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Along the dusty streets of Tortuga wobbled drunken pirates as the stars glittered in the night sky and the crescent moon shone brilliantly. Among them was a young girl of fourteen, named Millie, wearing a large, leather hat that shadowed her face, and brown breeches with a white men's shirt that hid her emerging feminine figure. She kept to herself, staring at her black boots that she had stolen off an unconscious pirate in the street. The boots were a few sizes too big for her small feet, but she still managed to keep her strut the same, a loose walk with short strides.

Suddenly, a large band of pirates emerged from a pub, and since Millie was not paying any attention to what had stood before her, she crashed into the largest of the pack, Captain Charles Wallace. He was not the greatest captain that sailed the Caribbean, but one of the fiercest, even though he had no ship for his large crew since it had been sunk by the Royal Navy a few months before. He stood six and a half feet tall, and several feet wide for that matter. He was towering over Millie since she had only reached a mere five or so feet as she was still growing. She slowly gazed up to Captain Wallace who was staring down at her mirthlessly, a toothless, evil smile curving about his chin. She had accidentally knocked his rum down all over his body, and he was dripping in the liquid.

"Yer' going ta' apologize, lad?" asked Captain Wallace with a drunken drawl. He had mistaken Millie for a boy since her features were hidden by her clothes, and picked her up by the shirt. However, he was not expecting to feel breasts about her chest, and the man groped Millie about. She looked horrified as the large man touched her, but said nothing.

"So yer' not a lad, are 'ye?" he said as he threw Millie onto the ground as pirates began to encircle her, laughing, and spitting at the sight of her. Millie's hat flew off as she hit the ground, revealing her sun-kissed skin and intense, almond eyes. She was indeed an attractive girl to say at the least, and in a few years would turn into a beautiful woman.

"Surprised yer' not a whore, lass! Ye sure goin' ta' grow up to be one from the looks o' yeh!" shouted the man and the pirates exploded once more with laughter.

Infuriated, Millie shot up from the ground and kicked the man just below his leather belt that hung about his bulky waist. While he tried to recover, she began to punch him excessively in his jaw. If the man had had any teeth left in his mouth, Millie would have been sure to knock them out. The pirates were shocked at the girl's silent attack on their captain, but nevertheless lunged onto her. They tried to contain Millie who was flailing about, shouting rude things at the man as he felt his jaw in pain.

Pirates began to come out of the nearby pubs and shops, wanting to see what was going on. When they hurried out of the doors, they saw Millie being held by men twice the size of her. However, she did not seem fearful of them or the dreaded Captain Wallace and continued to yell at him.

"You're a filthy, scurvy dog, you are!" she screamed as she kicked the pirate behind her, trying to free herself from their grasps.

"Ye' don' mess with me, ye' don," said the man as he strode over to Millie. His nose was touching hers and she could smell the stale odor of his sweat, and feel his sticky breath upon her cheek. As Captain Wallace grinned once more at Millie, he sent a strong punch into her stomach, knocking the wind out of her. Then, he took another punch at her face, and then another. She could feel the blood streaming down her chin from her lip, and the light fading from her eyes.

A pirate with dark, dread-locks, and a brown hat that sat perfectly upon his head came out of the pub that stood beside the scene, his rum in hand, the crew of the Black Pearl following behind him. The pirate, known as Jack Sparrow, the captain of the Pearl, took a gulp of his rum before jumping up to try and see who exactly was fighting. All Jack could see was Captain Wallace's scarred, chunky face above the heads of the pirates with a few fresh bruises and cuts from the one he was fighting.

"Who you think he's hurling 'bout this time, Gibbs?" asked Jack to the plump, bearded man beside him.

"Me eyes won't be able to bear the sight, I believe," said Gibbs, grimacing at the thought of Wallace throwing a few punches at his own jaw.

Because of his curiosity, Jack squeezed through the pirates that had gathered around Wallace and the unfortunate victim, trying to get a better look. When finally managing to get to the front, Jack saw that Captain Wallace's crewmembers were holding a young girl up so that that their captain could hurt her. Jack dropped his jug of rum on the ground, and rushed to the girl's rescue. Now, Jack was not one to sacrifice his rum over anything, so one would know that it was important when he dropped his glass to the ground purposely.

Jack stepped in between Wallace and Millie, who was drooping in the arms of the other pirates, her face bloody, but eyes dry, a distraught look about her. Wallace stopped his punch midway as he saw Jack's face pop up between them.

"Scuse me, Wallace," said Jack loudly to the large captain.

"What ye' think yer' doin, Sparra?" asked Wallace with a loathing look.

"I believe that you," Jack replied, pointing a finger at Wallace's nose, "should fight a man who is your own size." Jack thought for a moment and felt his small goatee with his fingers and said, "But, aye, that would be a wee of a problem, since the pirates on this here isle are not but half yer' size, savvy?"

As Wallace was about to take a swing at Jack's face, a voice piped in from behind them.

"What the hell do ye think your doin?" asked Millie, trying to regain composure and wiping the blood off her lip. Wallace stopped his punch midway on Jack as the pirates loosened the grip on Millie slightly. Jack spun around and looked her in the eye.

"Yer' a grateful lass, you realize?" asked Jack sarcastically, angry with the girl for not welcoming his help.

"I was handlin' it myself just fine," she said, but then fainted, the pirates releasing her from their hands and not even attempting to catch her as she fell. Jack spun back towards Wallace.

"Now, Captain Wallace," said Jack, "Now that your deed hath been done, I shall remove this nuisance from your hands," and smiled, revealing a few gold teeth.

"I'll remove yeh' from this isle me'self if I have ta', Sparra'," said Wallace who had developed a strong disliking for Jack Sparrow.

Ever since Jack had approached Wallace in a pub once before and asked how Wallace had ever managed to captain a ship without it capsizing because of his weight, Wallace was out to get Jack. Jack had been in a bet with his crew to see how Wallace would respond, and it was not a pleasant response, to say the least. While Jack thought it hilarious, Wallace had not, and chased Jack aimlessly through pub, until Jack knocked him unconscious with a wooden chair. Ever since then, whenever Wallace saw the captain of the Pearl, he would threaten to one day kill him.

"That won't be necessary, mate," said Jack. Though Wallace did not do so often as he was not a talented swordsman, he drew his sword. Jack did the same, and chuckled, knowing the Wallace's sword skills were limited, and would be an easy win.

Their swords clashed, and the fight started at once. The pirates, always in for an exciting swordfight, began shouting excitedly and cheering for the two. While Jack's sword moved fluently and gracefully through the air, Wallace seemed to be desperately struggling. Being much bigger than Jack was not an advantage for Wallace because that meant Jack was quicker, and could practically dance circles around him. Jack was clearly going to win the fight, as they were only fighting for but a few moments when Wallace's feet crossed in an odd position and his huge, muscular body fell to the ground with a thud.

Jack stuck the sword at Wallace's fat neck and made a slight incision, not enough to extremely hurt the captain, but cause him enough pain to make him twinge. "Just know that I could have killed you if I had the chance, Captain," Jack said quietly so that no one else could hear. Wallace closed his eyes to escape from the paining slice, and when Jack tucked his sword back into his belt, Wallace's crew ran to their captain and used rags to dab the tiny amount of blood off his neck.

Millie lay motionless on the ground, her pretty eyes closed, and blood continually running down her face. The pirates had abandoned her to help their captain, so Jack picked her up and swung her over his shoulder. Mr. Gibbs came hustling over to Jack, along with the rest of the crew of the Black Pearl, to talk of the shortest swordfight in the history of piracy. Jack shrugged it off, as he did not feel like talking, and drunkenly walked away from the scene.

"Just know, Sparra'…I will kill yeh' one day!" shouted Wallace as he stood up, holding a rag to his throat. Jack turned his head to Wallace, saluted him, and then had his crew follow him to where the Black Pearl was docked.