Chapter 3 - Your time table Mister Potter

As Harry and Draco followed Professor Snape through the halls towards his office they both wondered what their 'favorite' professor was going to do to them for the incident on the train. Harry was still using that it had all been in Malfoy's mind since he knew the Professor wouldn't be able to find out other wise since he had learned Ollcumecy over the summer. While Draco had pretty much know idea how to explain the images in his head and decided to follow Harry's lead.

Stepping into the office the boys were directed to chairs in front of the Professor's desk. "I guess you two don't relies just how hard you have made this on me and my yourselves? Now instead of just having to teach one delinquent how to use Olccumecy correctly I have to teach two as well as teach Mr. Potter here proper defense against the dark arts and weapon training." The Professor snapped at the boys his voice a vehement tone that could not be ignored even though it was spoken in barley a whisper but that seemed to grow more intense with every word.

"Excuse me Professor but why do you have to teach us both? I don't see what any of this has to do with Malfoy?" Harry spoke trying to get them out of the office and back to the feast before their entrance was noticed by to many people.

"Well with the way you two carry on it will be no problem for the dark lord or at the very least Lucius to see what the two of you have done and how you feel about each other. And you Potter should very well know what problems arise from such knowledge being at their disposal. I can also suspect that a young Mister Malfoy here would know that they will try to use him to get to you Potter." Snape started rolling his eyes in disgust at the blatant display of lack of intelligence coming from the two boys in front of him.

"Well you know what 'sir' I really almost could care less. I know he's going to come after me. I know I'll have to defeat him and I know I will probably die as a result. The only reason I do care is because I don't want Draco hurt on my account because they think it will lure me to them. Which they would but it would only be to kill them and then depending on what they did to Draco, myself as well." Harry said rising from his seat to pace the floor of the office. Suddenly stopping right in front of Snape he said "I want this over with so I can quite running from those I care about because I'm afraid they will be hurt by that crazy basted." Suddenly he turned and putting his hands on the sides of Draco's face he pulled him forward and kissed him long and passionately before breaking it off and walking out of the office.

"Wow" was all Draco could say as he sat stunned then realizing where he was he quickly got up and ran and ran from the office towards the Great Hall. Just as he was about to start up the stair towards the first floor he was pulled into an alcove off to the side.

"Finally I never thought you would leave his office." Harry said pulling Draco into a long passionate kiss. "I don't know how we're going to get away with this once things are normal with out everyone finding out. I mean we can't be seen together in the Great Hall or class because of the other Slytherins and Gryffindors." Harry finished hitting his head off the wall behind him.

"Okay now I know at least I know why Gryffindors have no brain cells they beat them out of their own heads. As for what to do about this easy we sneak around the castle. Now wee better go before Sev comes up and can yell and before anyone gets more suspicious of our being missing. Oh hear Sev told me to give this to you. It looks like a time table with you having class with Snape quite a lot." Draco said handing a piece of parchment and heading off to the Great Hall.