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Chapter 1—Changes

The moonlight shone through a single window giving the room a soft and gentle glow, Hearing a door open and then close he turned.  A woman stood so very still next to the door he could only see her eyes and they seemed full of apprehension. Hearing her sigh she then started coming towards him she stopped, standing directly in front of him.  He seemed lost for words, as she gently lifted the back of her hand touching his cheek tenderly. He quickly covered her hand with his turning it slightly, pressing a small kiss to the palm of her hand.  While staring intently into her eyes he stepped closer to her, bending slightly touching his lips to hers—BOOM!CRASH! Tinkle.  Harry's eyes opened and glared in the direction of the noise.

 His eyes adjusted to the morning light. Harry looked around the room remembering where he was, oh yes Ron's bedroom. He had been staying with Ron and his family for the past week.  Fred and George had waken him up the same way every morning that week, those experiments in their room are going to end up driving him insane one of these days.  Harry saw Ron sit and stretch his arms up.  "Ron, would you mind terribly if I kill your brothers." He said sleepily also rising to a sitting position.

Ron yawning largely replied "Not at all, in fact I'll help you."

As Ron stood up Harry leaned back on the bed sighing. The one dream I have that isn't a nightmare and I wake up at the best part. He thought to himself while shaking his head.  Finally deciding that it would do no good to talk to Fred and George about being quieter in the morning, he decided to get up.  After dressing, he and Ron went down the stairs for breakfast.

Both of them walked into the kitchen to find Fred and George already seated at the table while Mrs. Weasley was finishing up cooking their breakfast.  Ron looked around the table to find his sister and father was not there. 

"Where's Ginny?" Ron asked while grabbing a piece of melon from the center of the table.

Mrs. Weasley handed a plate of food to each of the boys, "your sister went with your father to pick up Hermione, and as soon as they get back, we will be leaving for the lake. So, I hope you have everything ready."

"Why didn't he ask us if we wanted to go?" Ron asked while stuffing his mouth full of cantaloupe.

"Well," Mrs. Weasley said. "You both looked so peaceful asleep this morning your father didn't want to wake you." She looked over at Harry who had sat down in a chair, "Did you have any nightmares last night?"

"Actually, I didn't. I had a pretty good dream." He sighed. "But Fred and George woke me at the best part." He turned and glared jokingly at Fred and George.

"We aim to please," Fred replied grinning. Looking up at his mother he saw her expression was none to pleasing, his grin faded.

Ron seemed surprised with Harry not having a nightmare. "Let's hope this is a continuing phase of dreams for you."

"I hope so too." Harry said with a smile, knowing that for the first time in his life he had finally gotten a decent night's sleep.

Ron looked at his mother who sat down to eat her breakfast, "When will Dad be back?"

"Not sure, he just left a few moments before you came down for breakfast," She stopped smiling and her lips formed a line, "He wanted to test out the new vehicle that he enchanted before we headed out to the lake."

Both Harry and Ron knew that Mrs. Weasley didn't really like it when her husband enchanted muggle vehicles. She never really liked riding in them either, but she was able to put up with it if she loved him enough.  And she did.

As Harry tore into his piece of ham he thought about the lake, this was going to be fun.  He had never gone camping before, so this would be a first. A first of many great things that the year would bring. Or at least he hoped so.  He looked at Fred and George they seemed to be plotting something for their last year at school. They intended to go out with a bang. Harry shook his head back and forth wondering what they were planning.  He hoped that he even got the chance to graduate next year.   He thought about the fifth year and how nothing horrible had happed to him, but that was only a matter of time. But when would that time be? Would it be this year, or next year? Possibly even five years from now?

"I don't think the plate is all that appetizing Harry." Ron said disturbing Harry's thoughts.

"Oh—" Harry snapped out of the daze and realized he had his fork set against the white plate as if he were going to pick it up and shove it into his mouth. He looked up at Ron with a smirk.  "Sorry I was just thinking."

"I could see that, what about?"

"It's—not important, why don't we go wait out side for Hermione and your sister." He and Ron stood from the table starting for the screen door.

  Fred and George ran out after them leaving their mother to finish her breakfast and cleanup by herself. Mrs. Weasley shook her head back and forth, she would give them something to do all right.

  "As long as you're out there why don't you degnome the garden." She yelled at them through the screen door.

Without the usual grumbling and complaining the boys went straight to work on getting all the gnomes out of the garden, launching them quite a distance away.

 "Ha! That one is going to have one helluva time in trying to get back into this garden," Ron put his hand up to shield his eyes from the sun. "Did you see how far I threw it?"

Harry nodded and tried to pick one up; he managed to toss it far, but not nearly as far as Ron had. After about a half hour the garden was completely gnome free. Hearing a vehicle approaching, the boys turned as the car landed near the garage.  They could see Hermione and Ginny in the back seat having an animated conversation.  Ginny opened the car door and stepped out, she was blocking her friend from view still talking to her. After a few minutes in what seemed like slow motion, Hermione stood. 

All four boys jaws seemed to drop at the same time as they saw that their once little girl of a friend was no little girl any more.

 Noticing that her choice in wardrobe had changed as well, her tank top only came down to her midriff where they could see her belly button, and what a sexy belly button it was too Harry thought.  He immediately shook his head to get rid of that thought; he should not be thinking those things about his best friend. Her shorts were hemmed rather short he couldn't help his eyes from following her entire body, down her now long legs to her cute little satrapy flat sandals that looked like were made of suede. He averted his eyes when he realized what he was doing. Stop that! Harry said to himself. He looked over at Fred and George who were both gawking at his friend as well.

"Well would you look at that." George said almost breathlessly.

"Look at what?" Ron appeared as if he hadn't noticed her, he was more shocked about her change in wardrobe rather than the generous figure she now had acquired. 

"Hermione is one hot—" Fred was about to say something crude when he was interrupted.

"Fred!" Ron yelled, "Don't talk about her like that. She's not hot, it's just Hermione."

"Are you telling me you don't find that young lady attractive?" George asked candidly. "Cause if you don't, you are seriously a few ants short of a log if you know what I mean."

Harry watched his friends argue and he knew that Ron had to be lying because; even he himself was finding her strongly alluring at this moment.  He would try to shake the thoughts of her from his head. No this is your friend, friends don't think of each other like that. He kept saying over and over in his head.

  All four of them watched her bend and try to pull her trunk from the back of the car. "I think she needs my help." George said staring at her back end.

Fred and George both looked at each other glaring, knowing what each other was thinking.  Without warning, the both of them took off running towards the car tying to pass each other up so that one of them would get to Hermione first.

"What is with them, it's just Hermione?" Ron said in confusion.

Harry shrugged as if he didn't know what Fred and George were thinking at all.  He watched as Fred and George reached the car completely out of breath bending and gasping for air as if they had just run a marathon.

Fred and George were leaning up against the car smiling largely; their smile seemed to reach from ear to ear, "Hallo Hermione." They both said in unison, "would you like some help with your things?" They said at the same time again, and turned to glare directly at each other.

Hermione smiled politely, "Fred, George." She gave them a nod and added. "Sure if you want too."

As soon as Fred and George stopped arguing over who was going to take Hermione's trunk, finding it very odd she turned to Ginny and leaned closer to her ear. "Ginny why are you're brothers acting so strange?" She whispered.

Ginny shrugged and turned slightly to see her brothers trying to carry the trunk, silently laughing to herself knowing how her brothers act when they've developed a crush on someone.

Hermione just dismissed it; she and Ginny started walking towards the house where they saw Ron and Harry waiting by the screen door.  The boys were casually leaning up against the house. Harry's arms were folded across his chest; she noticed that there was some muscle tone to his arms. Then she remembered something in her letters from Harry that he had been going to Fitness World with Dudley and that he had worked there most of the summer, so it was natural that he would want to bulk up a bit.  God he looks good, she thought to herself.  She sighed quietly to herself knowing that why should she waste her emotions on him for another year, he would never like her more then a friend. That's why she decided to become his friend in the first place; at least she would be able to be next to him. That was better than nothing, or was it? 

She smiled as she walked up to them and they smiled back she reached for both Ron and Harry giving them a group hug. "It's good to see you guys, how's your summer been?" She looked between them.

"It's alright." Harry said realizing that she hadn't released them yet. He could feel her hip right up against his thigh. He looked down briefly feeling a sudden rush come over him. What was the matter with him, this was his friend. He then lifted his eyes to find Hermione looking between him and Ron. He was relieved that she didn't catch him letting his eyes wander about her.

Hermione looked up at both of them. "Both of you grew over the summer, you're both twice as tall then I remember.  Boy this is strange I'm used to looking at you two straight on and now I have to look up." She let go of them and stepped back.

Ron was nodding knowing that he did grow, he was now a full six foot two. He then looked over at Harry who was shorter than him but not much. Five eleven is a tall height, he was sure that by the time sixth year was over that Harry would be at least six foot. But who knows. Ron looked down at Hermione. "You seemed to have had a growth spurt of your own young lady." He raised an eyebrow.

Knowing exactly what Ron was talking about Hermione could feel the redness flushing to her cheeks. "Uh—I think I better let your mum know that I'm here." She quickly brushed past Ron and Harry seeming to dart into the house extremely fast.

Harry gave Ron an odd look. "What did you say that for?"

"I just wanted to see what her reaction would be if one of us mentioned the fact that she was no longer a child. And that we all noticed her change."

Harry shook his head, "that was a little mean Ron; she can't help the way she looks." And she's got a lot to be proud of. He said to himself. He sighed helplessly. Stop thinking that!! He demanded himself.

"True, but she could cover herself up a bit." Ron said annoyed.

"Ron it's summer, I would walk around in my underwear if I could. So just let her alone about her sudden wardrobe change alright, I'm sure by the time autumn rolls around she'll be wearing pants and long sleeve shirts."

"I just don't want to have to protect her all the time from eyes that tend to wander where they shouldn't.  Like yours did."

Harry shocked stepped back a bit. "W—what!?" He was trying not to feel guilty about that.

Ron smirked "I saw you looking at her, hey I did too.  But it was so obvious that you did. You need to take smaller looks so they are less noticeable. Any guy would be foolish not to take a look or two."

"We should go inside also, I'm sure we're leaving for the lake pretty soon." Harry replied trying to change the subject, and he quickly opened the screen door and stepped inside.

Ron shook his head back and forth as he followed after Harry, he could hear George and Fred still trying to carry that trunk. As they panted trying to get it inside the house, Ron laughed at them through the screen door.

"Hey you guys wanted to carry her stuff," Ron chuckled.

"Oh sod off Ron." Fred said as him and George heaved the heavy trunk into the house.


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