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P.M.S./ or Post Malfoy Syndrome

Description: set at the start of Harry's sixth year he and Draco both start falling for each other but a startling revelation and the down fall of Voldermort cause quite an upset.....


Chapter one- At the Station

As Harry wheeled the trolley with his trunk through the barrier to platform 9&3/4 he wished for the hundredth time that he had someone. Ron and Hermioney had finally gotten together over the summer holiday. Ginny and Dean were still together. Even Neville and Luna had gotten together. It just left Harry all alone.

Seeing his friends all coupled and talking he stalked off to the end of the train and loaded his trunk in an empty compartment.

Awhile later trying to read a potions book (yeah right) when Harry hears the compartment door open "Finally. I thought you got lost. quite a feet on a train." he says before looking up only to find that it's not Ron and Hermionie in the door but Draco Malfoy.

"Ah so you do care about me Potter" Malfoy sneered as he walked in and sat down, "But I have parents I don't think I'll get lost."


"Get lost Malfoy" Harry said glaring at the boy sitting across from him "Go find your followers and some pretty little pure blood to 'entertain'."

"I'm not here for my own 'enjoyment' Potter the Perfects have been assigned compartments to 'Guard'." Draco stairs at him pointedly. "Guess they don't think you can take care of yourself."

"I doubt that. I definitely don't need to be 'Guarded' by the likes of you. I mean after Voldermort I can deal with anything else that might happen to me, including 'YOU'." Harry snapped turning to ignore Malfoy.

"What do you mean including me. I mean I know you think your Mister big shot, but really do you think I 'want' anything to do with the Gryffindor-golden-boy? I mean you really have got to clean up your attitude if I'm to have anything to do with you."

"You know Exactly what I mean Malfoy. You can try all you want but you won't get my 'guard' down."

"Did you ever think that maybe it's better when your 'Guard' is up it makes it 'far' after all." He shifts down in the seat his pelvis thrown slightly forward suggestively.

"You know your mind must live in a gutter, and that's putting it nicely." Harry replied turning to face him. "I have no interest in you in any way. so go 'Guard' someone else. I can take care of myself."

"They won't let me 'Guard' anyone else. They say that I'm the only one who can "keep you from playing hero"." He quotes in a high pitch version of Professor McGonagal.

Before Harry can even think of a reply Draco has leaned forward and is kissing him on the mouth first softly almost ghosting across then growing firmer. Startled Harry opens his mouth in surprise and Draco sensing his advantage slips his tongue in and starts to massage and caress Harry's with it. Lost in the sensations flowing through his body Harry returns the kiss with force messing their lips together. Draco only goes to pull away when oxygen becomes an issue and as he dose he catches Harry's bottom lip with his teeth and begins to worry it with his teeth.

Just as a groan is about to escape Harry's throat the compartment door starts to slid open causing both boy's to jump back in their seats. When the door is finally opened they see Professor Snape standing in the hall looking into their compartment.

i Oh god. He's going to kill me. He told me to stay away from him. "Don't get close" he told me. SHIT, SHIT, SHIT. /i Draco's mind reeled. Harry on the other hand simply couldn't think of anything at all so shocked all thought had left his head.

Unable to read Harry's most recant memories but still having an Idea from what he had gotten from Draco's mind was quite worried what would happen now that these two had got together. His whole point in being on this stupid train had been to talk to Potter about some of the things the order had found over the summer. i This is going to be a long ride. /i He thought turning and walking back down the corridor shutting the door.

Letting out a sigh of relief and sliding back in his seat Harry looked hard at Draco. "Well what was that all about?"

"I haven't the slightest idea. I've never heard of him being on the train." was all Draco replied.

"That wasn't what I was referring to Draco and you know it." Harry countered.

"Okay that's new you've never called me by my first name. What were you 'referring' to?" Draco replied trying to look innocent.

"I figured if your going to go around kissing me I think I can use your first name. I was referring to that. Can I ask what brought it on?"

"I wanted a taste and it was probably the easiest and most desirable way to 'shut you up' for a little while." he chuckles softly and leans forward again.

"Now wait just one minute." Harry said putting his hand on Draco's mouth to stop him from trying for another kiss "Why would you want a 'taste' hmm? I mean you go around denouncing me to all your little lackeys why would the high and mighty Draco Malfoy want to taste the Gryffindor-golden-boy Harry Potter?"

"Because your not just the Gryffindor-golden-boy to me. You haven't been since fourth year when I saw you in the tournament and heard from my dad what happened in the grave yard. I'm sorry that any of what happened last year with me helping umbrige out caused any more hurt for you but I had to keep up the show with my father still around to dull out punishments. O.K. I think that is enough of the mushy stuff for now. So how about that kiss?" was Draco's reply

"Hmm? I guess we can resume" Harry replies playfully pulling Draco towards him and kissing him with force and pulling the compartmet door shut with a thud.

Yes I know it's short but it will get better.