OK...You asked for it, so HERE it is! Enjoy...

Iilana's heels resounded in the cathedral. A few monks who saw her transform a few months back scampered off at the sight of her. She raised an eyebrow.

"I know how it feels to be you, Gabriel,"

She quipped, flicking her hair to one side. Carl was walking as if in a dream:


Carl was feeling tired as they reached Rome.

"Chin up, Carl, wake up..We're nearly there.."

urged Iilana.

"Leave me alone..."

he muttered groggily.

Tying the reins to the coach, Iilana grabbed Carl and snogged him, with tongue AND teeth. That did the trick. Grabbing hold of the reins, he made the horses run even faster. Inside the carriage, the princess and the hunter were thrown back into their seats....


"Cardinal Jinette."

"Ah, Gabriel. Welcome back. Same to you Carl."

"Thank you Cardinal-

"Anna Valerious. I didn't expect you."

"I returned from the grave, thanks to the three here. Especially my cousin Iilana . "

The Cardinal frowned upon Iilana. She looked hard at him, challenging him.

"You all may go. For the ladies, follow me. I shall show you to your spare rooms. I shall speak to you all in the morning."

All nodded before leaving.

Deep down below the Earth, in Hell, Dracula was in pain. Real pain. And in a rage. Damn Gabriel. Damn him again...

Satan looked down at him and shook his head in disapproval.

"Give me a second chance,"

snarled Dracula.

"You are like a son to me, Vladius- due to that –I shall bend the rules a little. Bring me the TWO Valerious souls if possible."


"T'would appear, Anna's cousin still lives-and is a demon."


With that, Dracula transformed and flew upwards to Earth.

All was silent in Anna's and Iilana's rooms when a figure slowly entered. Anna prepared to strike when a firm hand grabbed her arm-it was Gabriel.


he replied wryly. Smiling, she hugged him.

"Can't sleep?"

"I'll get used to this."


He kissed her forehead and held her as she drifted off to sleep.

Carl watched Iilana sleep with adoration. He leaned in to give her a kiss on the cheek-when the most fearful uproar came from downstairs. She got up- nearly breaking his nose. Apologising frantically, she got up and ran to Anna's room-both were awake-and surprised to see her.

"We got trouble."

As Gabriel grabbed his crossbow and readied his Tojo blades, Anna sheathed a scimitar Carl had made for her. They followed the screams and cries-and saw a figment of their worse nightmares. Priests were dashed against the wall. Some blood splattered the walls. The others were DRAINED OF BLOOD.

"Oh my-

Iilana checked the bodies-and felt a chill. On their necks...two puncture wounds. Some had their necks torn out. Just like Father and Mother....

They heard a groaning sound. All turned-and saw an injured Cardinal Jinette.

"Cardinal!" cried Carl.

Gabriel went to help him up.


gasped Jinette.

"Who did this?"

Before he could say anymore, he was thrown to one side.

"Hello, all. Miss me?"

All looked up to see Dracula, very much alive and well-fed.