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Jack's injury had him keep to his bed for the next couple of days, however, that didn't stop him from still ordering his crew around. As the forceful captain that he was, Jack still ordered for his pirates to blow up the Red Flame even though he was falling in and out of consciousnesses every few minutes. Of course, the pirates only blew the Flame to bits after taking all of the weapons and cannons from below and making sure that all of the pirates onboard were slaughtered mercilessly.

Like Captain Sparrow, Millie had also taken to her bed for quite some time. She was exhausted and in tons of pain, and the crew left her alone for they figured that she wouldn't want to talk of her dramatic times onboard the Flame. However, Will knew that Millie needed someone to talk to, especially when Jack was wounded and not able to comfort her, so he approached her at dusk one night as the Black Pearl sailed peacefully through the calm waters.

Millie's eyes were shut tight and she was curled up in a tight ball. A frightening nightmare was playing in her mind of her second experience on the Flame as she slept in her cabin. She heard footsteps in her distant mind, and when she came to the realization that she was dreaming, her eyes shot open, and she turned her head towards the figure in the doorway. She let out a huge sigh of relief when she knew that she wasn't on the wretched pirate ship, but on the Pearl, safe in her comfortable, feather bed. She wiped the thin layer of sweat off of her brow and sat up in her bed as the visitor sat beside her.

Will smiled weakly as he took a seat beside the girl that he felt strongly for. He didn't believe that he could ever forgive himself for how Millie had fallen off of the Pearl on his watch, especially when the bruises on her body were still clearly visible. Though Will thought that Millie was disappointed in him, she honestly didn't blame Will for the situation. She figured that she should have been able to take of herself anyway since she considered herself a pirate. She really hoped that she had proved herself when she killed the gigantic brute Charles Wallace a few days before, but Will didn't need her to prove herself to him. He cared for her all the same, and hoped that she felt the same way.

"Sleep well?" Will asked, trying to break the deafening silence.

"Yeah," she replied softly with a nod.

Her shirt's sleeves were so large that they were hanging over her hands, so she pushed them up past her wrists, then elbows. Will watched as she peeled the shirt over her arms revealing the fading purple bruises stained on her tan skin. He knew that even after the bruises faded, that the pain that she went through would still be there. Guilt sank back into his heart and he tore his eyes away from Millie and started studying the floor. Somehow Millie knew that Will was feeling responsible for the unfortunate event, and she wanted to let him know that she had no anger towards him.

"Turner," she said as she put her hand on his shoulder, "Please don't be upset."

Will looked up from the floor and into Millie's eyes. She was telling him not to be upset. Did he miss something? She was the one who was supposed to be disturbed by the situation, and not him. Pirates didn't torture him. Pirates tortured her. Will admired how Millie put everyone else before herself, but her kindness didn't take away the heavy feeling in his heart. He placed his hand over Millie's that was on his shoulder and tightened the grip.

"I feel terrible, Millie," he began, "I truly do—"

"Sh!" she interrupted with a smile and put a finger to his lips, "I'm not angry at yeh' at'tall. Tis not yer fault…nor anyone else's…other than Davies."

Will took Millie's finger that was pressed on his lips and brought it down to the bed so that now they were gazing into each other's eyes, holding hands tightly. They didn't stop staring into each other's eyes for what seemed like hours. They both found a calmness and serenity as they felt the other's presence in their souls. Will finally had the incentive to lean his head in closer to Millie's after a few moments of silence.

Millie came short of breath as Will inched his face closer to hers. All of the pain that she had gone through was washed away as their lips touched. Will moved his hand that wasn't intertwined with Millie's, and stroked her dark, tasseled hair on the back of her head. Millie lifted her other hand from her side and slid it under Will's loose shirt. She felt his bare chest lightly as Will let his hand fall from her hair onto her back.

They kissed passionately, their breathing in sync and quiet. After many minutes, their lips parted and they rested their foreheads against each other's so that their noses were touching, and their eyes were so close that it seemed as though they could look into the other's mind.

"I love you, Millie," Will whispered as they sat on the bed.

"I love you too, Will," she replied with a smile.

They both wrapped each other's arms around the other and Millie rested her head on Will's shoulder. Millie couldn't think of any other place that she would rather be in the world. She had everything she ever wanted in her cabin. she didn't. Where was Jack?

"Will?" she asked quietly and released herself from the long hug.


"Where's Jack?"

"I'd assume his cabin resting…" Will thought out loud.

As if on cue, the door to Millie's cabin flung open, and light burst into the dark room, along with Captain Jack Sparrow.

"Will? It's best not to interrupt a man…er…lass when she's sleepin'. It's bad luck," Jack said with a smile.

"Yer beginning to sound a lot like Gibbs, Jack," Millie said, laughing.

Will and Jack returned her comment with a long silence. She hadn't known that Gibbs had died. Will stood up from Millie's bed, and looked from her to Jack.

"I'll leave you two to talk," said Will quietly and then walked out of the cabin, leaving Jack and Millie alone.

"What'd I say?" Millie asked, confused, as the door to her cabin shut.

"Erm…" Jack coughed, "Shortly afte' ye were taken to th' Flame, Gibbs passed on."

Millie's eyes widened. It couldn't be true. It just couldn't.

"What?" she asked, hoping that she had heard Jack wrong, "But he can't 'ave just died. I din't know 'im as well as you, but he was such a good man! He can't 'ave died!" she cried. She kept thinking that his death must also be her fault.

"Millie, it's all righ'," Jack said quietly as Millie looked at him helplessly, "He was fine with leavin'. There was nothin' any a' us could do."

"How'd it happen?" she whispered.

"The mast fell durin' the storm…and Gibbs was jus' in the wrong place at the wrong time," Jack replied, his eyes filled with sorrow.

"Life is 'gainst us all, in't it?" Millie asked jokingly and seriously at the same time.

"Life jus' doesn't work out th' way yeh' plan, that's all," Jack said.

"Me mum said that all th' time," Millie said quietly. "You did know 'er, din't you?" Jack nodded. "You did…meet her…" He nodded again. "Nothin' will change though…right?"

"Course not!" Jack said loudly with a wide smile.

"Cause before I already considered yeh a father, anyway," Millie said honestly.

"I already considered you a daughter," Jack replied.

A few days before when Millie had put the ring on Jack's finger, she had never taken it back, so he slid it off his finger, and put it on hers.

"Come on," Jack urged, and grabbed Millie by the hand.

She followed Jack across the deck, the fresh ocean air filling her lungs. It felt wondrous to be out of her stuffy cabin, and finally feeling great about her life. She now definitely had everything that she had ever wanted in her life. A father who loved her, and another who loved her in the same way that she felt for him. Her face lit up as she looked around the deck at the pirates who greeted her with caring smiles. They were obedient to their captain, and would go to the ends of the ocean for him, just like how Jack had done for Millie.

As the two came up to the helm, hand in hand, the sun was at a high point in the sky. It was shining brilliantly over the Black Pearl and reflecting its rays upon the clear, blue water. The black sails were flapping in the wind powerfully allowing the ship to sail through the waters swiftly.

Jack and Millie stood before the huge, wooden helm. Jack lifted up the hand that Millie's hand was placed in, and set it down on the helm. His hand was covering hers, and he guided her hand along the splintering wood, turning the helm slightly.

"Where are we headed to now, Cap'n?" Millie asked as Jack stood behind her, still guiding her hand along the helm.

"Just beyond the horizon," Jack replied.

Jack and Millie gazed out to the horizon and smiled dreamily as they thought of the incredible adventures that awaited them. They listened to the rolling waves of the sea beneath them, and felt the warmth of the sun's beams, and the connection between their two hearts.