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"Thank you, Aunt Tsubame." Kenji said, his violet-bluish orbs were still the same, so cold. Tsubame eyed her husband, Yahiko, and smiled nervously. Yahiko nodded and Tsubame replied, "It's alright, Kenji… It's her…" Tsubame reassured, giving Kenji the small smile that he had gave to his father a long time ago.

Yahiko patted the red-head; an apologetic look on his handsome face, yet his eyes was covered by his bangs. "I'm sorry, Kenji… I am not ready to face your mother… Not now. But I will, someday…" Kenji gave a playful punch onto the shoulder on his uncle.

"Well… Mum is waiting for you; make sure you do the right things, Yahiko."  Yahiko nodded, and he passed the banto to Kenji. He then handed the Sakaba to Kenji, giving him a good luck smile.

Mum… You are never wrong, Yahiko and Aunt Tsubame had certainly helped me tons…

He walked to the gate and brushed off the bang that was covering his eyes, his mother's grave was by the lake before the fireflies' heaven, and that was his destination. For years, he had been seeing his mother in his memories. Like Yahiko, he never dares to visit his mother, because he couldn't accept the fact that she was gone. She was such a great woman and mother, even though Yahiko doesn't admit.

But he did now…

He looked up onto the sky; it was as if that he could see his mother smiling to him, which was what she said…

Mum, I am not naughty, your precious little tree aren't naughty.

He stepped out of the path that was linked to the firefly heaven; it was his mother's favorite place, though he does not know why. However, he does now, for he saw the man standing in front of him was none other than Himura Kenshin ---- the Rurouni.

"Why are YOU here?!" Kenji cried, while the man turned back, a look of confused etched on his pale face. He was like an exact replica, same long, fiery mane; same distinguish features that wanted to make Kenji spat in disgust.

"May sessha know who are you?" Kenshin said, almost too slow for him to notice the man in front of him, till a moment. His violet eyes widened at the sight of his Sakaba, and his fiery red hair.

"Kenji!" he sounded almost surprise, and shocked.

"You are still here; she is dead because of you. You should've died, and cremated six feet underground." Kenji pointed an accused finger to his father, blaming him for the fact that his mother has died because of the sufferings she had gotten from.

"Kenji--" his father tried to explain, but he pushed him off.

"You never did come back… You never did see her last look. She was still smiling to me, she seldom smiles… She still told me to believe in you… She was WAITING, always standing by the gate everyday, hoping to have a last glance! You're never here!" he spited, narrowing his blue orbs. His father stood rooted to the ground, his mouth slightly agape. His father regains his composure, and he was trying to say something, but Kenji beat him to it.

"Why do you married her and gave birth to me when you are going to wander off?! Why do you give her all those sufferings ?! WHY?!" he cried, anguished ters forcing its way through.

"She understands!" Kenshin yelled, breathing deeply. "I am rushing back once I've the news that she was going to…! Yet I never had the chance, I came back three days later, everything was too late! Don't you think I want to see her a last glance, don't you think so?! She knew what I'm doing out there, I love her! She understands! I always believe her, she promised to wait…" his father stopped abruptly, a lone tear fell down from his cheeks.

The father put a hand on his shoulder, murmured something into his ears, before going off in a blur. Kenji looked up onto his father disappearing figure, more tears came out streaming from his eyes.

Mum… I don't know… Do I really hate him?

His words keep triggering itself off in his mind, repeating again and again.

"Believe me, I am going to join her soon… She really do understands me… And I love her so much that it really hurts… When I join her, I'll promise you that I would never let her go, and I mean it. I regret it, I really do." That was what he have said, and it aches Kenji's heart. Kenji trudged to Kaoru's grave, and he noted that a blood-stained ribbon was laid nicely onto the grave.

"Ohaiyo, Mum!" he said, grinning, knowing for the fact that his mother was right once again.

Mum, that was his promise to you, and I knew it.

He laid the banto onto the grave, smiling.

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