Tris braced her whole weight against the door, pushing with all her strength when she suddenly felt the door give. She tumbled through the door onto something soft and warm. She humped up not knowing what she had fallen on when she heard a familiar voice.

"A little help here?" asked the very person she had been thinking of.

"Briar?" questioned Tris, sticking o ut her hand to help up the boy how now lay on the dusty floor. "Why are you here?"

"I was just about to ask the same thing of you, Coppercurls," said Briar, using his nickname for her

"Well?" prodded Tris, "I asked you first..."

"I was working in the garden. Rosethorn headed inside, but I stayed out and to work a little longer. I got caught in the rain and decided to stay here," explained Briar.

"The same thing happened to me," stated Tris, as she relayed her story to Briar. She also told him what Niko knew of their relationship. She explained that Niko knew some of what they had done, but she suspected he thought they had done more than what they really had.

"Well, we could make what he thinks true," suggested Briar, winking at her.

"Briar!" squealed Tris, "How could you say that!" But she betrayed her true feelings by walking towards him, pushing him against the shed's rough wooden wall.

"Is that an invitation?" Briar asked, flirting.

"What do you think?" said Tris, flirting back, while pressing herself against his warm body.

"I don't know..." countered Briar, cupping her firm butt through the dappled, slightly wet fabric of her dress.

"Stop talking," Tris whispered, standing on tip-toe to kiss his soft lips. He turned her around so that she was now against the wall, pressing himself into her and marveling at the feeling of her breasts against his chest.

She kissed him again, running her tongue against the outline of his lips. He shuddered and smiled against her and slipped his hand down the front of her dress. She moaned quietly when she felt his hand on her breast. He began to massage her softly, feeling her nipple harden at his touch, smiling when he saw how much control he had over her.

"It's not like I'll use it, though," he thought, "After last night, it's her turn... No matter how much difficulty I may have doing that."

He continued to massage one breast, moving his idle hand to tend the other as she moaned again and tangled her hands in his dark, damp hair. Tris leaned forward again and, in an attempt to slow things down, kissed Briar, immediately letting her tongue slide into his mouth. She ran along the grooves between his teeth, briefly rubbing her tongue against his before feeling him tense up and become firmer against her hip.

Against her better judgment, doing what her body told her to, she ground her pelvis into his, feeling him groan into their deep kiss. He picked her up and she wrapped her lelgs around his hips, again feeling her back against the rough wooden wall. She dropped her hands from his hair to his biceps, feeling them flex under her fingers.

"All those years of pushing around wheelbarrows has finally paid off," she thought, grinning to herself.

From there Tris brought her arms lower, fiddling with the hem of his brick red tunic. Noticing her fingers, he pulled away from her long enough to bring the tunic and his plain white shirt over his head. Tris looked down at his stomach, seeing that his hard work had been good to him there as well. She stroked his muscles, enjoying watching Briar revel in her touch. He squirmed under hey busy hands which were moving lower by the second.

"Tris..." he forced out, whispering, hating himself for what he was doing, "Please stop." Tris, surprised, immediately dropped her hands to her sides.

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