A week later found them all in the headquarters of The Knights Of The Holy Order once more. Gabriel entered the confessional, made the sign of the cross and dais,

"Forgive thee Father, for thy have-

"For once you have NOT!"

Gabriel brightened at that-and (for the first time) at the sound of Cardinal Jinette's voice.

"Cardinal Jinette! You're alive!"

cried Carl, pushing past Gabriel and hugging the Cardinal-whose expression was priceless.

"I presume you have destroyed Dracula-at last?"


All replied in unision.

Jinette looked at Anna. Then at Gabriel. He sighed. He was no fool. He knew they were in love with each other.

"I have never done this before...but I give you two my blessings-you are free to marry if you wish-

He never finished. Anna flung her arms around Jinette and hugged him, thanking him profusely. His sparse eyebrows were raised.

"Is she allowed to do that?"

asked Carl to a bemused Gabriel. Iilana chose to remain silent.


said Jinette after Anna released him.

"Includes you too...Carl."

All turned to look at him, as if he grew four heads with purple hair .


"Do not think me a fool, Carl. I ALREADY KNOW about you and her in bed-


Both lovers cried simultaneously.

"Well, Carl, you ARE a frair-and you haven't taken a vow of chastity yet-

"Shut up, Master LoverBoy-


Both the friar and the Monster Hunter shut up at once. Jinette had THAT effect on them. Somewhere, a hundred pins dropped on a sponge.

Jinette breathed in-and out.

"Now, before I was INTERRUPTED....Carl, do you love Iilana?"


"GOOD! So I am giving you my blessings. End of story. Understand?"

Carl nodded.


asked Iilana, not so naïve to believe the rooster in a red dress was actually saying all this.

"Anna, Gabriel, I do wish your...ahem...offspring will-

"Take after their father in occupation?"

"Well, yes-

"I don't see why not. Anna?"


Anything to be with Gabriel.

"So, that aside-when's the wedding date?"



6 years later....


(This is stolen from Samurai X's ending)

"Anna! Over here!"

Iilana, clothed in a simple yet lovely navy-blue kimono waved to her cousin, who wore a gorgeous red and black kimono, the pattern not unlike the hunting gear she wore in Romania. Carl was smiling as Celina (Spitting image of Mother-save for her blue eyes) and Ivan (a spitting image of Carl save he had his mother's eyes) ran to greet their aunt. Their wings would grow strong soon. As for Iilana's, hers had regrown just a week before their wedding.


Anna had looked so lovely in her mother's wedding gown-Gabriel looked amusing wearing PROPER clothes( If looks could kill, both Carl and her would have died on the spot while sniggering at his hair in a PONYTAIL). Iilana was no less lovely, wearing-of all things- a white blouse and black pants-with black cloth brutually criss-crossed all over arms and blouse.


Dismounting her steed, she placed a basket of food in Iilana's hands before hugging her nephew and niece. They had all gathered here to watch the sakuras fall. What a lovely sight it was, really.

"Where's Tae?"

"She said she'd be coming later-with a new lover of hers. Name's Enishi."


Squealed a familiar voice, nearly breaking everyone's eardrums. Tae had arrived.

"Hello, Tae-

Iilana and Carl grew silent when she caught sight of Tae's new lover.

They looked into the face of Erik.

The man-who-looked-like Erik winked conspiratorially at Iilana and looked at Carl with a "break-her-heart-andI'll-break-you-into-bits" warning glance before being heartily introduced by Tae. Iilana smiled. Tae had found love- and Erik was at peace-somewhat.


All turned to see Natalie, the nursemaid of Anna and Gabriel's offspring, with Gabriella(who had her father's eyes and her mother's beauty-and stubborness-) and Samuel(vice versa) in tow.

"Where is your father?"

asked Anna.

Natalie passed her a letter. She opened it and read:

"Dear all,

I truly apologise for not being able to meet up with you all, but I must say, the monsters here in Kyoto are quite the devil to find and kill. Samuel and Gabriella are only 5 and they know much about monsters and fighting as I do-don't know if it's a good thing or not. Anyway, how's the children Carl? Have they grown wings yet? Can't talk much. Must stop. Hear a demon somewhere. Till we meet again,

Good day.

Yous Sincerely, Gabriel Van Helsing.

P.S. Tell Anna I love her."

The kids rolled their eyes at such sentiments. Anna smiled as she folded it nd returned it to Natalie. Pouring sake in small cups, Tae passed them around-the kids got water-.

"A toast-to all of us-!"

said Tae.

"And to Gabriel,"

added Anna.


They all replied in unision. -and drank to a good year ahead.


It is spring in Kyoto. The sakuras fall. Baptizing us all. All is beautiful and good indeed.


OK PEOPLE, THAT'S THE END! But, anyone who wants me to write a prequel-that is, how Dracula and Gabriel met Allegria and Illyria, Illyria's sucide and so on and so forth? .If so, 10 or more reviews PLEASE?