Chapter 22

Two weeks later the magic world was settling into the new era. After heated discussions the High Council of Underworld and the Elders Council had signed an armistice and created a joined commission which would make sure that both sides kept their end of the bargain.

The news was broken to the Charmed Ones by Head Elder Wyatt who orbed into the Manor and found his family gathered in the living room with Darryl having his first look at Wyatt who was peacefully asleep in his crib.

The three sisters were completely shocked by the news. "You mean that good and evil are not fighting each other any more?" Phoebe asked not believing her ears.

Leo shook his head, "Not exactly, good and evil will still be on opposite sides but they will refrain from killing each other."

Paige lifted her eyebrows, "I don't think it's going to work," she said doubtfully. "Our job is to protect the innocents and demonic nature is to kill them."

"I am not saying it's going to be easy," Leo defended his position, "but it can be done. You must have noticed that for the last few months the demonic attacks have reduced dramatically. And it's because the Source channelled their activities into business. Now this trend will continue and the witches will concentrate on charitable work, teaching, healing. They will try to improve the inner human nature. Because we all know that not every human is an innocent and by making mankind kinder and better the good will fight evil in a much more effective way. And of course there will be forces consisting of both witches and demons, who will be keeping an eye on the situation. They will have the power to punish any member of each side for breaking the peace treaty."

Three witches fell silent trying to take in this news and finally Piper asked, "So what about us, about the Power of Three and our destiny."

"Well, you are still the Charmed Ones, you will keep all your powers, it's just you probably will be using them differently. For example Phoebe can use her empath gift to help others through her "Ask Phoebe" column. Piper can use her potion mixing skills to create healing remedies and Paige can use her whitelighter powers to guide lost souls. So your role will be using your powers for peace."

"But we're obviously not going to be part of the peace keeping force?!" Paige commented sarcastically.

Leo hesitated but decided to reply honestly, "No, you are not. You are too much hated by the demonic world. Plus," he added hastily, seeing a derisive smile appearing on Paige's mouth. It's good to keep something in reserve in case of emergency." A doorbell interrupted him. Paige volunteered to see who it was. She flung the door open and froze at the sight of a couple standing at the porch.

"Hi, Paige," Cole greeted her, "Can we come in?"

The young witch gave him a hostile look but stepped aside allowing Cole and Nicole to enter the Manor. They followed her into the living room where Paige announced with an obvious sarcasm in her voice, "Look who decided to drop by."

Her sisters stared at the visitors and the room filled with tension. Leo was the first to get up from his seat, "Nicole!" he greeted, "Cole! What brings you here?"

Nicole smiled trying to ignore the hostile looks that Paige and Darryl were sending her and the wide eyed way, in which Phoebe stared at Cole. "We came to say thank you," she explained calmly, "You helped us so much in a very difficult moment of our lives. And I am sorry we could not do it earlier. We owe you more than we can ever repay."

She paused and Cole continued, "With everything happening we were tied up for the last two weeks and I did not want to just shimmer in here, so..." he paused fighting the uncomfortable feeling which Phoebe's sparkling gaze caused in him, "we thought we had to thank you in person, especially me. Since we had not been the best of friends in the past year, I am really grateful for your help." He fell silent mentally praying that his ex-wife would stop staring at him.

Nicole who was doing her best to ignore the tension in the room, which could be cut with a knife, lifted the box she was holding and handed it to Piper, "It's for Wyatt, congratulations to both you and Leo."

Piper hesitated for a moment but then took the present, "Thank you," it was the first word spoken by the member of the Halliwell family and the oldest Halliwell felt that it was her duty to say something else, "We are very happy that everything ended up for the best for you." She looked at her sisters waiting for them to confirm.

Paige did not say anything but her lips twisted into a sarcastic smile. Phoebe finally managed to tear her gaze from Cole, "Yes, we are very happy that we could help," she said.

Once again the room fell into the uncomfortable silence. Nicole shot her husband a look and saw almost pleading in his eyes. She knew that Cole wanted to be as far away from the Halliwell Manor as possible and she had to agree with him. Never in her life had she participated in such tensed conversation, even when they had faced the Lugel's Council for the first time after Celina's death.

"We should probably go," she started, "I just wanted to mention to Darryl that my offer is still valid and if you, inspector, want to forget everything you saw that day then it can be easily arranged."

Darryl who kept looking at her with a very wary eyes shook his head, "No, I am cool," he denied her offer and his fear was so obvious that both Cole and Nicole had to hide a smile.

"Well, in that case," Cole sighed with relief, "we'll be off. Thank you all very much again. I will never forget your help and if you ever need anything, just let us know."

With these words he and Nicole turned away when Phoebe stopped them, "Wait," she cried out finally gathering her courage. "I just wonder if I could have a word with Cole." Everybody stared at her in surprise and she explained hastily, "It will only take a minute, I just want to ask him something."

Cole hesitated and shot Nicole a look. A instant pause followed as the young woman fought with the jealousy flaring in her heart, "Of course," she said smiling, "I'll wait for you outside." She headed to the door, while Cole followed Phoebe into the kitchen.

The middle Halliwell took a deep breath and faced her ex husband. "I am sorry," she muttered, "but I had a feeling that I won't see you for a while. And since I have just received my empath powers I suppose it is true?"

Cole shook his head, "That's OK," he said no answering her question. "Don't worry about it."

Phoebe smiled at him, "I want to thank you for the flowers," she said, "they were beautiful."

"It was the least I could do," he said gently, "Nicole told me how you convinced your sisters to help her. And I wanted to tell you how grateful I was. Looking at Paige, I can see that it was not easy."

A naughty smile lit up Phoebe's face. "You have no idea," she muttered. "Paige is a true Halliwell."

He returned her smile but did not say anything and she realized that he was ready to go. It was now or never. "Where is your wedding ring, Cole?" she blurted out. "I mean the one from our wedding?"

He raised his eyebrows in surprise. "My wedding ring?" he repeated, "Why are you asking?"

Phoebe shifted her weight from one foot to another, "Because if you still got it I would like to have it." Cole's eyes widened and she added hastily, "It's of no use to you and for me it means a lot. And it won't hurt anybody if I have it. It would be even easier for you, otherwise Nicole can find it and might get upset." He did not say anything and her face fell, "Unless, you don't have it anymore."

Cole finally found his tongue, "I have it," he said simply. "After we got divorce I collected everything that was related to you and sent it all to storage so the ring is there."

"Then I would like to have it," she stated calmly.

"Phoebe," Cole paused trying to find the right words, "Why do you want it? I mean, don't you think it would just disturb the past ..."

She shook her head adamantly, "Cole, I know what I am doing. I just want it like something I could remember you by. Flowers don't last and the ring is something that we shared. You have moved on and I will do the same. But I would like to have this memory. I need it to put the past behind me and don't worry I will not disturb you any more."

She saw hesitation in his eyes and added, "You just said that if we ever needed anything you would do it. Well, I need this ring."

He looked at her determined face and sighed resignedly, "Fine, if you are so sure." He waived his hand and the ring appeared in his palm. He handed it to Phoebe. She took it from him and smiled gratefully, "Thank you." She rose to her toes and kissed him, "Bye, Cole." With these words she turned around and ran upstairs knowing that she would not be able to hold her tears back. For a moment the half demon looked after her. Then he shook his head and headed out of the Manor.


Paige watched through the window how the black Porsche drove away from the Manor. "That's was fun," she commented sarcastically. "Seeing this arrogant bitch trying to sound grateful was probably one of the memories I will never forget."

Piper shook her head, "Come on, Paige. Don't be so bitter. I think she really meant it. Knowing how much she loves Cole, she is probably over the moon that he is back. Plus they did not have to come here. They could have just sent us flowers or something but they chose to come and I think it was more Nicole who wanted to thank us. Cole just looked extremely uncomfortable."

"Well, no surprise here," Paige snorted, "The way Phoebe was eyeing him in front of his wife was quiet pathetic if you ask me."

"Poor Phoebe," Piper sighed, "I hope she'll get over him. Sometimes I wish that Cole would still love her so that they could be happy together."

"Oh, no," Paige cried out, "Are you out of your mind, Piper? We don't need that bastard in our life. In my opinion he and this blonde Nicole make a pair. Both of them are capable of things that no decent person will ever do. We always knew that Cole was a ruthless evil demon and now we know that Nicole is just the same. The way she killed her mother and all these other people, I think her and Cole deserve each other. They are both so arrogant and conceited and I hope that one day they find troubles on their asses."

Her monologue was interrupted by Leo, who could not take it anymore, "Shut up, Paige," he snapped angrily, "How can you be so cruel and narrow minded?? Cole saved you so many times. If it was not for him you would have been killed before you even found out you were a witch. And how can you talk like this about Nicole. Her mother was a psychotic murderer who killed Cole in front of her eyes. If it was me I would have done exactly the same. And by the way we are not any better, we killed Cole when he was a defenceless human. So I think we are not in any position to judge them."

His words made Paige squirm uncomfortably but she was not about to change her opinion so Piper decided to interfere before this argument got into a real fight. "Leo, I know that you feel very bad about the way we treated Cole and I agree with you that we owed him for our mistake. That's why we agreed to help Nicole. And in my opinion we have done a lot to redeem ourselves. Plus it was an honest mistake and we feel very bad about it. But you have to agree that both Cole and Nicole are very different sort of people. They are capable of things none of us will do. I mean we vanquish demons but we only do it to protect ourselves and innocents. We never do it out of revenge. And that is what always made me wary of Cole. I never felt save with him, like I always felt with you even before we were in love. I know you would never really hurt anyone. You are just incapable of things like that."

Leo did not say anything. He just stared at his wife, his face unusually pale and his eyes having a strange expression in them. Piper frowned, "What is it honey?" she asked worriedly, "Did I say something wrong?"

The Elder mentally shook himself, "No," he said forcing a smile to his face, "Nothing, I've just heard a call. I have to go." He made a step towards Wyatt and kissed him softly. Piper watched them her sad eyes full of love and worry. "Will you be back later?" she asked.

Leo nodded, "Yes, of course. I will need to take Wyatt for his vicanning." And with these words he orbed out.


Cole and Nicole left the office of a law firm after the announcement of Celina's will. As they expected her fortune was put into a Trust to be passed to their unborn children. And Nicole inherited the house. They drove towards the Schwarzlight Mansion but first went into Celina's house.

"What do you want to do with this place?" Cole asked his wife.

Nicole shrugged her shoulder, "I honestly don't know. I mean we already have the Penthouse and my uncle's Mansion. I just don't know what we could do with this one and it would be a shame if it just stands empty."

The half demon nodded, "I know," he said. "But I feel uncomfortable selling it."

"Oh, that's not an option," she walked around the room and then went into the bedroom. There she picked up jaded beads, which she often saw Celina count, when the French Lugel was deep in thoughts.

"I miss her," she said quietly. "I always had a feeling that I could rely on Celina. She was like... I don't know... not a mother but like an aunt to me. And it's strange to know that she is not longer here."

Cole pulled her into his arms, "I know," he said gently. "It's not easy for you at the moment. So many things have changed. We've been working for so long on this peace deal and now when it's actually happened, I feel very strange. As if I have just come up from a spinning vortex but not in the place I expected."

Nicole smiled into his chest. Cole described her own feelings perfectly and she was again surprised how similar they were. She lifted her head, "Are you sure you want to go away from San Francisco?" she asked. "I mean we don't have to."

Cole shook his head, "No, I think it's a right decision. This place is too full of memories. I think it would be good for us to move away from everything. I've been here long enough."

Nicole nodded and snuggled close to him. For the last two weeks she hated every moment her and Cole were apart and every inch that separated them. She was telling herself that now both of them were invincible and she should not be scared anymore but it did not help. She could not fight off the fear that settled into her heart after what happened. Facing the life without him it shook her confidence in the future. She knew that only time could help and she hoped that change of scenery would make the process faster. Cole must have realized it as well and suggested that they moved away for a while. They decided to go to London since DLM had an office there. Distance did not really matter since shimmering and blurring made the travel almost instantaneous. Nicole looked forward for a change of surroundings.

"We should probably go," Cole reminded her quietly. "We'll be late for Wyatt's vicanning."

Nicole pulled away from him and nodded, "You're right." She opened her bag and put the beads she was still holding in it. "Do you think that your mother will convince the prophet to do a reading for him? He is not a demon really."

Cole smiled, "Of course, she will. You know her, she does not take "no" for an answer."

Nicole lips twisted into a wry smile, "Oh, yes, I know your mother. I am just surprised that Leo asked us to do that. To be honest, I would have never thought that he would even think about it."

Cole shrugged his shoulders, "I think he is just worried and wants to make sure that what we've done had changed Wyatt's destiny. Of course we could not get any threatening premonitions but it does not hurt to make sure."

"Oh, I agree with that. But using a dark magic prophet? Plus doing it behind Piper's back? Does not sound like something Leo would do willingly. But..." she paused thoughtfully. "I guess he had changed a lot."

"A lot?" The half demon repeated, "I think it's an understatement. I have known Leo for three years and I would have never in my wildest dreams even imagine that he is capable of things he did. Sometimes I feel that we don't know Leo at all. My mother keeps saying that still waters run deep. But with Elder Wyatt, I have no idea how deep."

Nicole lifted her eyebrows, "You sound like you disapprove of him."

He shook his head, "No, I like Leo the way he is now. If he was like this before we probably could have been friends. But I am not sure that this change will make him happy." He stared in a distance, "I mean he loves Piper, but from what I know about her, I really doubt she would be able to accept him the way he is. I hope I am wrong...But can you see her staying with Leo if he tells her the truth about the Titans. And if he doesn't what kind of a marriage it will be?"

Nicole lowered her head. She did not want to think about the real reasons behind the Titan's release. It made her think that she also was hiding the truth from Cole about his son. She hated lying to him, though she kept telling herself that technically it was not a lie since he had not asked her. But she still felt guilty.

She did not notice how he made a step closer to her and lifted her chin. His blue eyes stared at her. "Nicole, I know..." he said calmly.

She did not understand at first and then her face paled. "What do you mean?" she asked her voice sounding unusually husky.

He gave her a long look, "I know why Leo released the Titans...I know about the Elders and my son..."

She did not know what to say and at the end just asked, "How?"

"From our telepathic exchange, when you restored my memory. You blasted a lot of your memories at me and this was one of them."

Her lips trembled, "Are you mad at me for not telling you?"

Cole shook his head, "I am not mad. You were right when you told Leo, that I'd known all the way on some level. I've just never wanted a confirmation."

"I am really sorry," she said softly, "I did not want you to be hurt again."

He smiled and his finger touched her lips, "I know," he said gently, "It does not matter. You can't bring back the past and that's not what I want to anyway. I am so happy with you. And I just hope that you know it as well. You are the love of my life, Nicole. If I have not said it as often as I should have, it's because I was scared to jinx it and because I don't have enough words to describe it. My heart is completely filled with you, I love you deep and tender, passionate and fiercely. And trust me, there is nothing brotherly in my feelings for you." He noticed tears in her eyes and a cheeky smiled touched his lips, "It's all pure lust..."

His humor helped Nicole not to fall into pieces. She smiled at him, "Cole Turner, you are the bravest father-to-be I've met, telling things like that to a pregnant woman. I could easily drown both of us in tears right now."

He leaned towards her and his lips were just a millimetre from hers, "Oh, I would not let it to happen," he whispered and kissed her with all the passion he had. Nicole wrapped her hands around his neck forgetting everything they've been talking about.


Piper was standing proudly next to her sisters and Leo. It was Wyatt's vicanning and the whole family gathered for it. Leo invited a few whitelighters with whom he was close and himself was holding his son. The ceremony was almost over and Leo raised his head and met the dark eyes of the male whitelighter. Next moment the latter waved his hand and the whole room froze except for Leo, Wyatt and another two whitelighters, who immediately shapeshifted into Nicole and Elizabeth.

The demoness did not waste any time, "Let's go," she said and the five of them shimmered out with Cole and Nicole holding Leo from either side. They reappeared in front of a wooden hut.

The prophet was already waiting for them. He peered over Wyatt who woke up and stared at the creature in front of him. The prophet made a few passes over the baby and then turned away his eyes becoming glazed. A few moments later they returned to normal and he turned to Leo. "You can ask me questions now," he said.

Leo was not prepared and shot a quick look at Nicole who just nodded to him encouragingly.

"Will he turn evil?" the Elder asked finally.

"No," the prophet replied.

"Will he be happy?" Leo asked the next question.

The prophet shrugged his shoulders, "Happiness is very subjective. I can only talk about facts."

"Will he have a long life?" Leo asked again.

"For a human - yes."

The Elder did not know what else to ask, his head was full of questions and pulling one out was almost impossible. He finally decided to ask another one, "Tell me, what his life will be like?"

The prophet's penetrating eyes stared at Leo, "This boy is from the Warren line and his life would be ruled by their history. You are an angel, you have a long life ahead of you and you will go much further than just being an Elder. Your son on the other hand, though has your powers, is just a human. And he will have a mortal life like his mother with all its good and bad."

Leo could not suppress the slight shudder of fear. Listening to his son's future was the scariest thing he had ever had to do. But he could not contain his curiosity and asked the last question which he thought about for the last months, "Will me and Piper be together?"

The prophet lips were touched by a hint of a smile, "Of course, as long as you both want it." And with these words he disappeared.

Leo stared after him and did not even notice how Cole and Nicole took him by both arms and shimmered away followed by Elizabeth.

When they arrived back to the Manor, Nicole touched Leo's shoulder, "Leo," she said gently, "We are going to unfreeze the room." He nodded and the next moment Piper whispered to him.

"Can I hold him now? You must be tired." He did not object and passed Wyatt to his mother, his thoughts still far away.


Nicole packed the last items into her travel bag when Cole entered the bedroom. "Leo is here," he said.

She nodded and came out into the living room where the whitelighter was sitting in the chair. He lifted his eyes and the young woman noticed a strange look in his eyes, "Is everything OK, Leo?" she asked.

The Elder's eyes focused on her, "Yes, I am fine" he mumbled and then got up from his seat and said in a more steady voice, "I came to say good buy."

"That's nice of you," Nicole smiled, "But you know we are just one orb away. Orbing here or to London is no different."

He nodded, "I know," he said, "It's just..." he stopped when somebody blurred into the Penthouse.

"Oh, I am sorry," Vladimir apologized. "I did not know you had guests."

"That's OK," Leo assured him. "I should be going anyway. Have a good trip." He disappeared in swirl of blue orbs. But in stead of reappearing in the Elder's realm he found himself in some strange plane and next to him he saw Cole.

The half demon smiled, "Sorry for the surprise," he said. "I just wanted to say a few words to you in private." Leo looked at his ex brother-in-law and the latter continued. "About the Titans. I know why you did it, Leo. And I feel really sorry that you had to learn the truth first. If it had been me, I don't know what I would have done but I doubt it would have been anything different from you. So what I am trying to say is don't blame yourself too much. What's done is done. And with all the good you've done so far and will do in the future the balance is pretty much in your favor anyway."

Leo smiled sadly, "I don't know, Cole," he said, "And sometimes I don't think I care. I feel as if my life has spun completely out of control and I don't know what to do to fix it."

"I think your life is just back to normal," the half demon objected.

"But me and Piper are as far away as ever," Leo cried out.

Cole shook his head, "I disagree," he said, "I know that you being an Elder complicates things but I am sure that you can find a solution. We are in a new era of magic, a lot of rules and traditions are changing and when things settle down a bit, we can arrange that you will be able return to the Manor."

His words made Leo wince as if from pain, "It's not what concerns me," he muttered, "I know that with time I'll be able to return to the Manor, but I am not sure I want to..."

He trailed off as he saw Cole's eyes widening in surprised. The half demon was so shocked that for a moment he did not know what to say. Before his ability to talk returned to him the Elder heaved a frustrated sigh, "Look," he blurted out, "I love Piper with all my heart and I want to be with her. But I am no longer the man she fell in love with. And I am just not sure that she would still want to be with me if she had known what I've done."

Cole ran his hand through his hair, "I am afraid I am not the right person to give advice when it comes to a Halliwell," he admitted, "If it was me I probably would not have told her. Otherwise you would have to tell her everything about the Wyatt's future and so on and on."

"But I can't lie to her," Leo exclaimed, "It won't be a marriage anymore. Weren't you the one going on to Phoebe about the important of trust?"

"Yes, I was," Cole grumbled. "But you were the one pointing out to me that truth did not do me and Phoebe any good."

"But did it not end up for the best for you?" Leo yelled, "You have met Nicole and now you don't have to hide anything from her. She loves you the way you are..."

Cole did not know what to say. He sighed and looked straight into the Elder's eyes, "I can't help you here, Leo, I am sorry. I wish I could... But only you can decide. But think carefully, you and Piper have a son together. This is worth everything. I know how much you love him. You risked so much to save your family. And now you've got what you wanted. Piper and Wyatt are safe."

Leo smiled at him, "I know," he said calmer, "It's worth everything."

Cole returned his smile, "Look, I've never answered your apology, all these months ago. I really appreciated it, it was very brave of you." He stretched his hand to Leo, "If you need our help, any type of help, come and see us in London."

Leo took his hand, "I will," he said simply.

Cole nodded and in the next moment the Elder returned to his realm and the Lugel reappeared in the Penthouse.

When Cole shimmered away saying that he forgot to discuss with Leo how the Elder's Council would be participating in the maintenance of the peace deal, Nicole was left alone with Vladimir. The older Lugel looked very tired. It seemed that in a space of a few days he had aged ten years. Nicole had her own thoughts on the reasons behind such change but she did not know what to say and left it up to him to start the conversation.

"I came to wish you good luck," Vladimir's voice sounded unusually gentle, "in starting a new stage of your destiny and to apologize," he paused for a moment and then continued, "for not telling you the truth about the Prophecies. I know it had damaged the relationships between you and the Council and probably you have all the rights not to trust us. It's just..." he paused again, which was very unusual for him, "when we first found out the truth we felt that if we had told you, you would have never even come close to each other. And then Celina was convinced that it would rob you of any chance for the true happiness in your life and..." he faltered and fell silent.

Nicole looked into his eyes, which usually radiated a calm wisdom and now were full of emotions. "You really loved her?" she asked quietly.

He shot her a look and then smiled sadly, "I did...But I knew I'd never had a chance." He sighed and continued, "From the moment her and William met I knew that they had feelings for each other. I am a son of a dark prophetess and an empath. And by profession I am an archimandrite of the Orthodox Church. I know human nature and I can't be mistaken when I see two people in love. And William and Celina were. But they were both Lugels and before you and Cole no Lugels had ever got together. It was sort of an unspoken taboo. William was a Secretary of the Council when Celina became a Lugel and they both fought their feelings for ten years. I don't think anybody except me had even noticed anything. But finally they decided to try." He paused and looked at Nicole, "The night your father died they were together. And I don't think William had ever recovered from that. He blamed himself for not sensing the danger. Him and Celina took it as a punishment for their affair. Though they were neighbors and worked together very closely for twenty five years they denied themselves a right to be together. When it was his time to go he made Celina promise that she would protect you and try to make you happy. I was the only one who knew about it. When she learnt about the Prophecy she did not know what to do. She came to me and we talked a lot and both decide that you should have a chance to be happy." He smiled again and turned to face Nicole, "Maybe we were wrong and I am really sorry for that. She did not want you to repeat her life of never being with the man she loved and I could not say "no" to her."

Tears stood in Nicole's eyes. "It's a really sad story," she said gently.

Vladimir just nodded, "Well, at least she is happy now," he said quiet, "they are finally together..."

Nicole picked up her bag and pulled out of it the jaded beads. She handed them to the older Lugel, "These are for you," she said trying to calm down. "And if you want I'll give you the keys to her house. You can stay there whenever you want."

He took the beads and spread them on his palm, "Thank you," he replied, "I'll take these, but I don't want the key to her house. It would be too much." He lifted his eyes and they were again full of calm wisdom. "I should be going," he said. "Please tell Cole, that I am really happy that he is back. I always knew that you two were destined for greatness and I think you are destined to be happy too." He smiled at her, "Take it as a prophecy from my side." With these words he blurred away and Nicole was left alone.

She walked towards the window and looked at the beautiful view, which opened up to her: the sun was setting behind the horizons painting the city in beautiful glowing colors. The sound of a shimmer made her turn her head and she saw her husband appearing just behind her. He wrapped his arms around her and she leaned on his masculine frame. His lips touched the top of head, "Are you OK?" he asked softly inhaling the beautiful smell of her hair.

She nodded, "Yes, I am," she whispered back caressing his hands, "I am with you, that's all I need to be happy."

He pulled her closer and lowered his head so his lips reached her ear, "I love you," he whispered.

"I love you too," she said and suddenly realized that she had never said it out loud. This discovery hit her and she swirled round to face him, "You know I love you?!" she asked searching his face with worried eyes.

He smiled at her, his eyes sparkling brightly, "I know," he said, "But it's great to hear it, I was beginning to worry that you would never say it out loud."

For a second Nicole felt horrible. She was the one to accuse Cole of not saying that he loved her often enough whereas she was the one who never said it back. For her it was so obvious that she loved Cole with every cell in her body that it had never even occurred to her that she had not told him about it. She hugged him tightly and whispered, "I love you so much, Cole, with all my heart and soul."

She could feel him smiling as he stroked her back gently. They stood like this for a while. When the sun had completely disappeared behind the horizon he lifted her chin so he could see her eyes, "Ready to go, Mrs Turner?" he asked.

She nodded and went to pick up her bag. To her surprise she found an envelope on top of it. Nicole turned to her husband, "Is this from you?" she asked curiously.

The half demon shook his head and when she gave him a suspicious look added seriously, "Word of honor." He came closer to her and watched as she pulled out a note from the envelope and started to read,

"Dear Cole and Nicole,

We know that the last months were not easy for you but we hope that they were happy months as well. At the same time it does not change the fact that you have not even had a proper honeymoon. So please accept this gift from us. You are entering a new stage of your lives and we think that two weeks on the Maldives will be a good start.

With all our love,

Robert, William, Celina and Vladimir"

When Nicole finished reading, the envelope that she still held in her hand disappeared in a puff of blue smoke and the young couple felt themselves spinning down the vortex. The next moment they stood on a beautiful beach and the sun had just appeared on the horizon. It was the beginning of a new day.

The end.

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