"Welcome to peak 1 slopes!!! We'll give yeah the loud down on all ya favorite ssx stars!! Stay toon to see what they are doing now. find out what they do and how they live!!" click Zoey turns the TV off.

"What the fuck?!! this is suposta be our vacation and here they go, stalkin us, this is just bull!!"

Zoey walks to the cooler and pulls out a pop. She sits back on the couch. Keori nods her hair is being braided by Elise.

"Yes yes to tired to race. On break.." Keori yawns

"I hear yah, the press has been hot on our ass' for the past 3 months!!" Zoey took a sip of her drink. Atomika walks in followed by the rest of the SSX boarders.

"C'mon. Hurry! I got news!!"

"Crips can't a guy get any sleep?" Viggo stumbles and lays on the couch next to Zoey.

Atomika shook his head. "We'll anyways, we know where the next circit is..."

"That's all you want to say to us? Geez!!! Screw this!" Mac heads to the door, the other members begin to exit.

"Wait! Wait!" they stopped, "Since thats going to be the new circit place, why don't you guys go see it?" They all looked at each other. "C'mon"

Mac stepped forward, "Well you see this is our vaca...."

Atomika interupted "You guys get 3 months off..." The boarders cheered.

"Let's Go!!" They began to leave again..

"Wait!" Atomika yelled at the top of his voice.

"What the hell? Now what Atomika?"

"Don't you guys want to see the new boarders?"

"New people?" Griff questioned.

"Yeah!!" Three people walked in. Two males and one female.

"This is Slyh Jakes, he's 17" Slyh has dark brown hair. He's 5'9 and has the look of a punk skater guy. He goes and shakes hands with everybody.

"This is Neo Grants, he's also 17" Neo has light blond hair with red and purple streaks. He's the same height as Slyh. Neo has the look of a gothic person, all black. He just stood there waiting to get this over with.

"And this is Kiki Torishi, she's 16." Kiki has black hair in pigtails. She is 5'6 she has the look of a punkish-skater-school-girl look. "She is very hyperactive." He whispered.

"Ok everyone since you all got to know eachother lets get to know the circit.This place contains jumps, half pipes, quarter pipes, you name it, but the place you guys are staying in is the Rose Garden Lodge. Very nice, no reporters can reach us. Very private."

"Cut to the chase. We ain't geting younger mate, are we going yet?" Moby said.

Everyone boarder the plane. Everyone stood distance from eachother though, everyone wanted their 'privicy'. Elise is painting her nails. Griff was playing his Gameboy. Viggo is staring at himself possing in front of the mirror. Allegra is staring at her hands. Nate is boxing with Psymon and Moby. Zoey is sleeping. Mac sits next to Keori. "What's up Keo?"

"Hmm. I am thinking how weird the newbies are. They look all look scary." She turns to look out the window.

"Isn't that a little harsh?" Kiki sits across from Keori. "I'm an asian punk!! Haven't you seen one before?" Mac stares at Kiki. "What?"

"Mmm nothing," He looks over to Neo and Slyh."Do you know them?" He asked Kiki. She rose her eyebrows.

"Hell yeah! They go to my school. Why?" Mac shruged.

"Are you going out with anyone of them?" She looked down. "No..."She responded in a gloomy voice. Atomika came out of the cockpit.

"OK!! We're here!" Atomika yelled. They got off the plane and looked at the lodge. "Welcome to the Rose Garden Lodge!!"

"Are you sure it's a lodge? Holy Shit!!! It looks like a mansion." Nate said. They heard a bang. Griff jumped and hid behind Psymon.

"A HUNTED MANSION!!!!" Psymon teased Griff. Griff began to whine.

"Geez this place needs a gardener." Elise complained.

Allegra looked around, she saw alot of tombstones. "Is this a graveyard?"

"I dunno, this place use to belong to the Rose's," he paused, "The family disapeared, leaving the house to some dude. The guy just gave the house to us and you guys will be spending the night!"