by The Goblet

Chapter 8 - Happily Ever After

When the first of September came around, Severus was eight and a half months pregnant. He felt very big, very ugly and not at all up to returning to school: at least not until he had given birth to his child.

Together, the two boys decided to stay in the Shrieking Shack. Severus was almost about to give birth and the full moon was in less than a week. Both Remus and Severus were afraid that the baby would want to come in the middle of the night, while Remus had transformed into Moony.

But, as the morning dawned, the babe was still safe in Severus's belly. On closer examination, however, they both noticed that the baby had dropped. It was getting ready to enter the world.

Exactly a week later in the early hours of the morning on the 15th of September 1976 , Severus went into labour.

Albus looked from one boy to the other. He could not understand how they could have been so very foolish.

"When you did not return to Hogwarts two weeks ago, we contacted your parents. They informed me that you had spent the summer here, at Hogwarts. Obviously that was not the case and we told them this.

"I was worried sick," he stated. "Professor McGonagall was worried sick. Your parents were worried sick. Your friends are, still, worried sick."

Severus leant over and picked up his son who had begun crying as the Headmaster reprimanded his parents.

"We tried everything," continued Minerva. "We spoke to the portraits, the ghosts. They hadn't heard from you or seen you since June. We consulted a wizarding clock which showed that you were both at Hogwarts!"

Just then a large owl flew into the window, and perched on Minerva's shoulder.

As she went to read her mail, Albus continued. "We eventually summoned the house elves. Sammy was most helpful in determining your whereabouts.

"Needless to say it was a shock when I finally caught up with the two of you."

Minerva returned carrying the parchments she had received. While the headmaster turned his attention to the papers, Severus handed his son to Remus, so that he could hold the small bundle.

Albus returned. "Mr Lupin. Your parents are on their way to Hogwarts as we speak. They are most troubled by your actions."

He turned to Severus. "I'm sorry, dear boy. As you predicted, your father is not happy with your circumstances." He sighed, "he has disowned you, I'm afraid."

Severus nodded. He knew his father would not have accepted him or his son once he learned of the situation. He was only happy that his son was unharmed.

"We disposed of a Howler which was delivered to Madam Pomfrey a little earlier," Albus continued. "Your mother, however, very much wants to meet her grandson. She too is on her way here."

Remus beamed and would have hugged his mate if he hadn't been holding their son. Instead he leant over and kissed Severus softly on the cheek.

"May I ask one question?" asked Minerva.

Severus nodded.

"What's the baby's name?"

Remus looked at his lover, before beginning to speak. "Well, we've discussed this at length," he started. "I don't want him to carry the surname Lupin. There might come a time when he may be victimized because I am a werewolf."

"I don't want him to carry the name Snape," continued Severus. "My father wants nothing to do with him, and he won't be reminded every time someone addresses him that his grandfather disowned me."

Albus nodded, agreeing with the boys' reasoning. "I take it you have a name in mind though?"

"Yes," replied Severus.

Remus smiled. "He's been like an Olive Branch for us. He made us put aside our prejudices and fall in love."

Severus rolled his eyes at Remus's sentimentality. "We wish to name him Oliver. Oliver Wood."

The End