi variety. I had tried to keep it out of there, but I can't help it. It's just how I see the boys.

I abandoned this fic years ago and I regretted it. I am bringing it back to life now.

Continuing with Odin's POV

I watched as my son opened the door the conference room. On the other side, seated on the floor was Agent Night. He had a small listening device poised to where it had been pressed against the door. He looked up at his comrade with a rather unrepentant look on his face. Actually, he had a rather cheeky grin. I did not know whether to be mad at the kid for eavesdropping or laugh at his antics.

I took a moment to assess the young man sitting there while he argued with Junior. He was lanky in his dark clothing. I had noticed that there was no uniform being used with this group of Preventers. I had seen other wearing them in the hallways and in other departments but none of the elite group was wearing any semblance of a uniform. What also intrigued me was his very lengthy braid that was looped over his shoulder and pooled in his lap. It was impossible to tell exactly how long his hair was but I was better it was longer than Merquise's blond locks. I could guess that this American accented youth was also a former Gundam Pilot if he were in this group with my son. I could surmise then that there was a lot more going on with Agent Night than the cheeky smile and the devil-may-care attitude. Noin had stated that he was their stealth expert which was a bit baffling to me. He was so far, the loudest and most animated of the group. I would have to ask her again about that. I am thinking that I had heard her wrong or that she had said it backwards. I had an easier time believing that the quiet Asian youth would be the one more suited for stealth.

Then again, looks could be deceiving. I heard the Asian agent storming down the hallway barking at Agent Night in Cantonese. I never really had an ear for that language but the context was clear. He was berating Agent Night for listening in on their comrade. I listened as the three young men conversed back and forth briefly, and surprisingly, each in their own native tongue and sometimes each others. It was a dizzying conversation trying to keep up. Heero spoke sharply in Japanese to stop the other two bickering. They both turned to him and were talking over each other in Cantonese and slang-ridden English. Heero glanced over his shoulder at me and then spoke back rapidly in Cantonese. The brat remembered that I couldn't speak the language. To my surprise, the seated youth slipped into it effortlessly as well. I would not have pegged him for a linguist.

I heard the door at the other end of the conference room open. Noin poked her head in and motioned me to follow her out that direction. I took one last look at the boys who were still conversing in a language that I could not understand and I turned and left.

I realized when I entered the room that she was in; it was a surveillance room to the conference room. I found it odd but not entirely surprising. I watched as she sat back down in the chair at the monitor.

"Does this camera have sound?" I asked her hoping to hear if they switched back to a language that I could comprehend.

"It wouldn't matter, Sir," she replied. "They know that they are being monitored so they won't talk like normal people."

"What do you mean by that?" I watched the boys on the screen fully enter the room and close the door behind them. They were still talking but even trying to read their lips was difficult. It all seemed like gibberish to me.

"As you already figured out, they are the Pilots," she said with an air of certainty that I would understand what that meant. I did so she went on. "The five of them all come from different places and cultures and originally spoke different languages. I'm not sure when it started, if it was when they all first met each other, which was rather late in the war, or after the war. They can flow between their languages, mixing and matching what suits them at the time. They only do it with each other and as far as I know, they all understand it."

"So they each speak in their own language?"

"Not always," she clarified. "They use whatever words or grammar suits them at the time. It's perplexing to watch. I know a few languages but I can't even keep up with them. Zechs does better than I do but even he can get left behind by them when they want to."

"Junior only spoke Japanese, Russian, and English when I left him. I see that he picked up Cantonese somewhere along the way."

"He also speaks French, some Spanish, and Arabic. I'm pretty sure he learned Arabic after the war started."

"Really?" I was impressed. My son dutifully learned the original three languages as a child because I felt those were the most important ones in the Colonies. I could not teach him Cantonese but was going to guess that he learned it from the Chinese pilot. Arabic was hard since it was only used in parts of the L4 cluster. I knew that there had been a pilot from L4 but had assumed it was just a child picked by the Colony and perhaps not one that was raised there.

"You really have no idea who these boys are, do you?" She said looking at me over her shoulder.

I shrugged. "I followed the Wars, as much as I could. Since I was supposed to be 'dead' and all, I couldn't use any of my old contacts. I heard what I could about it from the media but that was about it."

"I'm surprised. I would have thought that Odin Lowe, the man who's gun started the War, didn't follow it more closely than that."

"Young woman," I said rising up to my full height and looking down on her in the chair. "Did you ever stop to think that maybe I did not want a war to happen? That maybe I regretted what I had started and wanted no part of it."

She sat there for a few moments. Her dark blue eyes were wide as she contemplated what I had said. "I guess I had never thought of it before. I was only going off of the stories about you from my days in the OZ Academy. I should know by now that not everything they told us was the absolute truth."

My eyes were drawn to the monitor again. I was watching the three young men interact. My son's posture was still very stiff with his shoulders set and his eyes hard. The long haired one was almost leaning on him though and did not look phased that his companion was angry. The Chinese agent was the one talking but his back was to the camera. He was gesturing between the three of them though.

"So why are you monitoring them like this?" I asked the former OZ officer.

Noin chuckled. "Those three are very close. When one of them is going through something, the other two jump right in. Unfortunately, it's not always to calm the other one down. It's about 50/50 whether they will calm Heero down or join him in a fight. I'm just making sure that they won't destroy anything. The last time Wu Fei was upset about something, he started trashing the conference room. Heero and Duo didn't stop him, oh no, Heero jumped in to start sparring with him and Duo cheered them both on. They were on clean up duty and their pay was docked to cover the damages."

"They're really good friends, though, aren't they?" I asked. I saw from their body language on the screen that they seemed very comfortable standing close to each other. The American one, I assumed he was named Duo since the Chinese youth would probably fit the Chinese name, had his arm draped around my son's shoulders at this point. I thought it was odd because Heero never liked much physical contact even as a child. His mother had held him when he was very young but he never even warmed up to me in the six years that I had him. He did not like being touched.

"My understanding is that they consider each other family. All five of them really," she replied with a smile. "I don't know all of their backgrounds but most of them don't have nor have they ever had any family. They are also the only five kids in the Earthsphere with the same life experiences as each other."

"I guess you could say that I don't really know who any of them are," I replied. "Heero has the face and personality of my son but ten years is over half of his life. I was only part of his life for about 6 years. I am beginning to see that I don't know him at all."

"It's good then that you get a chance to get to know your son, then." She turned back to fully watch the surveillance screen. She continued speaking without looking at me."He hasn't tried to kill you yet, has he?"

I regarded the young woman's wry expression. "No, but he threatened me on more than one occasion as a little kid."

"Then you're probably safe," she laughed. "Duo there with his arm around him, shot Heero the first time they met, and Heero would routinely threaten him. I'm pretty sure a threat was made last week even."

"Oh really?" I said regarding the figures on the screen again. I could see that my son's posture had slowly relaxed into the other pilot's touch. He did not look as tense and I had to admit, he had not tried getting away from him either. "Why are you telling me this?"

"Just to warn you that Heero tends to initially push people away from him, probably to protect himself, but it doesn't mean that he will keep doing so. Duo was persistent and it paid off. So, I wouldn't be discouraged if I were you. At least he hasn't pulled a gun on you yet."