When I see your tears;
I can feel them...
As well as see them...
What is the cause for all this sadness?
Distressed sobs, fetal position
Someone has hurt you my angel
That is the cause for your pain
But who would touch;
That alone even hurt
One that is so innocent
Especially when it is already mine
Yes, I have claimed my hikari
Now tell me the reason for your poignant feeling;
Yes, I have been correct
I was right my tenshi;
Now they will pay
But wait you say you don't want me to hurt them
Why can this be?
Surely you would want revenge on your attacker;
Would you not?
Still sweet and innocent
Can't face the fact that no body is perfect;
No matter how hard you try to break the barrier
They will always have that darkness locked away;
In their aching hearts...
I have learned this from Dartz,
Some of what he said was a lie;
Some was truth
We may be able to put away; lock away
The darkness in our minds and heart,
But it is still there
For the precise moment of opportunity
To release itself from the bind of which it was
But still aibou,
Why do you insist that I don't make them pay?
Their crimes have been too much;
Never make an angel cry
Null, worthless, and misguided
These are things that Dartz said I was
It wasn't him that made me cry;
It was what he said I was...
That made me expose tears
That is what is sad about me;
If I am alone and someone says I am worthless
I believe I am worthless
When I lost you aibou,
I knew I could never go on...
I needed you right there
Maybe I was worthless
Maybe Dartz was right
The others tried to make me feel better
But to no avail
Nothing could make me happy
I had too many memories of you
I remember when you said I could share your memories
That made me happy
That made me think that I wasn't as alone as I thought I was
I can't stand being alone
And you know this, aibou
I cry at night when you're not beside me
I feel sad when you are even tending the shop
Though you were only two rooms down
Maybe it's because of me being locked up in the puzzle
For 3,000 years
For 3,000 years, I was alone...
No one was there;
Until you unlocked my spirit
I began to acknowledge the world around me
Then when I saw my savior;
I knew you were more than special;
More than ordinary;
You looked just like me; my innocent side
I knew this was not the only thing;
Anyone that had the patience and heart to unlock the puzzle
Without using it for greed or want,
Was someone more than special...
You were my angel; MY tenshi
No body else had the rights to you
Even though you didn't know who I was yet
I still claimed you
You were still mine
'Ditch that Anzu girl' I screamed to you in my head
But you could not hear me
For our mind link had not been established yet
When you did find out about me, you were kind about it
You didn't scream and throw the puzzle against the wall
Locking me in it forever once more
Though I regretted it, I tried to hook you up with Anzu
Remember that day, when your mom was asking
'Yugi Muto! Who were you talking to?'
It was the same day you put the chain on our puzzle to bond us better
Then you said 'Nothing' and went about your way
Then I said 'If you listen to me, I will hook you up with Anzu
In no time at all. I have the skills so listen up.'
Then you told me to leave you alone and you were embarrassed
You know, you're cute when you blush;
Yet alone smile
These are the attributes I love about you, koi, chibi-ichi
Your big, lavender eyes
While mine shown blood red;
The color of freshly shed blood
You said my eyes were intoxicating
I said yours were alluring
That day when we first confessed
I felt like the happiest guy alive
I am probably the only Pharaoh that was ever this happy
In finding their soul mate
But then again, maybe I am wrong
But I didn't care all that mattered was that you loved me
You felt the same way I did
At first I thought I was senile to ever think that you would fall for me
For that slut Anzu tried attract, draw, and pull you into her 'charm'
But once you knew her true intention, you didn't fall for it anymore
She was only doing that so that she could get to me
I was the 'prize' to be won,
And if I was the 'prize', you won me, not Anzu
I am so glad you're mine aibou
Now I am never going to be alone
'Aishiteru, koibito...'
'And I love you too, koi' you would say
Just the sound of your voice
It takes so much energy not to capture you lips
Your body; though small and frail
It's strong in its special way
You said you couldn't believe a hot, sexy guy like me
Would ever love a short, chibi, not sexy guy like you
I don't care what you look like my tenshi, my koi
My aibou, my Yugi
I don't care...
First I thought our love was friendship
Then it turned to brothers
Then...Then it turned to actual love
Our first kiss
You do remember that, right aibou?
Of course, you could never forget that
I almost ate your mouth right off your delicate face
But then again, how couldn't I?
You tasted....You tasted so good, I cannot describe
Was it strawberries, chocolate or peaches
Or was it sunshine, fire or happiness?
'I love you, Atemu-chan!' I heard you scream
We had found out my name was Atemu not long ago
I think it has a nice ring to it
And you like it too
I hold you close and wipe away your running tears
'Shh...aibou....it's ok...I wont hurt them if you don't want me to.'
'Arigato, Atemu-chan'
I held you tighter against me
I will always be here, aibou
I will be there to comfort you;
When I see your tears...